2019 Secret Cove, Pender Harbour and Texada Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. SFBC

    SFBC Admin Staff Member

    Post your 2019 fishing reports here!
  2. Ripperoflips

    Ripperoflips Active Member

    Happy New Year everybody, anybody getting out now that the winds have died down.
  3. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Crew Member

    Fished on the 31st. We had nothing, one under and lost one. It has been very good in the month of December, released two winters that were 15 lbs. Lots of double header action. Green glow hoochies and 602 4” tubby fooled the two biggest fish.

    Happy New Year members!
  4. Burban

    Burban Well-Known Member

    Happy Near Year yall!

    I made it out yesterday for the first time since Nov. Water was lumpy but reasonable. Dropped the crab traps and ripped out to my stomping grounds. The chovie rod explodes on the first drop and a beaaauty 10lber is on. Awesome fight, total bulldog and really nice first fish of 2019. This was with a purple haze kite flasher, effective and a lot less drag then a normal flasher. I like em. Continued to scrub the pinnacle but only a small ling would come to play.

    Tide was fully picking up at this point, plus the wind pushing my 16.5'er around wasn't making life easy... and then I made a bad navigation move circling my pinnacle and went broadside to the current and blew my braid right into my kicker prop! FML! 130ft of braid, tuna cord, snubber, ball... cya later! Y I K E S. Luckily I had spares and 170ft of braid left so we weren't out of the game yet.

    We went to our next piece of structure that was holding a ton of bait and looking juicy upon arrival. Chovies had seemingly turned off at this point (in my mind, lol), so I switched to a classic tomic on my side... otherwise known as the finisher. Fished the area hard and pounded the bait but was only able to scrape up a nice 11ish ling that went back down to fatten up till May. Pulled off the pinnacles and hit the sandy contours looking for bait. Found it down 170 deep in nearby bay not long after. Picked up another just legal on the plug. Plug rod explodes and pops again but it didn't stick! Way she goes!

    That was it for the day, only an hour or so left before dark so went and grabbed the traps. Only 3 keepers... going to have to find a new spot!

    Good luck out there peeps, looking forward to your reports this year :cool:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Prfisher

    Prfisher Active Member

    Oooh! I am so jealous of you guys. Nursing a back injury & not yet able to get out there. I spent some time today, looking longingly at the water & thinking fishy thoughts. Maybe I should start a "Boating with back pain" thread & get some tips from the group.
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  6. Gramps

    Gramps Active Member

    The motion of the water helps to build muscle and strengthen.
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  7. Filletandrelease

    Filletandrelease Well-Known Member

    Got out for a couple hours today. Been a long time since I’ve been out. Trolled Bargain to no avail. Found a very good size bait ball and stuck to it for about 30 minutes but nada. Seems the bait was safe today.
  8. jig55

    jig55 Member

    How deep you been finding crabs?
  9. Burban

    Burban Well-Known Member

    My ropes are a little short at 85' so I can only go about 75 at the moment, but as I mentioned in the report I only got 3 keepers in 2 traps. Honestly have not been doing well at all, but my usual spot is close to the ramp and it got overfished really bad last year. I might add some rope and try a little deeper.
  10. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Crew Member

    Fished all day Saturday, the usual spots Epsom - released one undersize. Upwood - skunked. Bjerrie Shoal - released one legal. Fishing plugs and spoons. Fished Sunday afternoon at Bjerrie and bonked the first fish of the year. Homeland Security spoon 180 down. All the fish this weekend where 180 or below.
  11. grascal

    grascal Member

    Out in the fog this aft at quarry bay. 10# and 12#. One on a plug and one on Lighthouse Lures Bigeye spoon, 180-200.
  12. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    Nice winters!!
  13. el.Pereh

    el.Pereh Well-Known Member

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  14. grascal

    grascal Member

    Spoon on one side and plug on the other. Most often through the winter start with spoons on both sides but if its slow then on goes a plug.
  15. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Crew Member

    Same. I run spoons and plugs or hoochies and plugs. Very rare that the plug comes off.
  16. el.Pereh

    el.Pereh Well-Known Member

    Thanks you guys. Got given a few sizes of the 602 this Christmas and I’m planning a trip up that way this summer. Will give them a shake
  17. Filletandrelease

    Filletandrelease Well-Known Member

    Besides all that , it is pretty cool to use a plug with a shorter lightweight rod to really feel these smaller scrappy winters.
  18. Burban

    Burban Well-Known Member

    Had a half day today so went and launched at noon. Being a Monday and short notice I had no copilot and I felt like taking it easy so just fished 1 rod. Tide was strong and it took awhile to find the bait but once I did the action was steady. 3 unders and 2 keepers on @ChilliSpoons Bigbangtheory spoon. 140-155 right on bottom.

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  19. ChilliSpoons

    ChilliSpoons Well-Known Member

    Nice work bud. There’s always something rewarding about running solo and tasting success.
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  20. Filletandrelease

    Filletandrelease Well-Known Member

    We were out for a few hours on Sunday. Played 4 good size undersize at Bjerre. Plug and purple skinny g were working. Thinking in the next few weeks we may be in pretty good shape up in this area. Found bait on several places.
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