2019 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. codfather

    codfather Crew Member

    Klob, good eye. No that's Matt Cyr's boat (SeaFox).
  2. Osama Bin Hopper

    Osama Bin Hopper Active Member

    Did great bottomfishing last week. Limits of halibut and lingcod for the boat. Lots of small springs inside so stopped fishing them. Buddy did well at Ferrer tho.
  3. The Jackel

    The Jackel Guest

    Wow now there's a name i haven't seen in quite some time, welcome back :)
  4. codfather

    codfather Crew Member

    Unfortunately I have a client that had to cancel because of a bad motorcycle accident this summer.

    They bring 6 guys and we fish out of Hole in the Wall Lodge.

    The dates are August 1-4 for a 3 day package. Arrive the afternoon of August 1st and fish that evening. August 2 and 3 are full days and the 4th is a morning fish. If anyone is interested let me know.


    Here is the website to my buddies lodge. John and Betty Frame.


    I talked to John and he said they have a few opening thru the summer if anyone is interested in fishing Nootka Sound.


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  5. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Mike is one of Nootka’s top guides. His boat is immaculate and well set up. Anyone thinking of a guided trip to Nootka will be well served by his great service and knowledge of the area. He’s the guy that always seems to be at the cleaning table with limits and large fish!
  6. Schoony

    Schoony New Member


    Dan we will see you there excited for the start of the season.
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  7. codfather

    codfather Crew Member

    Thanks for the kind words Gord.

    I'm heading up to Nootka tomorrow if anyone needs anything picked up?
  8. Port Eliza Fishing

    Port Eliza Fishing Well-Known Member

    Fishing is starting to pick up in Esperanza inlet. Getting Chinook to 20 lbs off of Catella island on spoons, white hootchies and some anchovies. Bottom fishing has been productive with good halibut and rockfish fishing. Lings have been a bit tougher to find, but still getting some. The fish in the pictures are not yellow eye, they are closed in area 25 and 125. The fish are mostly vermillion rockfish, but some big ones.

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  9. Port Eliza Fishing

    Port Eliza Fishing Well-Known Member

    The salmon fishing continues to get better in the Esperanza inlet area. Most of the beach spots are starting to produce good sized springs to 28lbs and a few coho to 6lbs. Inside spots like Rosa have still been pretty slow, producing a few feeders.
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  10. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Just back from Tahsis on my first 4 days of guiding this year-road in was the best I have ever seen it. Took me 2 hours of careful driving from the start at Gold river-no damage to the Orca-road has a little more washboard on the way out last night-particularly on the grade between Nasook dump and gold river. Fishing was hampered by 40 k winds on 2 days but still managed some decent salmon to 22 and coho to 6-Bottom fish were pretty good-lots of just under lings-halibut were okay if you could handle the water which was less than ideal-in fact unfishable for this old guy. All-in -all while I have seen better fishing but considering the 1 mile restriction for salmon and the time of year I am pretty encouraged.
  11. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Should also mention my clients caught 2 beautiful Yellow Eye in the 10to 12 lb range. They were both live released with a Seaqualizer to 100 feet. Remember it's the law. We report the release as guides in our logs hoping we can make DFO not put 100% morts on releases thereby getting us back a bit of a fishery. It worked really well on the rigger release clip. JUST control the descent!
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  12. Port Eliza Fishing

    Port Eliza Fishing Well-Known Member

    It's on at Esperanza inlet! Limits of springs along the beaches, catching them on a variety of spoons and hootchies.

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  13. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    That one fish in the middle the long & slender one she's holding looks like a traveller- anyone have a guess as to which river it might be from?
  14. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Looks clipped? Columbia maybe
  15. Mervillite

    Mervillite Member

    Just got back from a weekend trip to nootka. Fished washer rock and the lighthouse. fished for 3-4 hours fri/sat/sun mornings and ended up with 12 springs in the boat. lost just as many. fishing was good and the wales were active, had a humpback go about 1ft under my boat and almost lost all my gear. We also got 1 nice lingcod while trolling 30ft down in 60ft of water. Everything was pretty active going after the bait. Also got 1 spring at camel rock jigging with the kids one night on a zzinger. most of the fish were mid to high teens, 2 were in the low 20s and one just tipped 30. First tyee of the year. Had a blast out there and although it was foggy in the mornings, the days all turned out to be beautiful. Seems like there are a decent amount of fish around right now.
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  16. Buhner19

    Buhner19 New Member

    Thanks for the great report!
    18 days left until our first trip to Nootka Sound, ever.
    Like a little kid on Christmas Eve.
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  17. dennisb

    dennisb Member

  18. dennisb

    dennisb Member

    Great report. I’ll be there next week. Anyone else fishing the Derby.
  19. pacemaker

    pacemaker Member

    We're heading up to Critter next Monday for a few days for the Shake Down Cruise just after the Jack and Jill. Should be good. Then head back to Critter again for the 2nd week of July, and again for the first week of August. Great place to be ..... Pacemaker .... 24 Monaro ...
  20. Mervillite

    Mervillite Member

    i will keep an eye open for you. i will be back July 9-14, July 26-28 and then the long weekend in august. my boat is in my picture. 24 harborcraft kingfisher
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