AAA New York steaks

Discussion in 'General Open Forum' started by scott craven, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

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  2. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    As long as it's CDN beef I'm all over that
  3. Hookin'up

    Hookin'up Well-Known Member

    Thanks Scott.
  4. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    I took advantage of this.

    Not in a Harvey Weinstein kind of way, I just bought a bunch.
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  5. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    I went to our save on and there was no sale or I was too blind to see it. Oh well, still having some nice chunks of dead cow for dinner.
  6. noluck

    noluck Active Member

    had one tonight, was yummy
  7. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    Sold out in Campbell River..getting more tomorrow....ask the butcher behind the counter..he said sale on all week
  8. triplenickel

    triplenickel Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks for the heads up.
  9. alumaman

    alumaman Active Member

    Save on just opened in Whitehorse and I saw those this morning. We stocked up on the prime rib that was on sale for 4.69 lbs.
  10. Chasin' Dreams

    Chasin' Dreams Well-Known Member

    Our favorite tasting meat from grocery store chains is from Thrifty's Sterling Silver min 21 day aged beef. So we went there today and asked if they would match Save On Foods' flyer price. They did, and we didn't have to buy pre packaged ones either. And they were boneless not bone in. So we grabbed 4 today. Our favorite cut is prime rib but strip loin is up there too so if we like the flavor a lot im gonna go back and stock up on a few hundred bucks worth and vac pack. Haven't seen this low of price for good beef in a long time.

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  11. cracked_ribs

    cracked_ribs Well-Known Member

    I define this as "score".

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