2020 Kyuquot Reports

Discussion in '2020 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2020.

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    Post your 2020 fishing reports here!
  2. abl

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    Just got back from Murphy’s. lots of fish, jigged fresh squid then mooched them live to catch our chinooks, never done that before and it was great to fish with such light gear. Trolled for lings then anchored up for halibut. Had to release 2 overs but got our slot. There was 5 of us and everyone got fish and had a great time
  3. kermit

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    Any sign of coho yet?
  4. N2013

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    They're probably out there. They were pretty thick off of Quatsino last week.
  5. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Please clear them out by August 10th. ;)
  6. Bambam

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    Any fishing reports or tips on where to fish for springs? Heading out... I know there’s spring island, highest(thorton) and the 50 fathom edge but anyone have any other sports worth trying
  7. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    There is also Kyuquot Reef which is southwest of Lookout Island.

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  8. Bambam

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    Just tack the outside of the reef?
  9. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Yes.....I generally just follow the contour lines looking for fish/bait at the various depths. Generally this time of the year it does hold pretty good amounts of bait; when I have fished further into August it hasn't been quite as productive but I always check and see if there is bait or arches showing.
  10. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Another area that is a bit more of a run is the "T"

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  11. Bambam

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    Beauty!!! Thanks man!

    anything worth north of the t along the 50 fathom edge?
  12. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Yup.....if the reef is dead I've run straight out to the line and trolled either north or south following it playing with depths on the rigger until you find them.
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  13. walleyes

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    I can’t wait for next year. Kyuquot is one of the main reasons I decided to go with a smaller boat and welded aluminum, just couldn’t see myself towing in that big glass boat in on some of the West Island roads. Hope to make Fair Harbour and Kyuquot our new go to destination. For the guys anyways when the girls come we may have to change plans lol.
  14. Trophy21

    Trophy21 Crew Member

    Was out in kyuquot from the 16-19
    Gale force NW winds 25-35 knots predicted for our days fishing.
    Drove in on the 16, road was in good condition, launch went well. Stoked for a good trip. Hit spring island for an evening fish. My fuse link decides to self destruct on my down rigger, blowing at least 20 nw, no chance I can fix it. Drop it anyway to 30 and leave it.
    Boom other rod goes off...reel is screaming wind is blowing...some how we get a net on the fish and get it in the boat. 22lb spring on my digital scale. We loose a couple more on long line release. I call it done early because I have repairs to do so we head in.
    First full day up at 4:30am to try and beat the winds. Down rigger fixed and ready to kill it.
    Pull off the dock before sunrise and have spring island all to ourselves for 2 passes lol. Bight starts up and 11 guide boats and us are circling right to the rocks and nailing fish on every pass. One guide boat gets his fish and points the boat away from the rocks and pulls the fish away from the boats. Two other asswipe guides slam their boat in neutral and block the tack? WTF....then dude yells at me while I’m in neutral to pull my lines up....ok I do circle off and shake my head. Ok combat fishing I can play. No more giving way, right to the rocks and we nail 4 springs before 8:15am in the boat. High fives all around. Winds picking up, hit the tack hard again and by 1:15 4 more in the boat with a few long line releases and Broken leaders. Back to the dock for beers. 9 chinook for the boys.
    Second full day up early again to beat the gale. Off the dock and running offshore as the sun rises over the steep peaks of the west coast. Anchor on one of our spots that had hallis in 7mins in June. 10 mins...15mins.. wtf ...30 mins...hmm...60mins...I look at my buds, we may have to pull up and move. Bump...bump...goes one of the rods! O ok maybe not! After a solid hour of non stop action we have 3 decent hallis. Only one left for today.....and bam rod bends over like it’s going to snap! F#@&k we got a bigger boys! Tangles in our chum bag...shit! I pull it up untangle it and game on again. I see the butt about 10 feet from the boat and say, we got our hands full boys! Halli saw the boat and flip around and headed back down with a few big slaps of his tail the rod almost launched out of my buddy’s hands! Zip zip goes 30lbs of drag...we get him back close to the boat...I grab the braid...measure stick in hand ready...pull him to the boat side...butt launches out of the water, almost took my finger off on the braid, soaks me as he rips back down. Ok that was dumb! Don’t grab the braid! Get him back to the boat...put the stick on him...he’s right at legal.. get me the gaff! I hit a perfect hit in the head, hauled it over the side, bam on the deck....holly shit that’s a fish! We are ready to scatter if it goes nuts...no dead...high fives all around. We are done boys! It’s 9:00am...Caesar’s all around.
    Now the wind is picking up and we head north to a ling hole. I’m hammering thru tight 8 second swells at 15mph. We get to our spot drop a couple heavy gigs and I back into the wind. Wave crests over the outboards...slams my transom door open and fills the deck with sea water! I say f@#$k this boys were done! Back to the dock for beers by 12:00pm.
    Wind is gale force for our day to leave, we decide we got enough fish and call it a coffee and dock morning before we leave for fair harbour.....another epic adventure on our awesome west coast. We are truly blest.
    Cheers fellow fishers...not many get to do what we do...be thankful...
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  15. Trophy21

