2019 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

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  1. Slabbedout

    Slabbedout Member

    2C865599-EFAF-482A-9E4B-D323A8D6523D.png Left work early and went out for the first Hali hunt of 2019

    Guess I just lucked out, I never measured or weighed it but i am happy.

    Salmon bellies was the ticket
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  2. Slabbedout

    Slabbedout Member

    sorry can’t figure out how to load pic from my phone
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  3. cby

    cby Active Member

    3 days fishing, 15 for 21 springs, that's only 6 lost and many bites, 10 hours of fishing over 3 day. 1 ling cod 10 lbs. 1 monster rock cod. Tons of fish around. All were cookie cutter 8-14 lbs all hatchery, no wilds. So not sure why DFO is trying to protect hatchery. We should be able to keep 1 fish hatchery with this many around. I get the wild fish for sure. Great 3 days to start the year off.
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  4. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    100% !!!
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  5. Irishwolf

    Irishwolf Crew Member

    The hatcheries are for the orcas that “might” show up. :eek::mad::eek::(

    According to my math: 35 trips , 0 sightings. 0% chance. :oops:


    Management fail.
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  6. cby

    cby Active Member

    I saw a pod of orcas about 1 mile of discovery was fishing for ling cod. There was about 10 of them. One with a huge fin I thought it was a person on a paddle board or kayak.
  7. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Well-Known Member

    The Orcas were around Oak Bay a lot last summer. We must have seen them 8 or 10 times between 10 mile point and 3 miles south of Discovery island. Always a highlite.
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  8. Slabbedout

    Slabbedout Member

    This is a total political issue, discussed to length in other forums

    The way I see it is South Island /Vic
    Holds a lot of fish from further south ( that mark there hatch fish ) the further north you get the less marked fish you get, thus you must limit everyone in fairness to reduce the chance that the mighty Fraser chinook does not have the opportunity to return to the Fraser and its tributaries to be netted. Or fish that originated south of where they may be caught are retained. It’s tough I live in Vic and feel like this area has a lot of fish that move through that are vulnerable. I don’t think a lot of the closures is warranted elsewhere, just on the chance a “ endangered “ chinook could be kept. A hatchery marked fish only opening would be much more viable in my opinion.
  9. Slabbedout

    Slabbedout Member

    Does anyone else have issues posting pics from their phone ?

    As far as I can tell, the size and everything should work
  10. hippaisland

    hippaisland Well-Known Member

    Yes, I’ve had issues on iPhone 8. I’ve found if I take a screenshot of the photo from my albums on my phone I can then upload the screenshot version. Not sure if it’s reducing the file size or something along those lines but it works for me.
  11. cby

    cby Active Member

    Would like to find out who stole one of my crab traps. Oak Bay Area. Name on the red and white buoy Young 250-477-2684. Keep on the look out for it.

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  12. habberdasher

    habberdasher Active Member

    I email the picture to myself and select “small “ then post that smaller file
  13. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Makes you wonder if there is some sort of collusion between the U.S. and Canada
    to eliminate taking their Puget sound hatch jobs in addition to all the other B.S.
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  14. High Time

    High Time Well-Known Member

    I think the main collusion is DFO and the Lower Fraser FN against the Rec fleet....
  15. bottom feeder

    bottom feeder Active Member

    lol agreed 100%%%%%
  16. advTHXance

    advTHXance Well-Known Member

    Never measured it?? You have to measure it to record it properly on your licence.
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  17. Slabbedout

    Slabbedout Member

    Sorry, the fish was clearly legal and the tape had disappeared from the boat since last trip . I have 115cm marked on a gaff handle and it was just over (maybe by 1-2cm) I marked it as 116cm
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  18. ciacione

    ciacione Member

    I want be to worried about it for one are two centimetres as long is in one are two
  19. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    Lighten up..eh
    The exact measurement is not as important as recording it on your license!
    If it's legal and you estimate the length and miss by a few cm who cares!!!!
    Most guys mark the legal length on their spear and then estimate from there.
    I would rather work in inches instead of cm. guess that tells you something about my age....lol
  20. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Well-Known Member

    If you estimate the length and are wrong you are a poacher. Pretty simple. Legal or illegal.

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