2019 Victoria and Oak Bay Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. SFBC

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    Post your 2019 fishing reports here!
  2. Original

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    Got out today off Esq near Albert Head. Action was pretty steady from 8-1pm with a dozen released and a couple 8lb kept.spoons on the bottom 120

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  3. Stizzla

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    Nicely done Don! Staring the new thread off in style!
  4. 2xeagle16

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    Out to Constance yesterday - 4 springs to 12 1/2 on Coho Killers - 80 ft on the down rigger in 80ft of water. Surprisingly, no tug of wars with snuffy.
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  5. Stizzla

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    Yesterday?! You’re a soldier for going out in that weather! You deserved your success. Congratulations:)
  6. calmsea

    calmsea Well-Known Member

    Around Albert Head near the freighter was still good today. Lots of little springs but there were a few 5-6# mixed in with them. All on the bottom, AP's in 3 and 4" without flasher. Good fun!
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  7. DuroBoat

    DuroBoat Member

    Still a school hanging around the freighters today. Lots of fish to the boat, kept two around 5-6lbs. Fun, sunny winter day on the water with the most beautiful sunrise to start with.
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  8. DuroBoat

    DuroBoat Member

    Back at Albert head on Sunday.day and it was a gong show of boats! I don't think I've seen so many boats in one spot fishing in January. I saw lots of fish caught, caught several myself and a few were pretty good size (over 6lbs). Anything shiny and glow on the bottom was working

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