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Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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    Caught a nice 25 pound halibut in 210 feet of water today. Very slow currents, no wind and beautiful sunshine. Didn’t even see another recreational boat fishing.
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    So what this is saying that with all that glacial melt we've gone up in salinity a bit....weird...and water temperatures havent really fluctuated that much? Forget Mars let's just build underwater.
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  5. Englishman

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    Very hard to read this by eye. It really needs to be plotted on a graph. However, in my opinion you may be right about salinity not showing much of a trend. No surprise there as that has not been reported a great deal in the scientific literature. What has been recorded everywhere is rising acidity, which is not recorded here and sea surface temperature rising. I can clearly observe a small but steady rise in sea temperature, especially in June, July and August. Plot those on a graph and take a look......
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    It’s all graphed In this report

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    Out at Pedder today. Trolled for a couple of hours in the morning and nothing but a little shaker. On the hook by noon and my buddy landed 1 dog, 1 ratfish and then around 2pm he landed a 30 lb hali while all I had was one little nibble. Lucky I had my buddy today. Picked up 5 nice crab on the way in. Great day on the water.
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    Found this yesterday in a kelp bed outside of Pedder bay. Looks like it's a commercial set-up but markings are not clear enough to make out who own's it. Here for pickup if someone on here owns it.


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