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Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Finally got out today and what a nice warm flat calm one it was. Hit 5 springs up to about 22 pounds. Landed 6 out of 7 coho and all 6 were clipped. I had a downrigger not working and couldn't get it going so had to run it shallow as the emergency hand crank is a bitch to use. Turns out that was where the fish were today as that line caught 3 of the springs. Nice to be back on the Otter to Muir tack again too.
  2. wolf

    wolf Well-Known Member

    Yeah saw you out there Rollie tried calling you but your radio back was all static? maybe want to look at that??
    monday salmon trip was beyond steller for so few boats ...only me and 1 guy halibut fishing.got a limit of hatch coho and some nice springs.
    yesterday they wanted halibut so off we go weather and tides perfect so was the Dog fish fishing triple headers double headers... then nothing for a spell. lost track of how many ... saw a few more boats today (must have been the weather) i think i saw 7 in total from sheringham to secretary....
  3. Jama

    Jama Active Member

    Finally some decent weather on A day we could fish so got out on our first trip of the year. Started out front but after being followed by a seal for 20 minutes moved on down to the trap. Had the place to ourselves until almost 9 o’clock which is crazy. 6 hatchery springs 10-15lbs released 50-70ft green/white skinny G the hot lure. Had a seal almost grab a fish there so headed back to possession where the same seal from the morning turned up again behind the boat. These seals should be treated like garbage bears imho. Either way best first trip ever but also the latest.
  4. profisher

    profisher Well-Known Member

    Wolf, never talked to anyone on the radio while I was out. Had it on but I was out on the deck most of the day so wasn't listening for it. Must have been someone else.
  5. halimark

    halimark Well-Known Member

    Out again today now that my slick has been taken care of. Beautiful day, warm, calm and current great. Anchored on 3 different spots that have produced before. No love from any hali but wow the dogs jumped on like mad. Fun for first 20 mins then a dam chore from 300+ ft. One after the other, must have been stacked down there, crazy bait eaters. Need more bait for tomorrows try. With these great salmon reports think Friday C & R will be the ticket.

  6. halimark

    halimark Well-Known Member

    Well its Friday and a big thanks to Wolf. Without your post above we would have parked the boat yesterday, but went out today for salmon. Days like today are not common. Flat calm water, slow flood all day, not much competition and the salmon were biting, never been on trap and head with 4-6 other boats at end June with perfect weather. Only 5 trailers at marina at 7.30 launch time and never saw a guide boat?? Upsetting for business's, cant imagine the negative impact.

    There were lots of small coho, lots of small springs but a couple 10-12s to make the day awesome, all at 55ft and 69 ft on riggers, green flashers and skinny g's. Went out to 500 ft and got 2 nice hatchery 5-6 lb coho, 80 ft green glow flasher and skinny g. Perfect BBQ fish for long weekend.

    Marina said some pinks were caught far out, and a battlegroup of boats were way out, closer inspection with binos showed a guess of 50 whale watching boats. Tourists from the cruise ships no doubt. So many??

    I definitely recommend dusting of the boats and getting out for some C & R fishing. Awesome day.

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  7. Newf

    Newf Well-Known Member

    We had a great day in that area as well. Started off with losing the hook and flasher on a very nice fish. Played it for a couple of minute before it broke off. Could have been a nick in the line or maybe I just had too much drag on and played it poorly. Shortly after, my buddy released a 15+ at the boat then a couple of smaller ones and then I released a mid-20's at the boat. Beauty of a fish. Went out to the 550-600ft after that but only one clipped coho to bring home. Awesome day. First time in this area this year.
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  8. Original

    Original Well-Known Member

    I too got out from Cheana for that Friday fish day. As noted perfect weather and good action. We stayed in closer around the Head & in Pig Bay & down to Aldridge, went 5 for 6 on springs with 2 wild screamers close to 20 released and the others in low teens. Not one fish was touched by human hand;-) We had another beauty on and I ran us into a kelp bed so I could say I had the biggest fish of the day. Only one 6 lb small one in the mix. No Coho but a nice 70 cm Ling that came home for dinner. Followed the right rod to the rock rule which seemed to be apparent. Nice to see some smiling faces out there.

