4500 liter Diesel/Oil Spill in Dinan Bay, Haida Gwaii - April 22nd

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    I was contacted via text from Haida Gwaii on Thursday and asked if I could let media know about this spill (because that source had to be kept in confidence) . There seemed to be an active cover-up of sorts going on which being an oil spill, doesn't surprise me. When I called the local media in Queen Charlotte City, the Haida Gwaii Observer, on Thursday morning I was shocked that they had not heard of the spill even though it was more than 24 hours after the spill. I called CBC next and they too knew nothing of the spill. Mid day Thursday the HG Observer notified me they confirmed the spill was true and had quickly published an article. CBC said they'd look into it and if confirmed, report on it. CBC finally did report it online yesterday. I saw nothing on any TV news broadcast and Global never acknowledged my e-mail reporting it.


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    Thanks for your efforts on this @Peahead Hopefully some fines are levied for environmental damages caused and charges get laid under the Fisheries Act!
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    Not going to happen. There is a reason this really hasn't hit the news.
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    In a statement Friday, a coast guard spokesperson said that Haida Gwaii-based company Taan Forest was responsible for the spill in Dinan Bay, which connects to Masset Inlet.

    As a 100% Haida-owned forestry company, we’re committed to maintaining the cultural and spiritual traditions of Haida citizens.
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    Yup,, you got er,, surprised it even made the papers at all. If this would have been owned by anybody else they would be screaming bloody murder. The whole eco system would have been destroyed with talks of fines being laid already. But in this case, it’s almost dispersed already and nothing to see here so just move on. Two sets of rules and laws in this country people two sets.
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    Yep source told me everything you guys are saying ...... that is exactly why I was contacted. As an avenue to get it out to public and media. I can tell you it is also much worse than has been reported as well. I made several calls , follow ups all da Thursday.....pushing it. It really seemed like every step it reeked of a cover -up. Even ORR seemed disinterested but they eventually admitted knowing about a "very small" diesel spill of 200 liters and said to contact EC if I felt that was incorrect when I pushed them to take my report . Complete BS. My source wanted to be anonymous for a damn good reason.
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    Thanks for letting this one not slip by unnoticed @Peahead.
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    Yes, I get tired of the typical comments by perpetrator's of spills like this. Always quick to downplay the damage their carelessness will cause by using the common statement, "it will evaporate" .

    At least the Narwhal article did include some comments by conservationists that dispute that evaporation is any excuse or that evaporation will make everything ok. Skeena Wild Conservation spoke directly to the evaporation excuse.

    Those young salmon will be coming up the river right now and use that inlet to grow before they head out to the open ocean [to Alaska], so they will be exposed to that,” he said, adding it’s naive to think diesel will just evaporate like gasoline.

    “The biggest concern is how toxic this is during their early-life stages. It can impact their sense of smell and potentially growth rates, which could make them more susceptible to predators.”
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    I agree it was good comment by Greg Knox at Skeena Wild and was pleased to see they included it.

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