2020 Bamfield and Barkley Sound Reports

Discussion in '2020 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. Sea.P.P.

    Sea.P.P. Active Member

    55 feet
  2. John s

    John s Crew Member

    Sitting on anchor out at rats nose. Nothing yet. We have our 6 hatchery coho. Had to go through about 30 wilds to get our 6. Some nice size coho. No springs out here.
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  3. Augie

    Augie Member

    Any luck with the hali?
  4. Josh Blasman

    Josh Blasman New Member

    Got into a couple springs at Sandford today.
  5. fish brain

    fish brain Crew Member

    We are heading to Bamfield for the first time next week. Have the roads been fixed? We are coming from Duncan, so would be going the Cowichan route.
    We plan on fishing Wednesday on our own, have a tuna charter booked for Thursday, Friday morning fish and then back home. Does anyone have advice on where to start when we are on our own?
  6. Drove back out on the holiday Monday and the roads were way better than after the rain.

    It seems like the fishing is quite spotty at the moment so you may have to just get lucky. There were tons of coho offshore but it took awhile to get your limit on hatchery fish. Inside the sound I fished around Edward King, Beale and Whittlestone on that weekend and didn't see a lot of action. Same gear same spots this week and picked up some good sized Chinooks.
  7. Kate Mckinley

    Kate Mckinley New Member

    Anyone fished the wall lately.....any luck?
  8. BryceWCP

    BryceWCP Member

    Fished nanat to Danvers today. Lost 3 fish before landing one nice spring. Bait everywhere had bites on anchovy, cop car spoon and a needlefish hoochie. Anywhere from 40-60 feet. Seemed like light bites quick hit and gone.
  9. alex green

    alex green Member

    Just got back from Bamfield and the roads are about as good as it gets for that road
  10. coriba

    coriba Member

    Tried Beale and Cree today, nothing, saw one fish caught. Got two 40# Hali’s at five mile (or seven) though. So a good day.
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  11. Kate Mckinley

    Kate Mckinley New Member

    Wondering how Smokey it is in Bamfield?
  12. chinnok

    chinnok Active Member

  13. Charts

    Charts Member

    The answer is....very
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  14. Kate Mckinley

    Kate Mckinley New Member

    Anyone fished the wall lately? Coho?
  15. Sea.P.P.

    Sea.P.P. Active Member

    Fished the wall for 4 hours and one 12 pound silver spring eating in a bait ball. Hatchery no coho
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