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  9. sam_n_leo

    sam_n_leo Member

    First time out in this area this year and decided to go straight to the 550-600 foot area of the Head, confident that was would get us something for the bbq. Not the case for us. Only 1 fish and it was a small spring so no salmon bbq tonight. Sounds like better action closer to shore.
    I was trying various gear from 40 to 120 ft and the only one we got was hootchie at 40 foot. I'm never feel like I know what I'm doing when fishing out from shore there, days like today when there is no tide lines, nothing on the sounder, barely any boats, just a crapshoot. Beautiful day on the strait though.
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  10. halimark

    halimark Well-Known Member

    Repeat again today, more (11) trailers at marina and lots of boats on head, trap. Not like "normal" but most I have seen since closure. Perfect calm, beauty of a morning, we just got both sides down, double pop off, yipee, good runs, 30 second fight and both long line releases, WTH, then we trolled for 7 more hrs with only shakers, managed a 5 lb hatchery coho just before calling it a day. Must say once you get over the no bonk rule, I see no real reason not to go out. Lots worse ways to spend a day, at least for those calm awesome days. Wish more felt this way. BBQ coho tomorrow should be good.

    My first real year with spoons, must say I like better than the anchovy, cheaper, no worry about short strikes, doggies, wrong roll, current direction or speed, just put down and go, check as per normal.

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  11. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    I’m not a reports guy..... I have halibut fished a lot fairly successfully this past week. I’m done. The reason most guys aren’t fishing/posting is because it’s is dumb. Straight up and I’m sorry but c&r is dumb. I’ll bide my time until allowed to bonk fish. Too early for coho anyway. Bitch me out all you want it is dumb. Guides I totally understand....I was one when coho was shut down in the ‘90’s...... for your average joe it’s dumb. I spent last weekend at a hatchery and have memberships to all the appropriate groups so don’t think I don’t give back I just don’t agree
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  12. halimark

    halimark Well-Known Member

    I am also not normally a local report guy. I understand fully how you feel and am NOT going to bitch any one out for not fishing betrayed as we are. What hurts the most is it has NOTHING to do with conservation, whales or more chinook and every thing to do with politics/votes for the dumbed down and redistribution/reallocation. Until this week I hali/bottom fished only this year. It is the fishing I enjoy the most, drifting a baited pipe jig and feeling the grab. But with Wolf's posting above I did a little "sole" searching. I travel the world to fish, pay lots for a weeks bill fishing in many countries and NEVER want or expect to kill a fish, some places have high fees to kill and others charge a fee for in boat trophy pics. If I do this then why am I not enjoying the current opportunity in my back yard? So off I went to chase the release only salmon. In the end I realized its the enjoyment of being out there that I search/hunt for and enjoy most. So I am partaking while I can. Not for every one I understand. But there sure are salmon out there to have fun catching and gently releasing. One day soon we may not even be allowed to do this. I hope not.

  13. Gear'n'beer!

    Gear'n'beer! Well-Known Member

    Ok ok.... I also have fished all over North America. The problem I have is "7 hours of releasing shakers".... fack me! That is the sentence that sent me over. Any way it's your right so carry on. Fish 7 hours worth of dead chinook shakers all you want......makes me sick
  14. tinboatrobb

    tinboatrobb Well-Known Member

    I agree gear n beer. What is the point. We tried yesterday without results and decided that wether we got skunked or caught 5 fish we would still go home with nothing. We will now just try for a ling it two and other sources that we can keep.
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  15. Saxe Point

    Saxe Point Well-Known Member

    You're assuming that over 7 hours he released a lot of shakers. To be fair, he never said how many. Maybe for you, and others, that would be a large number of fish. I was out on Saturday for about 4 hours. Released one very small coho (unknown if wild or hatchery), 2 wild coho and a keeper sized hatchery coho. All unharmed. A spoon with a single barbless hook that slid right out of their mouth. I never caught any Chinook shakers, or any Chinook of any size.

    Further, even when you can keep Chinook, shakers are still caught and released, so I question whether what Halimark was doing was any more harmful than if he could have kept a fish. He didn't get a "non-shaker" Chinook to the boat.

