2019 Powell River Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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    Post your 2019 fishing reports here!
  2. Prfisher

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    With nobody posting from Powell River yet, I guess I'll be the first.
    Went out last week for the first time since a back problem grounded me last October. Got skunked except for one rockfish (new descender worked great).
    Better story today. Started out by dropping prawn traps & headed for Coho Point. Weed, algae & nothing on the sounder. Picked up one just undersize before we moved. Tried along the Texada shore for a couple of hours. Less weed & algae, but no fish. Picked up the traps & reset for tomorrow. Got 55 nice big prawns.
    Cruised to the mill to troll back to the harbour & caught a fat 8 pounder who had scars on her belly from a recent seal encounter. The keeper had one 7" herring in her stomach.
    Ran various flashers & spoons on one side & 5" herring & black double glow flasher on the other. All action on the herring.
    For those who read my "boating with back pain" thread last fall, I'm still being careful, but all is good. Love the new Shockwave seat module.
    Thanks to all who contributed, for the encouragement & good advice.
  3. Prfisher

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    For you folks waiting for the algae bloom to settle, it was pretty much gone yesterday. There wasn't much weed floating around, either.
    We trolled up Harwood from Sandbank to the tip of the island. Lots of small schools of salmon showing on the sounder at the 100 - 120' mark, but they weren't interested in our gear. Just laying around on the bottom. In two hours, we only saw two very small feed balls.
    We weren't expecting much action in the middle of a rising tide & were mostly interested in setting the prawn traps for pickup today.
    Not as good a haul as last week, but with about 160 good sized ones we were happy enough.
  4. Prfisher

    Prfisher Active Member

    Still nobody else posting from PR. I know I'm not the only one out there! This was our first fishing trip since the Chinook prohibition began.
    Anyway... Went out this afternoon to drop the traps (faint hope) & see if we could find some Pinks or clipped Coho.
    Trolled around for a couple of hours on the falling tide & hooked into two feisty 10-12 pound Chinook.
    Both cleanly hooked & gaff released, so no major harm done. I was so busy with the gaff, I didn't notice if they were clipped or not.
    If I have to release a good sized fish again, I'm gonna wear a glove on my left hand, for sure. One fish decided to take a run just as I got a firm hold on the line. Didn't cut deep enough to to bleed, luckily.
    As expected, the prawn traps yielded only five prawns and one small octopus. It was very cool watching him escape by squeezing through the 3/4" steel mesh on the trap. When he hit the water, he squirted a load of ink. Guess he was a little pissed at me.
    Details... Sandbank around the 140' contour. 120' on the rigger. Chartreuse glow flasher & homeland security skinny G got all the action. Tried hoochies & a 3" cop car on the other line with no hits. One other boat around the same area & only 4 trailers in the parking lot.
    Beautiful day out there!
  5. scar tissue

    scar tissue Member

    Got out yesterday for a couple of hours, fished the east side of Texada caught and released 3. Biggest was about 15 one about 12 and the other about 7 pounds. All three on a tomic plug.
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  6. DollarBoat

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    Does anyone know if there are any restrictions on bottom fish like snapper and ling in Area 15, besides the restricted areas? I heard a rumour you can’t catch snapper...
  7. Foxsea

    Foxsea Well-Known Member

    You might be thinking of yelloweye rockfish which is non-retention. If you are targeting or catching rockfish you must use a descender device to return any that are not keepers.
  8. RE1960

    RE1960 New Member

    My brother in law took my 85 year old Dad out off Mace point last Wednesday night and it was on fire my poor Dad got so tired had to give up his Rod 10 springs to the boat up to 20 lbs green hooch
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  9. Prfisher

    Prfisher Active Member

    Went out for a few hours in the early afternoon today. Mostly to shake the cobwebs off & make sure everything was working well. Don't want any surprises next week!
    Dragged gear around for about an hour & a half at Sandbank. Hooked one feisty 10 - 12 lb after 15 minutes. Another undersize a short time later.
    After that we just drifted around & had some lunch. Enjoying the weather & just being out there.
    Quite a few fish on the sounder, but big feed balls disappeared about the same time we put the gear down.
    Running spoons on one side, but the other side got both fish. Black double glow flasher & a white hoochie.
    120' contour 125' on the rigger. Had to troll fast with the tide to get any action.
    One other boat in sight, but about ten trailers in the lot.
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  10. scar tissue

    scar tissue Member

    Fished coho point the last 3 days no shortage of fish, wont take long to be tubbed out tomorrow. All fish were caught on plugs anywhere from 80 to 200 on the riggers
  11. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    How many fish you going to go thru to get your small ones or is that the average size?
  12. scar tissue

    scar tissue Member

    didnt measure any of the fish but i would say lots were in the zone to be bonked
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  13. Prfisher

    Prfisher Active Member

    If you check the current regs for area 15, you'll see there is no minimum size listed. Same with the fisheries notice we got last week. I guess that means we can keep fish under 62 cm. ???
    Not what I want to do, but it's nice to know you could keep one that was unlikely to survive.
    I only checked area 15, but I'd be surprised if it was different in other GS areas.
  14. scar tissue

    scar tissue Member

    Got out to coho point yesterday about 2 hours after the tide change. Still managed to hook 4 springs for my niece. The first she lost at the boat, was about 12 pounds then two under size. The 4th was her keeper just shy of the 80 centimeter mark. Tomic plugs from 85 to 190 on the riggers.
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  15. DollarBoat

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    Have been fishing off Mace Point and the Iron Mines all week and it has been incredible. We must have landed over 30 fish (kept 6) and lost twice as many. A few shakers here and there, but most in the 8 to 15 pound range, with a handful of 18 to 20 pounders (all released). Never seen fishing this good.
  16. TheHurtLocker

    TheHurtLocker Crew Member

    Iron Mines could be my favourite place to fish.
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  17. NootkaFisher

    NootkaFisher Member

    Where is iron mines?
  18. Blair Fisher

    Blair Fisher New Member

    Incredible to say the least. Fished Greens point....directly across from iron mines last Tuesday. Released 3 undersize and kept 2 78 and 79 cms Friday took out a rookie 11 year old...we had an hour to fish. 2 rods on one rigger. 2 minutes fish on...tangles in the other line and it’s in in about 7 min...79 centimetres Rods down immediately and 2 min later another 79 Centimetre. My best guess is we were done in 20 minutes....limited on springs. The 11 year old obsessed with fishing (mostly fishes in his backyard creek and cod jigs at his grandfathers place. Only one undersized salmon for him before this. I am sure I have ruined fishing for him cause he will never have another day fishing like this.....neither will I probably. upload_2019-7-22_21-58-24.jpeg
  19. Kisinana

    Kisinana Active Member

    Iron mines are the area of bluffs just to the south of Lund. Directly across from the eastern tip of Savary.
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  20. ab1752

    ab1752 Well-Known Member

    Is this where that bc park campground area is located? The name escapes me but I believe this is the same. Going to run up from sechelt in a week or so to have a look around. Cheers

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