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Discussion in '2020 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. Tsquared

    Tsquared Well-Known Member

    Slow this morning, 1 keeper coho for our efforts. Good orca show off the Head within spitting distance of us as we were trolling. I had to throw the boat out of gear for fear of hitting that new little baby. He looks healthy and is certainly full of p and v!
  2. c.askin

    c.askin Member

    Speaking of coho, does any one on here agree with me that the lure the cohokiller is over priced for what you get??THE FIRST decent sized coho you catch you have to try to bend the pennies worth of tin back into form and they want 11.95 for the lure.........My opinion anyway................C.A.
  3. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    I don’t use them. Wee-G pretty much the same thing but stronger. Not unbreakable by any means but much stronger than a coho killer.
    I found earlier in season the small spoons worked best but last few weeks hootchies did better and they don’t bend.
  4. RogersonCrusoe

    RogersonCrusoe Crew Member

    Agreed! I switched to The Hammer spoon from Left Coast lures and have never looked back. Stainless and a local manufacturer. Hard to go wrong!
  5. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    AP spoons are way better built, I still have some that are 7 years old ,
    still in good shape
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  6. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    I’ve solved that problem. Bend it back and catch another, Repeat.
    Definitely put on a new hook before using them though.
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  7. Eden Island

    Eden Island Active Member

    Perhaps this topic deserves its own thread?
  8. Newf

    Newf Well-Known Member

    Spent a couple of hours on the hook for hail out of Pedder yesterday. No luck,,, a couple of dogfish and ratfish. Trolled around the bay for a couple of hours as well, hoping to pick up a fish but no luck there either. Only a couple of boats out around the can and didn't see any nets out. Saw a couple of coho at the cleaning station that guys said they picked up off of Secretary.
  9. DuroBoat

    DuroBoat Active Member

    thanks for the update Newf, still sounds better than my day sitting in a closterphobic office for 8hrs
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  10. Newf

    Newf Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention that we got 8 nice crab out of two pots so that made the skunk on the fishing side a bit easier. Several very large females in there as well.
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  11. pelican

    pelican Member

    Late start today, 11-2. Out to 400 feet off Possession with a couple other boats, with a short trip planned due to the BWD forecast to be off the water by 1:00. Released a 52 cm feeder spring from 200 ft on APHerring, and continuous shakers. Hooked into an 8-9 # wild on a uv white hootchie at 90ft in 330 feet of water off the head and canned it up this evening. I guess they're still around, but hard to find amidst all the jacks at the top of the bay. The wind finally did pick up at 2:00 but it was pretty flat still.
  12. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Out the last two days and tough slugging. 2 winter springs and an 8 pound wild coho. Nice water today and some humpback shows off Otter Pt. Lots of bait balls around most of the day and a few chum jumpers still out there too. 14 nice crab for the 2 days. Out Tuesday for Hali and that will be a wrap on another summer/fall season working from the dock. Back on the trailer for the winter trips.
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  13. Might not be the place to post this but I am having problems with my macerator pump blowing fuses. I have a 2007 trophy 2352 and I do not think the pump is working correctly as when I leave it on it blows the fuse. Works and then not, I have changed the fuse out 2x in the last 3 months. I think I have to change out the macerator unit. Anyone have the same problem or advice?
  14. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    No worries Paul, takes a bit to learn the different sections. @Admin Move to Boat, Motor, etc section.
  15. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Fished down close to Sombrio today for halibut and unfortunately couldn't stay long enough to catch the tide change as guests had to leave...so no halibut...but 9 more nice crab. What a beauty day to run west and sit on the hook....no swell, flat calm, sunny and quite warm. Wanted to stay longer for sure.
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  16. Newf

    Newf Well-Known Member

    On the hook from 2-5pm off of Race. Nothing for us either except a few dogs.
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  17. kaelc

    kaelc Well-Known Member

  18. BarryA

    BarryA Crew Member

    That whale looks pretty shifty to me. Just saying.

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