2019 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Oscar162

    Oscar162 New Member

    Great day yesterday 4 chinook bonked N.Arm to T10 between 1pm - 6pm 57/67 in 200ish FOW... much slower today - managed 2 legal chinook and a hatch hoe in same area (N.Arm to Iona jetty)... 8 hr shift.
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  2. Waveslayer

    Waveslayer Member

    Fished today at Sandheads had a late start at noon. Released a wild coho and picked up two pinks and then hit a beauty chinook at 71' on rigger in 275 feet of water . Ended up weighing 20.5lbs All all the day was slow but that sure kept the spirits up on board Screenshot_20190903-211015_Gallery.jpg
  3. CohoOn

    CohoOn Active Member

    Congrats to the handful of boats that managed springs today.
    Slowest I've seen it in weeks. We were out from 11 till 5 and didn't see any significant fish in anyone's nets.
    We played with about 20 pinks and they're looking pretty green and humpy already. Had couple of double headers and one triple.
    Flat calm and beauty day though.
    On the run back to Captain's Cove lots of pinks seemed to be breaking the surface everywhere but not jumpy....had never seen that before.
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  4. FishDoc

    FishDoc Well-Known Member

    Went out this afternoon before 2 pm today at Sandheads. Beautiful calm afternoon and evening. No fish though. Picked up the odd shiny pink then after 5 pm at Sand Heads in the 220 to 250 range a cluster of boats started to pick up a few springs. Then it was our turn and another Fishing Doc did the job of pulling in a nice red chinook on a spoon at 55'. Then when we were going to pull in the lines for the day my side went off. Picked it up and the fish took off. It starts thrashing on the surface. Takes a huge run then jumps out of the water. I'm slowly working this fish to the boat across the surface over 100 yards out. Get him in to 75 and he starts swimming back and forth. Then all of a sudden comes fying right out of the water for the third time. I feel a couple jerks after hitting the water and he death rolled me right out of a chinook salmon. That fish was on a large anchovie in glow head at 55 feet. Couldn't beat the weather though. My fishin buddy from work Dr. McCormack with his catch, hope he doesnt mind landing in this forum. 20190903_191906.jpg 20190903_185402.jpg .
  5. 1marko

    1marko Active Member

    Exclusive......?.dummies....? Free event...?

    Really....? Hmmm...
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  6. So im at view point at UBC just above wreck beach at the NA about a dozen boats i can see from here . Good luck to all conditions look very good from here hoping to get out tomorrow after work though i see they are calling for some wind tomorrow play it by ear for now drag Unexpected to work just in case ;)
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  7. slaydown

    slaydown Active Member

    Out between N/A and T10, double header 1st thing, low 20's landed and other lost. Couple hits And nada for a bit now.
  8. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    At 11:10 Ripple water conditions at SH and few pinks no Chins
  9. blindmonkey

    blindmonkey Active Member

    I'm not able to get to SH etc this week. Anybody finding success in Howe Sound or HITW?
  10. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    Interesting- I sit down on English Bay most evenings watching for whatever and have yet to see any Salmon jump-very odd.
  11. Saveth

    Saveth Member

    I was in tsawassen last week and there were pinks jumping around.
  12. A-a-Ron

    A-a-Ron Active Member

    Put in a few hours this morning, NA to T10, missed my only hit, mangled the herring’s belly just missed the hooks. Otherwise slow, worked the gear and the depths. Definitely slower or just unlucky today. Oh well that’s fishing.
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  13. cohojohnny

    cohojohnny Crew Member

    Tried NA to QA - Knocked a nice one off with the net this afternoon. Started getting rough so didn’t stay long. 70’ in 150 FOW. Trolling 4mph seemed to help. 2 other hits one grill.
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  14. Went to south arm today,start at 7 finish 3 30. 1 hatch coho and few bites didn't stick ,suppose pink,no spring for us ,today was the slower day I had in the water since August, probably not my day ,I try hard hope still few good day of fishing will come to enjoy this beautiful summer, the weather was good,see you on the water
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  15. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    Same here , no Chinook ! Had one but got sealed or it was a 100lber but at least I got my gear back
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  16. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    Spent the evening at sand heads got 3 springs but had to work for them saw a few others get some too but definitely pretty slow out there
  17. 97B10973-3B9F-4081-B7CA-40F9F9A32D16.jpeg Piscator signing in. Good to hear that fishing is still robust. Unfortunately...fortunately we left Vancouver for other fishing grounds at Tropical Runaway, Cayman Brac in the Caribbean. Totally a different fishery here, but still exciting. Trolling at 9-12 knots at the 600’ contour line off our home shoreline about 1/4 off the beach. Wahoo and Dorado is our primary catch with Bonita as a tidbit for sashimi appetizers. Have yet to drift for Yellow Fin Tuna, which we may be taking up as the Sargussum weed makes trolling challenging. Will be back for winter fishery. Thanks for all the posts, glad for all the B.C. anglers. Check out our facebook page at Tropical Runaway, Cayman Brac.
  18. Anyone out this morning? Going out this afternoon wondering if its as chippy as they are calling for?
  19. Dixsea

    Dixsea Member

    Out yesterday off T10 from 10:30 - 3. Landed one chinook about 15lbs, lost 2 other screemers. All on chovy. Deep rod at 100 hit all the chinook. Didn’t see a lot of chinook action, still a good number of pinks.
  20. Normfish

    Normfish Well-Known Member

    Out from 10 till 5 yesterday, was a fast start, had 3 clean Pink right away, then 3 Spring , then another Pink.,
    Then a grind to get our last Spring but we got it.
    All Spring came on Anchovie, 47 to 67 on the rigger, in 100 to 300 feet of water

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