2019 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Arjento

    Arjento Member

    Fished the rising tide 3 to 6 today on the flats. Only caught fustration and 4 shakers :( where did all the 20s go????
  2. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    They swam away once they heard the restriction was off !
  3. Arjento

    Arjento Member

  4. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    I trademarked that?! Lol
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  5. Rayvon

    Rayvon Well-Known Member

    Jigged up 15-20 springs yesterday,kept 2-16 and 19 lb..Guess I should have been at Albert Head where all the fish are over 20 Lbs.:);)o_O
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  6. islandboy

    islandboy Active Member

    I must be getting close! :cool: Out at 10 mile for the ebb/flood change tossing 1 1/2" spoons. (Following the Sooke thread about matching bait size) Sure enough a couple of gulls fighting overhead and one spews his last meal - 20 feet away - anchovies about 3" long. :oops: Switch up to 3" spoon. One strike. Skunk is still on but nice to know nature is helping out. :D
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  7. John Ingram

    John Ingram Active Member

    Hit into a 27 lb wild spring at Gonzales point today. The strike was at 1:15pm and about 20 feet
    off of the rocks on a 3" white and black zinger. 4 nice long runs. and it took aprox. 25 min's to land.
    A nice fat wild female. Fun to land these ones. Number 4 for me this year.
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  8. Kildonan

    Kildonan Well-Known Member

    Well done, John. You’re doing well this year. There’s something great about shore fishing. It’s fun, defying odds, it’s very satisfying when there’s success. Way more so than from a boat.
  9. John Ingram

    John Ingram Active Member

    Thanks for the congrats,
    I have always loved catching large fish on lighter tackle . A bit more time playing the fish but sure is a lot of fun on
    17lb test and no flasher's or weights to worry about. There is a pretty good hole in the kelp and that sure helps. you can usually
    steer them out of it if they get to close.
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  10. Sam7

    Sam7 Active Member

  11. porcupine

    porcupine Active Member

    Top three winners in The Clover Point Anglers' Associations 25th Annual Salmon Derby this past weekend:
    1) 20 lbs 9 oz - Tom Vaida - Anchovy - Breakwater
    2) 20 lbs 3 oz - Steve Bokor -Green/Glow spoon - Breakwater
    3) 18 lbs 12 oz - Mike Wardell - Anchovy - Clover Point
  12. mbowers

    mbowers Active Member

    Almost 20 boats on Constance this morning. A few fish caught but it didn't seem hot. We jigged two small springs. 7lber was a feeder with undeveloped eggs. Friend decided to put a swim bait down and took 5 mins to find a 110cm halibut. Bonus! The halibut had only half a face from I'd guess long line release and it had half an approx 3lb salmon (I'm guessing from flesh color) inside the belly that I'd guess was a dead released fish. Tough to catch big live prey with a face like that..
    20190820_121328~2.jpg 20190820_131437~2.jpg
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  13. fshnfnatic

    fshnfnatic Well-Known Member

    A face only a mother could love!!lol
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  14. Sam7

    Sam7 Active Member

    Well, my son and I decided on Sunday, to go out for night bite on Thursday night, in front of the breakwater. We were on the water and started fishing at 6:15. Made a few passes in front of the breakwater and at 6:55 the right rod goes off, I set the hook, hand the rod to my son, I then go over and turn the downrigger on, to get it up. Just then I look at the left hand rod, and it’s starting to go, boom double header. Both fish are running, then they decide to cross a couple of times. At that point, mine decides it’s in the 100 meter dash and takes off. ( for a minute I thought I got sealed) We manage to get my sons close to the boat and it’s time to net the fish, hmmm two people on board, two big fish, oh well, I throw my rod in the rod holder and try to net the fish, he’s not done yet and takes another run. So I grab my rod and reel in the bit of slack. This happens a couple of times. I finally net his, and now I focus on bringing mine in while he bonks the fish and empties out the net. Several minutes later we are successful landing both fish.

    Herring teaser head, extra large anchovy, 66’ on the rigger for the big one 27# fish
    Green chrome, extra large anchovy, 73’ on the rigger for #18 fish (this fish hit first)

    Packed up and headed off the water at 7:15. I like those days.

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  15. islandboy

    islandboy Active Member

    Nice. Interesting to note that the solunar tables matched up:
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  16. Arjento

    Arjento Member

    No boats on the flats last night. Not much happeneing for fish. Some boats at the gap but they were hard pressed to get into something.
  17. eroyd

    eroyd Well-Known Member

    Was out this morning. Started out beautiful, then the sun was in my face, followed by a heavy downpour and the a couple hours of nice before the wind drove me in. Was unable to find a spring but the humpies were thick when fished shallow enough. Constant action about a km south of the chain group. Picked up a nice 10# ling and released another as I was alone. Gorged with sandlance.
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  18. Jammer

    Jammer Member

    Was out this morning, starting at 6, was a little choppy to start and didn't have much luck with everyone trolling around the breakwater.
    So I broke from the pack and headed for the flagpole.
    We picked up a pair of twins around 20lbs, both on anchovy right on the bottom just after 8.
    The wind died, the sun came out and the seas flattened so it was a beautiful morning.

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  19. Sam7

    Sam7 Active Member

    Had a friend that wanted to go “fishing sometime” so I sent a text at 8:00 am “ watcha doing, wanna go fishing” .

    He said yes, on the water, fishing by 9:15 off the breakwater, first one on in about 20 minutes, landed a scrappy 17# red. We landed a pink about 25 minutes later, then a bit lull for an hour. Then there was a short span where we witnessed a few other hook ups. The right rod goes off, 73’ on the rigger, green chrome, he’s on for about 2 minutes and it’s a long line release. I make the turn to go back to the area where we hooked up with the other line still in the water, as I’m about to drop the second line in the water, bam, the rod goes off, nice 21# white we landed. Never had to put the second line back down, called it a day.

    Done by noon.

    Red, 55’ on green chrome, white caught at 66’ herring aid, both extra large anchovy

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  20. cby

    cby Active Member

    Fished Saturday 1 20lber, AP spoon, Bottom, 86 ft of water, 106 on downrigger, tide was running. Lost one other small one. And 2 hits. It was an afternoon shift 2:00-5:00pm
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