2019 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    Hahaha me too. Yep over been thinking about it for a while now. Time is right so now I have runway to the fall to choose new power and right now its between a Merc v8 verado 350 or the duo prpp from Suzuki. Likely the verado as the Suzuki dealers are not plentiful in my area it seems. Nice to hear the Commander is treating you all well!
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  2. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Wellllll it's had its issues already and the smoke is driving my wife nuts but I'm loving the fuel savings and new "office space". Definently feels like a condo on the water.
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  3. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    Boats are one gigantic pain in the ass driven by one's willingness to incinerate mad bucks and I wouldn't have it any other way. Bring on the sun in the commander and she will too
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  4. daddystoy

    daddystoy Well-Known Member

    I'm very curious to hear your opinion on those diesels after you've owned them for a couple of years Rain City. Mainly in regards to the exhaust smell issue plus just how the diesel economy thing works out compared to maintenance and repairs on VOLVO diesels!
    I know how stupid expensive parts are on a 270 Volvo Penta leg.
    I've had many a debate about the whole diesel versus gasoline engine issue.
  5. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    I had the same concerns as well. This boat had new (2016 I think) drives installed which was a must for me. The reason I ended up spending way more than I wanted to get this one verses the 86 that was for sale. I think it's a way bigger issue/bonus when you get into heavier boats. With the diesels I don't have to think about weight, water, gear or keeping things on board as much as I would with gas. Big plus for me and my wife, we love storage lol. Then there's the fact that if I had the option to repower with a pod I am the kind of guy to go bigger and once I have it I'm also the kind of guy to use it. This is sort of a restraint system for me which my wife prefers lol. 35-ish max and 25 cruise (burning less than my single 5.0L on the bayliner) is good enough for me. All that said if I keep this boat for 10 plus years and the motors decide to quit I might be torn about which way to go. The smoke sucks.
  6. wet_coast_kid

    wet_coast_kid Member

    I think I saw you guys out there yesterday. I puttered around the arm looking for a spot to drop my traps and the conditions were kinda savage so I turned back in...
  7. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    Anybody out this morning? What are water conditions
  8. Normfish

    Normfish Well-Known Member

    Looked at Windy App, looks pretty good if it's right , only 4k winds
  9. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    At the hump , one 12 lb fish and 6 just unders, two other boats seen a few nets, 131 hot depth. Small lump but not bad, gonna head to thrasher soon
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  10. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    Layed down considerably , 5 in the box now, surprisingly they are stuffed with 2 inch stickleback and we’re fishing 6 inch spoons naked
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  11. SaltyAlice

    SaltyAlice Well-Known Member

    3 in the box south of Bowen. Herring Aid working well for us at 90’
  12. seatosky

    seatosky Well-Known Member

    Epic. Nice work. Rough area that you are fishing?
  13. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    East half of the hump , been all over , pockets of fish and slow periods
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  14. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    2 in the box south east hump, speckle back chartreuse needle hootchies , 8 and 11 pounds, 120 feet on rigger
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  15. Normfish

    Normfish Well-Known Member

    Nice to hear of all the luck out there , my friend is out with a guide , they limited out 4 guys. Sorry no details till later when he gets home
  16. capman

    capman Active Member

    lots if fish in the morning around RC. Slowed down in the afternoon. 90 to 130. Almost anything worked in the morning.
  17. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    If anyone hooks a g loomis e6x with a black mr3 off roger Curtis let me know....
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  18. hippaisland

    hippaisland Well-Known Member

    Sending my condolences. That sucks.
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  19. SaltyAlice

    SaltyAlice Well-Known Member

    Aw man that sucks :((
  20. Anybody catching pcod lately?
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