2019 Prince Rupert Fishing Report

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  1. Steplift

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    A buddy of mine is out there right now there limited out on springs in two days between Melville and Stevens island only a couple of coho in the boat so far. He says it’s slow fishing lots of boats at Avery a few springs around still. He was at the north end of Dundas today didn’t see a boat land a fish at arniston point.
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  2. Keepingitreel

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    Heard reports of coho at the Charlottes a week ago. Should be at Dundas by now. Was out at north end of Dundas 3 weeks ago and limited out on springs. Caught a couple small coho. Biggest spring was 25lbs. Was using a 5” cop car. Very productive! Gonna head to the north end of Stephens in a week and a half and hope to time it perfectly for coho. Tight lines boys!
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