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    Indeed. When Wilkinson announced the rollbacks here last year, the Alaskans gleefully picked up the slack. Under the terms of the Salmon Treaty should one party not utilize their assigned "quota" the other may. And they did. And they will continue to do so. Period.

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    Cast you mind back a few years when Harper was PM. There were no national unity issues, either with the West or Quebec. Our budgets were balanced. The country was not paralyzed by protests. Economic migrants weren't walking across the border into Canada. The biggest scandal in a decade was Harper making a senator pay back his expenses. Harper did not spend his days touring the world giving away your tax money to dictators in an attempt to win a pointless, temporary UN seat that we won't get anyway. Maybe Harper wasn't "touchy feely" but there was a definite sense that the adults were in charge.
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    The Star and the Guardian,, man you have to start to read non fiction news,, no seriously I mean it. A person loses all credibility when they post up stuff from places like this, it’s a joke.
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    Harper is an economist....Trudope.......I have no idea...
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    Trudope is Cuban....
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    Be helpful if turdo got one of his aids to sew him a pair
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    Had a dream last night about what Chinook regs were this upcoming year. More like a nightmare. Let’s hope I’m not psychic. Hahaha
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    I doubt I am salmon fishing this year. Hope I am wrong, but I sort of knew that when Trudeau got back in.

    I just called off a trip to Malcolm in August, and will hold back on working on boat this year. My hopes of fishing the southern JDF I think our slim, and think it will be up North on a trip if it is open.

    Getting tired of the NGO movement to be honest, and misinformed public. Just look at the protests last few days.
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    Yah I don’t know what to do either. They sure put people in a tough position I’ll tell you, can’t imagine what it’s like being in the hotel or lodge or marina business, what a nightmare. I usually book all my rooms and slips this time of year but I just don’t know. I think I’m going to book my slip anyways, it’s always easier to cancel than to book later. Rooms I will wait for a bit and take my chances I guess.

    Any idea guys when to expect the dreaded news for this year, or do you think they will leave people in limbo and drag it out.

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