23' & 26' Hourston Project Commenced...

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  1. Matthias

    Matthias Well-Known Member

    How did you clean those? Was it just a simple polish? or some sort of corrsion remover?
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  2. advTHXance

    advTHXance Well-Known Member

    Robert Snyder, you are one crazy summummummabitch! (in a good way)

    Just finally stumbled upon this legendary thread this week and I must say I appreciate your work and your attention to detail. Youre proving that if you want something done right theres nobody better for the job than yourself. If I had your patience and skills (and shop) I might not even be looking to build an aluminum boat at all, Id just "bulletproof" the popemobile.

    Hats off to you good sir. :)
  3. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    Here's a few. Sorry I had a cracked camera lense on my phone at the time so quality isn't the greatest

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  4. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Thx for posting, you went with shark white? tonnes of work... :)
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  5. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Well thank you kind sir, appreciate it! :) I vote "bullet-proof" the popemobile...
  6. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    Not sure i understand the question. Shark what?
  7. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Out of control, again... :eek: Getting ready to put some colour on the hull, almost there! :confused: I added a pic of the transom, its 3" thick (epoxy filled), should be able to hang twins on 'er.

    View attachment 53560 IMG_2933.jpeg IMG_0547.jpeg IMG_0274.jpeg View attachment 53553

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  8. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Sorry you went with the colour shark white for bottom paint...
  9. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    Yeah vc performance epoxy only comes in 1 color. White, and is it ever white lol. My boats an opaque white.
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  10. Buckethead905

    Buckethead905 Well-Known Member

    I thought about going with shark white, but based on all the reviews I read on THT, almost all of them said it looked like shit after a month in the water. The white ends up showing all the green scum/growth. They all mentioned they would paint it black again when the time came.
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  11. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    IMG_0277.jpeg IMG_0278.jpeg IMG_0279.jpeg
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  12. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Well-Known Member

    Check out Petit Vivid. If I was wanting a semi hard ablative in white thats what I would use. Fishin solo used it on his hull and looks great after a season of mooring.
  13. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    Shark white is more of a light grey..... steely’s is white and so is mine.
  14. Dencope

    Dencope Member

    Hey loving this rebuilt, koodoos to all the hard work. Just wanted to share a quick story. I purchased a 1994 17.2 sportsman from a guy and the boat was sitting in his driveway for years with a leaking fuel tank and full of water. I got it for a decent price but I could hear water inside the hull...I was at a loss so I called Hourston in North Van (when they were still open) and left a message. Low and behold Bill Hourston himself called me back, told me to drill an inspection cover into the centre of the forward fish locker and check for any water or rot (which he guaranteed there would be none due to the amount of sealant and fiberglass they use. Thankfully he was right. He also suggested drilling two holes big enough to accommodate a 1 "plug as low and far aft as possible in the bilge well towards the outboard. Also a bit of water in there, he said these holes and inspection covers should have been installed when they built it....so long story what you've done is the way Bill Hourston suggested doing himself. Nice work. Also to note had the boat tested for any water or rot and everything came out good so it was built right in the first place and sealed well, also I open all these in the winter months in a heated garage to help air everything out. Take care and keep up the good work.
  15. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    Rumour has it hourston aimed for hatteras white, I can say the white on our is damn bright.
  16. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Thank you @Dencope, sounds like you got a nice, well built boat :) You have to attached a pic of your boat "new rule" LOL
  17. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Bright white looks clean! I am thinking of Hatteras for my non-skid
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  18. Robert Snyder

    Robert Snyder Crew Member

    Hey, wondering if you can help me out, does anyone know what was applied to original bits & pieces of accenting exposed plywood which shows the grain, perhaps a darkened stain and sealer of sorts?

    It has held up pretty good and was thinking of doing something similar.... I'll try and post a pic, thank you

    FYI - its paint day tomorrow for the hull so thinking about the POD a bit more vs transom notch, price for a new mounted single with kicker bracket was $3500, that will be a $4K round trip easy. Below is a notched Bertram :) It don't look terrible o_O

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  19. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    POD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont even consider a notch out not worth the time and effort.....
  20. daddystoy

    daddystoy Well-Known Member

    You've lost your mind if you are giving a notched transom any thought whatsoever!

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