2019 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Oakbayfishin

    Oakbayfishin Member

    Any action as of lately? If anyone has made it out between the weather
  2. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Last few trips for me have been very slow.
  3. Fisherben3

    Fisherben3 Active Member

    Got a 6 lbs at constance last Friday morning
  4. habberdasher

    habberdasher Active Member

    Scott Any crabs ?
  5. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Lot's of just under size....
  6. beemer

    beemer Well-Known Member

    our commercial "friend" has been working the area hard for Dungeness.
  7. 2xeagle16

    2xeagle16 Active Member

    Trolled from McCauley Point to Trial Island this morning. Totally dead until 10am – then 4 springs 7,8,9 and 12 near Trial in 90 feet of water. All fish had empty stomachs except one – a small herring and a prawn. No seals around at all.
  8. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    Ever try putting a prawn in a teaser head? Works like a charm!
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  9. mbowers

    mbowers Active Member

    We were in the Cdory at Trial jigging near that time and guess you were the other boat. Clearly we didn't try hard enough or stick around long enough I guess. :). Nice job!
  10. Irishwolf

    Irishwolf Crew Member

    I chaperoned a Grade 4 field trip on a whale watching boat yesterday morning. Watched a humpback whale right in front of the flag pole feeding for a good 20 mins. The biologist on board suspected it was feeding on herring. So there’s some bait around.
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  11. 2xeagle16

    2xeagle16 Active Member

    Yes we were next to you at Trial, we noticed you disappear just before the bite started to happen. We totally expected to have a tug of war with a 300 pound fur ball, nice to see the seals gone!
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  12. kaelc

    kaelc Well-Known Member

    Any Hali happening? I know they are supposed to be in deeper water this time of year but I’m holding out hope for one successful trip with my son this year.
  13. Fisherben3

    Fisherben3 Active Member

    Its been really slow for Halibut
  14. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    dead for me, but the dogs were still biting a week or so ago!
  15. habberdasher

    habberdasher Active Member

    Saw a few boats out front this morning any reports?
  16. Newf

    Newf Well-Known Member

    I was out from 11am-3pm. Released one around 4lbs and that was the only hit I had. Spoke to a couple of guys in another both and they had kept a couple. Another boat at the ramp had nothing.
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  17. habberdasher

    habberdasher Active Member

    Thanks Newf for the report
  18. ciacione

    ciacione Member

    Nothing for us
    Four dog fish
    from 9 to 3, race rocks area
    Beautiful wale watching,
    best ever
  19. Irishwolf

    Irishwolf Crew Member

    I was out in a buddy's boat this morning trolling Clover Point. Was pretty slow, but beautifully calm - we got into 1 small keeper and 1 30#er. Wait, what!? o_O

    My fish looked maybe 7ish when it came to the surface so when it started to pull... and pull.... and PUUUULL line out like a 20#er, I decided it had to be at least 30! :cool: It spit the hook so we will never know. Likely closer to 10, or a seal, but who knows. I’m sure my dreams will be haunted tonight!
  20. eroyd

    eroyd Well-Known Member

    When out on Saturday. Lots of debris floating around out there. I hit something with by motor leg but was Ok. Another boat was limping home on it's kicker. Released a couple of small Springs in 100' of water of Clover Pt. Both while paralleling the sewer outfall pipe on a tack. Not bad since I was only fishing for an hour before the weather became too snotty for my little boat.
    Lost a prawn trap about 1 km west of Trial. I suspect some debris may have drowned my floats or dragged it off. It wasn't worth risking my life out in the middle of the strait looking for it. Couldn't find it at slack on Sunday. Crabbing however was pretty good in Oak Bay.
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