2020 Comox Valley-Comox Harbour, Kitty Coleman, Cape Lazo, Denman & Hornby Islands

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    Post your 2020 fishing reports here!
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    Link to the DFO rules and regulations for Area 14

    Handy PDF maps of Chinook & coho regulations for this area.
    2020 Chinook

    2020 Coho

    New Buoy off Cape Lazo for your wind and waves.

    Station 46131 - Sentry Shoal Buoy
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  3. Cuba Libre

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    Got out yesterday during a lull in the hurricanes we have been having. Looking for prawns--not springs. Got a couple of nice meals for a short set. But as I was sorting them and releasing the berried females and small ones, I got the full attention of about a dozen Stellars sealions. Basically I found I was chumming them right to my boat. I dont think very many released prawns made it to the bottom before I realized what was happening. So much for conservation-- to the lions its just a snack bar ! I ran over half a mile before I got far enough away from the boogers to safely drop the rest of the unwanted prawns.
  4. Bugs

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    Anyone else been noticing a change in behaviour of the sea lions. Last three trips out north and south of Denman this winter have resulted in fairly intense interactions with sealions. In two cases a juvenile Stellar repeatedly surfaced at high speed within about 5 m of the boat, just clipping the surface each time. On one occasion I was just heading out... and the animal followed with the boat on the step, repeatedly porpoising in the wake. On Tuesday off comox bar a group of larger male Californias started playing around the boat. I had my head down squatting down in the boat and looked up to see one in a full porpoise jump at eye level no more than 5 m away... heading straight for me and fully airborne with teeth bared.... it was enough to make me get to my feet. I just find it strange as I have spent a lot of time on the water and never had interactions quite like that before... but I am new to winter boating around comox
  5. Cuba Libre

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    It will get worse as more herring move in Bugs. So far not that many in Baynes Sound. But that will change. No point in trying to do much more than jig herring when you are surrounded by 20-50 lions. And they are not intimidated by boats. Seiners and gillnetters are dinner bells and sports boat are something that seems to catch their curiosity.
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  6. Sangstercraft

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    I havne't noticed a change in behavior, but I have noticed a massive increase in sealions in the SOG. I heard it was because of a collapse in sardines in California so they moved up. Soon the Great White sharks will be cruising around :)
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  7. Stizzla

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    Maybe our Southern Residents will develop a taste for Great Whites and stop eating Chinook!
  8. RBL

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    Great whites like eating seals
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  9. nicnat

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    we just need to train the resident orcas to eat the sea lions too, that would just solve so many problems lol.
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  10. Fish Camp

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  11. Bugs

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    Any recent reports (from those who braved the weather?) South to Kitty or North to CR tomorrow? Looks like a nice day.
  12. Cuba Libre

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    Bugs-- Out today for a 4 hrs to keep the rust to a minimum. Total of 4 boats off Kitty. Fished the bottom at the hump.. WOW !!! two 12" lingcod. Didnt see anyone else waving a net. Two other boats fishing off Lazo in the 200 ft zone...... I was hoping to see a couple of schools of herring staging-- nope.
  13. mayday

    mayday Active Member

    i was one of the lazo boats - 2 small shakers and 1 about 40cms or so.
    Lots of botanical bits in the tide line - hit one with a loud enough thunk i was checking for water! One of the few times i was wishing for aluminum :)
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  14. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Lambert Channel has large schools of herring right now. Need bait ? Or rollumups ? Go get them
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  15. Mozart

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    Hello do you you just cast off from beach from denman island or needs a boat?
    Thank you
  16. big rock

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    There is lots of herring at point homes. Saw one guy casting from shore didn’t notice he caught any but I’m sure he did.
  17. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Need a boat and its over now anyway....
  18. Mozart

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    Okay thank you for the reply. May be next year
  19. Cuba Libre

    Cuba Libre Well-Known Member

    Out yesterday..No fish as there is a heavy plankton bloom along a large portion of the Island shore. Downrigger lines and fishing lines looked like rope after a short time on the water.
  20. Phil my boat

    Phil my boat Active Member

    Got out to Kitty Coleman hump today. Great day on the water but no fish for me. Not even a bite. Still lots of plankton in the water, making a mess of all lines.
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