2019 Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Chasin' Dreams

    Chasin' Dreams Well-Known Member

    Another little odd ball creature in my traps the other day was this little fella. His little dagger claws cut through my gloves as I held him. Pretty trippy looking guy. Scientific name is Paracrangon Echinata or Horned Shrimp. Even had his own barnacle on his tail
  2. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Its ugly out here today. Got 1 in the boat and lost one. White Hoochie at 150 feet. 20190406_101452_resized.jpg
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  3. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Boy the wind sure blew up around 2 p.m. . Managed one more before hightailing it back! 167 feet on a white hoochie.
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  4. Teja

    Teja Well-Known Member

    Great report ... Were both fish out at the Bell and beyond?

    Was just down checking on the boat and it (or I) sure wanted to head out for a couple hours. Tomorrow looks better so it will wait for a day.
  5. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

  6. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Howe Sound
  7. macro

    macro Active Member

  8. Onchy

    Onchy Active Member

    Quick am fish off bell, bagged two legals lost a third. Spoons deep 137-157 lots of bait
  9. reeltordarius

    reeltordarius Well-Known Member

    Man, nice work! How was the water...rough? Early....like 7am?
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  10. Onchy

    Onchy Active Member

    Lines in around 645. Beauty water when I left. Started out with a little bit of an easterly outflow which was fine, but the current made things sporting
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  11. Skins88

    Skins88 Active Member

    Anybody at the hump or south Bowen?
  12. Sir Reel

    Sir Reel Well-Known Member

    594788F2-A44E-4A2F-BA20-353FE767DFAA.jpeg We are just off Gower point. Have 2 under to the boat on green AP spoons at 90’ in 110
    Saw a Grady pick up what looked like a 10 or 12 pound. Little bit of chop now but very nice out here.
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  13. Skins88

    Skins88 Active Member

    8lber in the box at the bell. Have had a bunch of unders. All at 130 to 140. Herring aid spoon and flasher has been the best setup.
  14. Teja

    Teja Well-Known Member

    Ran into a lot of fish out by the QA today including a tripleheader and a doubleheader in succession. Most of the fish were just under or just oversized and the largest was low teens. Fish were between 100 ft and 120 ft on spoons with a few anchovies thrown in to see if something larger would bite. The fish that were kept were stuffed with +/- 4.5 inch bait.
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  15. fishin_magician

    fishin_magician Well-Known Member

    I have a bit of a beef with some of the members who frequent this forum....I know who you are because I see your Instagram and I see your Facebook posts.

    This happens every year around this time for a couple of weeks off South Bowen and in Vancouver area waters.

    1. So you caught a fish....if it is undersize, let it go and do not bring it on board and let it flop around in the net and on the floor and take a pic or few. If you do not know how to judge it....it has to be more than twice the length of your flasher.
    2. There are a TON of undersized fish out there...EITHER fish selectively or release them boat side. There is a good mass of legal fish too....when you get on them. Otherwise perhaps MOVE.
    3. If you do not know how to fish selectively... ask the board how and figure it out. Try it sometime.
    4. Keep this sh*t up and we will wind up only fishing certain days of the week FFS!!!!

    End of rant..and no I am not jealous. Before you start with the smart ass retorts....I have news for you..I can forward your Facebook and Instagram posts to DFO if you like or better yet, show up at the cleaning tables and take pics of your undersize kills and then forward it to DFO.

    This is more than one person..I am talking about many of you.

  16. Skins88

    Skins88 Active Member

    Good thing I typically only post pics of monsters. Oh wait, is that better or worse?

    I did see something yesterday that made me a little upset as well. A guy had his gf/wife net a fish and then he ran up and started steering the boat away from us and another boat in the area while she sat there on the swim grid holding a fish in the net for what seemed like minutes. The fish looked to be of legal size but hard to say. Like to think that everyone here would put the fish out of its misery as fast as possible. Stop the boat and bonk the fish. If I had to guess it was a borderline fish and the guy wanted to get out of site before bonking it.
  17. Would love to see the pics of the undersize kills to see who’s doin it.

    DFO posts who they convict. Why don’t you?
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  18. mikeyman

    mikeyman Active Member

    Who made you fuckin boss. Maybe more constructive criticism would be more effective. Go fish instead of creeping peoples facebook.
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  19. BCRingo

    BCRingo Crew Member

    Oh man! Here we go again. Can we just post the reports here and take the etiquette discussions to another thread? This is a fishing report thread FFS.
  20. paulo

    paulo Crew Member

    Out today around the QA. Some bait but not crazy although there were a couple of massive schools. Nothing but undersized for me, all released in the water of course. Great day out there with very little wind. Spoons all day, Pesca, Coyote and AP's. Cheers
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