2020 Tofino Reports

Discussion in '2020 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2020.

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    Post your 2020 fishing reports here!
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    I guess I will be the first in this thread.

    Fished Tofino last Thurs/Fri and did quite well. We easily got our limit of lings and were releasing lots of them while looking for hali's. We did manage but the hali fishing was kind of slow. Got some good rockfish as well.

    Salmon was not on fire inside but the bite was definitely turning on at certain times around Wilf and just off the lighthouse. Most of the salmon were low teeners but we did get surprised by an awesome fight in tight to the rocks off of the lighthouse with a 27-28 pound football of a spring.

    Bait was definitely the ticket with fish anywhere from 30-70'

    Good to finally get out and away from the house.

    On a side note Tofino is open as there were a handful of guides out with clients and the town is open itself and all signs for protocols and distancing were being exercised.
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  3. Nakoda boater

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    Good to hear,
    Question though..
    Where did you put in?
    Did you get moorage overnight?
    If so where?
  4. Skucy

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    Thanks for the Report Pippen! I hope it stays open... I grew up in Ucluelet and my mom still lives there. She was telling me the local FN bands all along the coast have been getting together and because they own part of the road to port. They have been talking about closing the road down due to Covid. Hope it doesn’t happen as there is a lot of friends in the area that need that summer rush of tourists to make a living..
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  5. Pippen

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    Missed this. We were fishing with my buddy on his boat.
  6. Foxsea

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    Closing the road at this point accomplishes nothing. Snapping right into action 2 months after the fact just as everyone else is starting to cautiously open up? The curve has flattened so wear masks and maintain separation. Life carries on. The community needs the business.
  7. Skucy

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    Oh I absolutely agree! I know on the ukee thread there was mention of some not booking because of the uncertainty. Some travel quite a long ways to be on the west coast.
    Going that distance and then being turned around when you finally get there is trip ruining. I know one of the opposing thoughts is how it will hurt the community and local businesses if they do close. But with this decision looming they are already doing that. If they do decide to do it, it would be a very bad move as the communities have already been effected greatly by this. But sadly I feel it has to get mentioned. As if people are looking at these reports wanting to come down and fish. It’s something they need to be aware of and factor in. Don’t get me wrong I want people to go. I just hope they look into it a bit before making the jump.

    One thing I really do applaud is how the communities responded to covid. They have taken dthis very very seriously and still are. They did there part and they faired well. I know this decision seem to look like a late move. But people were not traveling before. The FN have a strong deep respect for there elders and they just want to continue to keep them safe. Everyone and the lead physician should be proud. But you are definitely right. The province and country are opening. They need to be too and give certainty they will remain open.
  8. uclueletcharters

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  9. Marsman

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    thanks for the updates. I am planning on heading over to Tofino Sunday or Monday. We all need to be careful and respect others in remote places like Tofino or Ucluelet.

  10. Skucy

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    Absolutely Rob! I’m actually in Ukee right now. It’s very busy with tourists here. I checked out Tofino and its absolutely packed... Many if not most of the tourists not respecting social distancing and signage. So just be wary and protect yourself. But most importantly tight lines and good luck!
  11. Marsman

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    That’s crap. Too many idiots out there. I’m headed straight to the dock and off to my buddies resort where it’s only us. He closed it for the year. Do not plan any trips to town. I’m staying away from people.
    Cheers, Stay healthy.
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  12. jason zurba

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    I am staying at surf grove with my family this week. I was hoping to cast for some decent fish from the shore. Anyone have any ideas of what to target or where to cast? also looking to share a charter. is it worth targeting tuna yet or just hit the hali
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  13. tubber

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    Spent 6 days dabbling at fishing in Tofino. Family holiday. Fought the weeds everywhere inshore- good sized tides made for some frustrating fishing. Only went offshore once and didn't find any boats or fish off Portland. Got some bottom fish, used my homemade release device with success on 4 yellow eye, got a couple nice chinooks one shift at Lennard, and did well on cohoes right around the corner from town on the low slack in Duffin Cove/Pass. Prawning was okay for a beginner. Crabbing was poor. So many commercial pots everywhere.
    Saw at least 5 small boats fishing without rods using one or both downriggers and several setups per meat line. Special rules for some. Tofino is as crowded as any summer since we've been coming here, but the number of charters and other fishers seems down.
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  14. Skucy

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    Thanks Tubber! My doctor is in charge of running the Hospital in Tofino. She has been getting reports that local business is up by 30%. So that’s very odd and unfortunate for the guides.. I know some guides that had quite a bit of cancellation due to covid. So definitely sucks that people are not going out fishing. As it’s a lot safer generally then surfing. But I guess it makes sense as it’s cheaper to surf then pay for a guided trip.. but it’s putting a lot of stress on the little hospital as they are overwhelmed right now by tourists getting hurt and weirdly tourists wanting covid tests.. which sucks as there is limited staff.. So with the amount of people not physically distancing. There whole staff could easily get infected. Then it would be really bad for the locals of both Ukee and Tofino as they share the one hospital..

    But on another note there are big fish out there you just got to grind a bit. I know of a guy that caught a 52 today off browns beach just a hop and a skip from little beach. He wanted to release it but damn thing swallowed the spoon and was bleeding quite badly. So they are out there just got to hold on a bit longer until Hoggust! 72E327CA-1354-4107-A8A2-A182C35471A8.jpeg 131B47F2-EE04-4961-BE6A-192193138EA6.jpeg
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  15. walleyes

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    Wow what an incredible fish.
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  16. Gungho

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    I'd love to catch and release something that size!! What a hog!
    Heading up (Tofino) for a few days August 6-9. Towing a 17 foot BW. First time fishing the area and would love any bit of info as to where to head.
    Maybe best/closest boat launch. I will definite stop in and invest at the local gear shop for the local specialties. I would just like to be prepared and
    check out where and how far I venture out. I also wouldn't mind slipping down to Uculet for one day, sounds like "Browns Beach a skip from Little Beach"
    has a salmon or two to catch.
    I know crabbing hot spots are a local thing so...anything you can share would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  17. tubber

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    The boat launch is at the bottom of the hill at the first 4 way stop in town. Turn right.
    Check the regulations and boundary maps carefully.
    No chinook retention inshore after July 31, so you need to get outside in the slop.
    Doable in your boat though.
    Cohos are allowed inside. 1 clipped, one wild. They were all wild and small last week.
    Crabs are everywhere, but mostly rock crab and females was my experience.
  18. Gungho

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    Appreciate your reply and previous post tubber. Thanks.
  19. Skucy

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    Hey Tubber.. Maybe I am reading them wrong but from my understanding in the regulations it says.. Area 23 and 24 are ok to fish for Chinook after the 31st but in areas 123 and 124 are not after the 31st.. I have definitely read them wrong before.. so maybe I am mistaken?

  20. tubber

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