2020 Secret Cove, Pender Harbour and Texada Reports

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  1. Great report, Jordan. By the way, where is A-Frame? Thanks in advance!
  2. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    South side of the Agamemnon Channel just inside near where sakinaw would empty into the channel.
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  3. Thanks friend!
  4. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    Very good fishing at epsom for us last three days, easy limit on ling and Chinook , quite a few over the 80 cm mark , anchored in 150’ fishing live herring 45 pull, 2 oz weight
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  5. Viking

    Viking Well-Known Member

    Does secret cove still have live herring? Soo much fun fishing live herring.
  6. yes, buccaneer marina does. it is the bay looker's right when you pull into secret cove, just past duke's marina (look for large "fuel dock" sign in red/white)
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  7. Andrew P

    Andrew P Well-Known Member

    Was over to Pender Harbour for the weekend visiting family, picking up kids from a week of sailing with my folks and celebrating my grandpa’s 95th birthday. Of course we did some fishing. We had lots of shakers around Whitestone/Bjerre shoal Sunday morning and decided to try closer to the harbour in the afternoon and fished Lee Bay for a while with no action. Lucky Miki (son, 6) suggests we just troll all the way back to the dock...So we did. 79cm keeper inside the harbour! They were around the entrance Monday morning also. We had an oversized off Henry Point and a 75cm off Daniel Point.

    3” spoons at 40’-50’ did the trick. Belly had some fresh herring and sandlance.

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  8. Salish Ranger

    Salish Ranger Member

    Been slow for me last 2 days. Hooked into a screamer at sunset on Monday. Took off across Bjerre shoal and took 600-700’ of line before I started hauling back. It couldn’t dive so was traveling like a missile across the reef. Got 200’ back and then lost it. Damn! At the very least I wanted to see it.
  9. Salish Ranger

    Salish Ranger Member

    Nice. I appreciate the concern shown for the upper side limit and not using the net to avoid damage.
  10. Sea.S.I

    Sea.S.I New Member

    Great report and great video. You son is quite the fisherman!! I’m curious what leader lengths the oversize are hitting on.
  11. Andrew P

    Andrew P Well-Known Member

    Small spoons and short leaders! 27-32”. Biggest hit the 27”. Fish in the video was 32”.
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  12. hard to beat this stretch of weather and calm seas, and today looks like a dandy. been out most days for last week. often shorter sessions (with 1.5 year old son and/or while he's napping with mum :D), and a 1 full shift on sunday.

    same story with most of the reports above - lots of shakers with the odd better fish. the kind of fishing that makes you dive a little deeper into the old tackle box for the occasional "what if" setup. south tack bjerre, northern tack epsom, upwood and anderson bay all about the same story. no lack of bait on sounder, with that said, the two slots and 1 hatchery coho all had empty stomachs.

    hatch ho was SE upwood on a green onion glow + 3.5" homeland security at 111'. the first slot nook was on chartreuse lemon lime + coho killer (homeland security colour) and the other was on a 5" tomic tubby (602) towed on a deep 6 diver above the riggers. best slot nook was on the 602/deep 6, so probably 40' deep or so, and was trolling right alongside a tideline - baitfish buffet! if you're having a tough time finding bait, find the tidelines right now. lots of activity, and have seen a few surface coho shredding them up.

    looks like a skating rink out there right now. plans are to kibosh son's second nap (famous last words) and drag everyone out for an afternoon famjam.

    tight lines folks!
  13. el.Pereh

    el.Pereh Well-Known Member

    Saw you out there as we rolled in on Monday!

    fishing had slowed down for us on the tail end of the 12 day family vacation/fishing scam. Lots of easy keepers with bigger fish last week and had slower fishing this week. Epsom, upwood, pilings all the same story
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  14. Brando

    Brando Active Member

    Was getting my fish very quickly as well, trolled a bit but it was a waste of time on the anchor with live herring was very productive
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  15. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    Same for me, great the first week after opening then it all went down hill. I've covered a ton of water from gower pt to sangster to Epsom to Agamemnon Channel to Bjeere to the pilings and upwood in the past few days. Of all those regions Sangster was by far the fishiest but it is also challenging to fish single handed with the weather we've had.

    I dropped in at sangster today around 9 am and fished it until 3, must have released at least 6 just undersized and then the SE chased me out into the straits. Big cresting rollers, it was nasty, 8 to 9 knots max. Was just about to cut over to Buccaneer bay and I see this weird white cap wave...hey wait a minute whales!! I dont know what they were up to but lots of thrashing on the surface. I've seen them twice in the last week and I'm sure its spooked fish too.

    I did manage another junior achiever at Epsom on my last stick of bait, it was just dragging on the surface as I went to add it to the clip, almost ripped the rod out of my hand!! Bummer another rookie, anyway it seems to have improving but the whales sure don't help. See what tomorrow brings, cheers.
  16. Brett McK

    Brett McK New Member

    Fished the weekend outta pender harbour. Mostly A frame fearney and the channel to tuck out of the SE wind. Fished in tight to the cliffs 100-200 ft of water. Throw a football at the rock kinda thing. Found lots of shakers and 4 keepers the whole weekend mostly around 70’ on the rigger. Green glow spatterback hoochie and green krinkle moonjelly was working
  17. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Worked a low tide change off Epsom point for a few hours just now. Found lots of bait on the flats north of Thormanby but nothing hitting our green and blue hootchie.
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  18. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Crew Member

    I'd be hitting Upwood and Young Pt, you'd have better luck getting into bigger fish in those spots more often. Mid July it starts to slow down compared to May June when its lights out. Sentry, Grants, Coho Pt and Favada Pt are all doing well up north, those fish will end up in those south spots mentioned.
  19. sly_karma

    sly_karma Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Didn't have a lot of time, just a couple hours quickie out from Buc Bay. Most of the better fish I've had in the area over the years have been from the other side of the Malaspina.
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  20. Brett McK

    Brett McK New Member

    Cheers Hurt Locker, my 17’er and the SE that whipped up a few times was keeping me in tight most the weekend. Had a couple buddies who were chinook virgins. Didn’t want to bash em up in the boat and we also had a 6 month lab in the boat to make things interesting. Something to be said about the slot limit and the winter like Chinook fishing, 62-80cm is pretty much winter chinook range with it topping out in the mid teens. In my recent trips it has seemed like all my fish that were keepers were either just over or just under the limit. Lots... of small guys, nursery grounds out there, seemed like it was steady shakers all day, hopefully this is a good thing for future years and into the year? Anyone else having the same? Looks like I’ll maybe Have to rip across when I’m back up in two weeks and check out upwood, and the like, gotta be pretty much piss on plate though, will report back then. Cheers guys, tight lines!

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