2019 Winter Harbour Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Gerry Treger

    Gerry Treger New Member

    'Fishing the open water side of Kains'. Purchase a Chart before arriving - don't count on your GPS for perfect accuracy as programs miss pertinent humps. See Fisheries website for Areas 27/127. Open up Area Map. Draw a line from Topknot Point to Lawn Point - 127 is to the deeper water side and 27 is towards land. This is very clear on Fisheries Map. Check for Chinooks in Table as 127 differs from 27. Check also for Cohos as 27 & 127 usually differ. Look out for Rockfish Areas north of Lippy Point and south of Lawn Point.
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  2. norman oliver

    norman oliver Member

    We went up last year, had a hoot! We were lucky enough to get there just after some fish came in and we stayed on them till we got our limits or they moved on. Good weather and were able to move outside and get after some lings and Hali. Had a great time at Dicks Last resort. Great meals and perfect location. Doing a trip this year too, coming in July. Hope we have half as good of luck as we had last year. Keep up the reports, and thanks
  3. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Getting excited myself.... managed to fit 3 trips in the calendar this year for WH..... first one coming up in 7 days... then again in July.. and August..... Long haul.... but certainly worth it... love taking someone on the trip who has never even salt water fished before.. best part of my trip is when they hook up to a 100 pound plus halibut.... then see them enjoy it more when we release the old girl..... makes you feel pretty spoiled.
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  4. norman oliver

    norman oliver Member

    That is always fun to do with my wife. I think she blacks out a little while the catch is on, then gets smokin hot when we admire it only to send it back down. Half my fun is watching her catch fish.
  5. norman oliver

    norman oliver Member

    Darn it, I'll be at Dicks just before that weekend, would like to say hi and listen to fishing stories.
  6. michael_reiber

    michael_reiber Active Member

    Super excited we just confirmed coming up to winter harbour July 16th-19th. Got moorage and a campsite at the dock. If any of you are up at that time feel free to stop in for a beer and chat! Last time we were up was 2 years ago and never made it offshore as the weather wasn't the best and were having some motor troubles! This time were coming up with brand new power so hopefully that won't be an issue! Just curious and not looking for any spots but of course will gladly except any info someone has if they wanna share ;). Ive been watching a few videos on youtube of guys getting hali and ling at the same time while anchored up. Is this a normal thing to expect in this area? We've never fished an area where that was something that happens regularly.. do most guys anchored up near some rock and try to get both species at once or are we better off to find some gravel to anchor for our halis and then go somewhere else to drift and jig lings. Our anchor is set up with the zapstrap break away system but our main concern was dropping the anchor in a rock garden and not getting it back.

    Thanks for any insight! Super stoked for this trip!

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  7. oilslick

    oilslick Active Member

    Heading to Winter Harbour this week, will be hitting Coal Harbour about 5:30am, how does it work with the paying and keeping the truck/trailer there if their not open at that time? Leave a note in your truck?
  8. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Yeah-if Joe or one of the pilots isn't there you should be okay! Don't forget to pay when you get back or it will spoil it for everyone else---and maybe they have a long memory
  9. oilslick

    oilslick Active Member

    Thanks Spring Fever, I figured that would be the case but I needed to ask. Been going there for the last 15 years but never that early in the morning

  10. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Will be in WH tomorrow myself... probably arriving late... look for the boat in the thumbnail and share a beer and some updates.
    See you all tomorrow.
  11. oilslick

    oilslick Active Member

    Hey Ron, we’re there on Thursday morning around 8 ish in winter harbour, need to drop off our shit at Olis and then we’re fishing.
    I’m in a 21’ centre console aluminium boat, black top, fish on the side.
    I’ll look you up if your around. According to a few gents I know up there the fishing is on right now.
  12. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Sounds good... what radio channel?
  13. oilslick

    oilslick Active Member

    We’ll be on 12, good luck up there
  14. gokart

    gokart Member

    We are coming there Friday around 2 pm . Good luck !
  15. Enniberg

    Enniberg Active Member

    We made it out for the first time this past weekend. Never fished the area before and knew little about where to go or what to do. Dropped our lines by Cliffe Pt. and had a double header within 10 minutes. Lost one within the next 10 min, then had some downrigger issues and decided to go explore the sound as the wind was picking up. Need to get out earlier in the day next time. Fish are there, we just need to get dialed in.
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  16. Lee Richards

    Lee Richards New Member

    My wife and I are headed up to Winter Harbour on the 28th of June. We will probably be around for a week or so. We plan to sleep on the boat at the dock. We need to launch our 26' Duckworth Offshore and park the truck for a week or more. Is the launch better and/or the parking more secure at Port Alice vs Coal Harbour? Also, what VHF channel to most people monitor while up there?
    To say that we were looking forward to the trip would be a serious understatement.
  17. norman oliver

    norman oliver Member

    Here is the Phone number, Call Joey and let him know. 1-250-949-6371.
  18. Lee Richards

    Lee Richards New Member

    One more question, what is the best source of swell and wind info for the Winter Harbour area?
  19. big rock

    big rock Active Member

    I use windy ty. It pretty good and free you down the app on your phone.
  20. norman oliver

    norman oliver Member

    Deepzoom.com is another free ap for currents and winds
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