2019 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. wet_coast_kid

    wet_coast_kid Member

    Almost went over to the QA today but when I saw the intense rain, chose to stay put. Still, the QA is my fav spot for fishing. Friday before last I was out there and had tons of fun. The bite was on and I had lots of fish on my finder. Granted, all were under, but one. Actually I didn't see many boats around the QA because most boats were around the bell. And a couple boats I saw around the QA quickly left. Hmmm!
  2. Limitles

    Limitles Member

    Around the qa most of the day. There was a shower but not enough to get wet when releasing fish. Pretty steady action all day with a couple in the box. The spoons worked all day
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  3. Pretty certain that buying/selling sport caught fish is illegal...

    Also, this is a fishing report thread... not a buy and sell thread lol
  4. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Pretty certain it's a DFO post. Who else would do that?
  5. paulo

    paulo Crew Member

    Limitless, you must have been west of the QA closer to the hump. I saw a few boats working out there. Almost headed out there after a while. I kept turning back for the Bell a little short of the QA.
    "Missed it bu that much Chief"
  6. reeltordarius

    reeltordarius Well-Known Member

    sarcastic or not....this statement kills 2 birds with one stone....haha
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  7. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Greg April 10 compressed.jpg 2 in the box and lost 2 this morning. Wind warning hasn't happened yet, but its wet out. 16 pounder hit a whole herring with no flasher at 172 and got other one on white hoochie at 162.
  8. Revenge

    Revenge Well-Known Member

    nice work
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  9. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Where yah fishing?
  10. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Howe Sound
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  11. reeltordarius

    reeltordarius Well-Known Member

    Nice!! Fun times with no flasher :)
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  12. Pippen

    Pippen Well-Known Member

    Is Greg singing to keep you entertained between fish? :cool:
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  13. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    Congrats, looks like you’re working hard for them too with the stacker out! You’re the man!!

    It’s cool to know they can hit the bait with no flasher down that deep too. You learn something everyday
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  14. adanac

    adanac Well-Known Member

    Live herring don’t swim around following Gibbs Delta flashers! Most of my fish this time of year are taken on 5 - 6 inch plugs or spoons naked, give it a try
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  15. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    I like to fish it in a big Herring teaser head. I put it on my bottom line and then I put a line 15 feet above it with something else on it and a flasher. I use a glow head and really charge it up on the herring.
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  16. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Finished up yesterday 3 for 6. Got the other two on a white hoochie and an anchovy.

    Had a Reel Big Fish on for over 10 minutes that got off unfortunately. IMG_2841(1).jpg IMG_2846(1).jpg
  17. SaltyAlice

    SaltyAlice Well-Known Member

    Nice work! HITW?
  18. 1marko

    1marko Active Member

    I would say by the topography and
    Trans line in the background..
  19. paulo

    paulo Crew Member

    Anyone getting anything south Bowen Roger Curtis to Cowan?
  20. chromie

    chromie Member

    South of bowen in 600 down 97 to 140 got nine so far. Couple keepers lost. one in cooler rest were undersized
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