    I appreciate and share Halimark's perspective. I also respect that you have a different one. But choosing Halimark's post to make your point, and characterizing what he did based on no evidence strikes me as unfair. Perhaps you could have just left him out of it and said you don't care for catch & release, but you're okay if others like and practice it. You kind of said that but also said "The problem I have is "7 hours of releasing shakers".... fack me! That is the sentence that sent me over." That suggests you are less tolerant than you purport to be.
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  16. halimark

    halimark Well-Known Member

    So when you fish for bonk salmon and catch only shakers you stop fishing? No net, fish never left water and most were coho not chinook and released correctly, yes stats say some mort. My point is if we are only fishing to kill a chinook probably fishing for wrong reason. Just me saying. When you fished all over North America for bass, Perch, Pickerel, Muskie, billfish, snapper, East Coast Tuna or whatever did you bonk it all or fish to enjoy the experience?

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  17. Saxe Point

    Saxe Point Well-Known Member

    I agree with you. And so do many others.
  18. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    You can tell how many agree looking at Cheanuh and Sooke Marinas docks.
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  19. cby

    cby Active Member

    What a fantastic 3 days of fishing in Sooke. Wow the weather was incredible. No wind, calm seas and tides were pretty good. I am honestly loving these new regulations. I just wish we could keep 1 hatchery Chinook, makes sense to me. I also wish the rules were a little better for the guides. Yes the C & R fishery is definitely hurting business, guides etc. But it will definitely help save the fishery. They should have started this in the 50's, 60's when there was 60-70 lbers around. Then we wouldn't be in this mess. Personally I am glad everyone is staying home. Nice to have a flat calm ocean to myself. I started changing my fishing habits about 3 years ago. So this was not a complete shock to me. Its about the experience and adventure that draws me to fishing. Getting up early, seeing the sunrise, flat calm water and not knowing what to expect for the day. That's 60% percent of the trip, catching fish is a bonus and awesome. Seeing that hit, seeing the line peeling out of your hands, not knowing how big it is that's the rush and 30% of the trip if it happens, last 10% is the benefits of catching fish is eating an awesome meal with family and friends talking about the adventure and fishing experience you had today with beers and wine.

    Reports: Friday awesome day, 8 / 12 on springs, fishing four rods all day. Two with spoons and the other two with cut plug herring. Totally awesome. had a double header on one side of the boat, Cut plug herring just screaming line, while I had the other rod in my hands. Dropped that rod to play the cut plug, felt like a really good one. Long line release, got back to the other one, lead touch, released 12 lb spring. Gear back down, BANG other side cut plug herring goes off another good one, play it for a bit, BAM gone, get that one down, troll for about 1o minutes, both spoons go off. One is quick and gone the other one is leader touched and 10 lbs spring. Then trolled for about 1 hours nothing, trolled out a bit deeper and went a bit deeper with the lines. BAM triple header, all coho, all leader touches it was a gong show, 2 wilds coho and 1 smaller hatchery released. Got everything back down in about 10 minutes, trolled for about 3o minutes spoon goes off, wow super tug and pounding, but not really pulling any line, its a fish for sure, heavy, does a big of a run and then comes to surface. So I know its a coho or a pink. Leader touch biggest pink I have ever since it was like 12-14 lbs, Fat little pig he or she was. That was awesome a beautiful fish. Fished for about 3 more hours and had single hook ups of coho and springs in the 3-8 lb range.

    Saturday: Another beautiful day. 6 / 8 on springs, biggest leader touched was 18 and 12 lbs, rest were 3-8 lbs. No Coho today. Had some huge hits and runs and long line releases. Dolphin show out there, must have been 50 at least.
    Saturday night: What an incredible night with a buddy. We went 4 for 4, biggest 18 lbs and 10 lbs, had some really awesome fish on. long line releases.

    Sunday with Buddy: 7 / 13 on springs had some really nice fish on. One was for sure over 20lbs. We had some pin poppers and we bury our clips so if it pops its 100% over 15 lbs. Best day on the water, Sun, HOT, CALM, NO WIND. You can't get better weather. Fishing was awesome in the morning till about 11am and then it dead off, went for coho nothing.

    Rating for this trip:
    Overall experience and Adventure: 5 Stars
    Weather: 5 Stars
    Fishing: 3.5 Stars

    Cost of trip: PRICELESS
  20. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    What is this ?
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