2019 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. John s

    John s Crew Member

    Can anyone tell me how the ramp at McDonald beach is at low tide. I want to pull a 26 ft boat out tomorrow around low tide Thanks
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  2. Gramps

    Gramps Active Member

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  3. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Yes but those aren't BC hatchery fish.....BC/Canada don't seem to care about the hatchery concept going on south of us.
  4. SaltyAlice

    SaltyAlice Well-Known Member

    East hump. 120’ green hoochie
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  5. captmike

    captmike Active Member

    I dinged my duo prop at a 3' low so be careful
  6. bigbruce

    bigbruce Well-Known Member

    Suit yourself - In the "Restrictions" sections, it says "Individual species limits also apply." Yesterday's FN placed limits on Chinook.
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  7. Ken J

    Ken J Active Member

    The Fisheries Notices are the variation orders to the website info. They take precedence over the basic regulations.
  8. wet_coast_kid

    wet_coast_kid Member

    Given the state of things now, what are our alternatives to fish for? Maybe steelhead or something in the Fraser or bottom fishing in the G.S.? I'm not familiar with fishing other than trolling for Salmon. Any offers of advice would be appreciated...
  9. sir-vivor

    sir-vivor Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't and I have used that ramp for 10 years...and only have a 21 ft ...wait for med tide at least , just my 2 cents
  10. Skins88

    Skins88 Active Member

    I had to row my 19 footer in on a 3' tide last year. I would avoid low tide for sure.
  11. Gator

    Gator Well-Known Member

    HITW no love this morning but still feels good just being out there.
  12. John s

    John s Crew Member

    Ok thanks for the info.
  13. Limitles

    Limitles Member

    I would guess you need 1. 5 m minimum . Below 1 I paddle m 21 ft flat bottom to barely get it on the trailer
  14. mikeyman

    mikeyman Active Member

    April 21
    week 16 Chinook Stl'atl'imc /
    Ts'kw'aylaxw Fraser R - Texas Creek to Kelly Creek 7
    (daylight only) Monday April 15 05:00 Sunday April 21 22:00*
    (extends into next week) Gill net, Dip net, Angling with Rod & Reel XFSC 78 2019 / XFSC 79 2019
    April 21
    week 16 Chinook Xaxli'p East side of Fraser R - Lillooet between 3 mile & 14 mile 7
    (daylight only) Monday April 15 05:00 Sunday April 21 22:00*
    (extends into next week) Gill net, Dip net, Angling with Rod & Reel XFSC 80 2019
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  15. bigbruce

    bigbruce Well-Known Member

    As a member of the uninitiated - what does this mean?
  16. mikeyman

    mikeyman Active Member

    It means there are gill nets in the Fraser scooping up the very fish we have been shut down to protect.
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  17. ryanb

    ryanb Well-Known Member

    Yep, and the killing continues unabated.
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  18. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

  19. BCRingo

    BCRingo Crew Member

    Why is this even a surprise?
    Dfo’s announcement said “limited FSC opportunities will be provided “
    This is just the beginning of the FSC season. Wait until it gets in full gear.
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  20. Trophy79

    Trophy79 Active Member

    What I find interesting with the DFOs decision, is they are really just protecting the WA state fish. At this time of year (April through May) we are really just intercepting States bound fish. Then in mid/late July when we are allowed to start to retain, we are actually catching our local stock...makes no sense to me...if anything, allow us to retain early season and then tighten up come July/August...also shut down the river and all commercial :)

    This weekend I had to button up my home renovation, so won’t be out, but pending the winds, I’ll be heading out Friday night and Saturday day; planning on fishing Thrasher...so anyone out that way this week, please let us know how it’s going over there.
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