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    388212B3-3C51-4730-ADC1-36B8246822E4.jpeg 388212B3-3C51-4730-ADC1-36B8246822E4.jpeg 7441062A-113C-4E35-837A-53D8F960239E.jpeg 388212B3-3C51-4730-ADC1-36B8246822E4.jpeg 7441062A-113C-4E35-837A-53D8F960239E.jpeg 7441062A-113C-4E35-837A-53D8F960239E.jpeg 388212B3-3C51-4730-ADC1-36B8246822E4.jpeg 7441062A-113C-4E35-837A-53D8F960239E.jpeg 8DFA0BC3-14FC-4967-9757-8DEABC323E8E.jpeg 03EF2278-F68F-4E4F-84B4-08AE88E609AE.jpeg 2696E64D-7EA1-4DFC-8A9F-FB8734F5A2B2.jpeg 7441062A-113C-4E35-837A-53D8F960239E.jpeg 8DFA0BC3-14FC-4967-9757-8DEABC323E8E.jpeg 03EF2278-F68F-4E4F-84B4-08AE88E609AE.jpeg 2696E64D-7EA1-4DFC-8A9F-FB8734F5A2B2.jpeg 388212B3-3C51-4730-ADC1-36B8246822E4.jpeg 7441062A-113C-4E35-837A-53D8F960239E.jpeg 8DFA0BC3-14FC-4967-9757-8DEABC323E8E.jpeg 03EF2278-F68F-4E4F-84B4-08AE88E609AE.jpeg 2696E64D-7EA1-4DFC-8A9F-FB8734F5A2B2.jpeg
  16. Trophy21

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    Not sure what happen there lol
  17. Chasin' Dreams

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    Right on man awesome report and awesome fishin'! I felt like I was watching you guys catch the fish the way you wrote the report lol. Congrats sounds like you guys had a very memorable trip. Great work timing your fishing to beat the winds too. Ya some guys can be very ignorant when fishing in a group all trying to tack together and get fish in the boat in between each other. First guy did it right. Some guys think they have to be in neutral to fight a fish lol. Proper thing to do is what the first guy did. Even with a larger Spring on they can still just slow the boat down and pull out of the tack to fight the fish... As long as it's in gear and going slow enough they can get out of all of your way. Sometimes the guides have a few lines out and their customers don't know how to get all the gear up quick when things are going off like that quickly. Oh well you guys smashed em' so it's all good!!
  18. rbv

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    Great report! Sounds like a memorable trip! My wife and I visited Kyuquot for the first time July 21-25th. Stayed in Fair Harbour so up at 4:30 everyday to get out there. Hit Spring Island first morning and it was slow but we managed two decent springs. Didn’t feel like fighting all the boats around the ‘popular‘ corner so trolled off and found some fish away from the fleet. Picked up a couple of nice ling and called it a day. Tried Thornton next morning first thing and it seemed dead so headed for Spring Island for low slack. It had cleared out of boats but we hit it right and went 4 for 6 in about two hours. mid teens to mid twenties. Anchovies and white hootchie. Found another good ling spot and headed in. We had to work for our last two springs but had some luck inside Grassy after exploring the beaches at rugged point. Picked up a 118cm hali Near West rock. Great first trip to Kyuquot and awesome weather despite the Gale warning and the two flats on the way out causing us to miss the ferry reservation. Can’t wait to go back sometime. Thanks for all the helpful info I found on the forum to explore a new area!
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