2019 Nootka Sound/Esperanza Inlet Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. SFBC

    SFBC Admin Staff Member

    Post your 2019 fishing reports here!
  2. Bonker43

    Bonker43 Active Member

    Only 197 days to go until the first Nootka Sound fishing trip!!!!!!
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  3. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    176 here. Can’t wait.
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  4. Buhner19

    Buhner19 New Member

    146 days, first trip ever to Nootka. Looking forward to the trip and the new fisheries.
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  5. TipUp

    TipUp Active Member

    Anyone know how the escapement numbers looked for 2018 conuma chinook? Looking forward to our annual trip to critter, such a fun place to stay.
  6. Bonker43

    Bonker43 Active Member

    I read a Nootka Report stating " The returns to the major systems ended up being solid, and within DFO’s expectations". This is a lot better than "did not meet expectations". Sorry no numbers were listed.
  7. capman

    capman Active Member

    175 days to go to Nootka for me. I know I shouldn't say this but sometimes I wish the time could go a bit faster.
  8. dennisb

    dennisb Member

    Hey gents, was thinking of doing a power trip to Moucha Canada Day Long weekend and there just happens to be a derby at the same time. Anyone have any experience with this derby? Looks like a fun time.
  9. Saltwater Cowboy

    Saltwater Cowboy Active Member

    Thinking of heading up to Nootka in mid to late April for some prawning and maybe a shot at some bottom fish and springs... thoughts? Reasonable fishing around that time..? Prawning half decent? I have fished summers up there for 25 years but never in April and never for Prawns... thanks!!
  10. Dogbreath

    Dogbreath Well-Known Member

    OK reservation made, accommodation booked, and deposit paid- the rest remains to be seen.

  11. Fishtech1

    Fishtech1 Member

    I usually make my first trip of the year in the first to mid part of May. For the past few years the prawning has not been very good, do mainly I believe, to over fishing by commercials. The situation has been discussed at length here on SFBC. As far a bottom fishing it can be very good if you can get off shore as always tho weather permitting. Early spring fishing, have done some with limited success, I`m sure there are some around if you put in the time. Good luck!
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  12. RBL

    RBL Active Member

    I did a trip out there in May and we got some springs up to the low 20 pound pound range. If you get offshore look for the commercial trollers and fish around them. When the weather was bad we fished Esperanza and got some nice ones on the inside too.
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  13. Schoony

    Schoony New Member

    81 days till the annual Jack & Jill Derby at Crtter Cove Lodge always a great time for a great cause. Any word on what the restrictions are going to be this year?
  14. pescador

    pescador Well-Known Member

    Nobody hyped about the season? This thread has been dead. Sounds like nobody gives a sh*t. 98 days to go to my first trip. Can't wait. Hopefully we're not fishing only for Hali, Ling and clipped Coho inshore (which don't exist btw) only. Dedos cruzados. Luv Nootka!!! Ok, I admit, I had a couple of beers in the garage listening to some AC/DC watching my last year video of a double header at Beano Creek and one at Bajo. Needed to get amped up...Bury my ashes at Bajo!
  15. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    I’m heading up second week of july for a week. i’m excited but i’d be more excited if i knew i could target chinook. First time ever bringing my wife and she is very much a fair weather fisher woman. So if no chinook then it will most likely be a no go. she’s not gonna bounce around off shore for hali and ling with me
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  16. donnie d

    donnie d Active Member

    They aren’t applying the options A or B to area 25 are they? The way I interpreted things was “just” the offshore 125. Should still be July retention inside of Maquinna to Escalante.
  17. TipUp

    TipUp Active Member

    Yes, that's how I interpreted option B. I couldn't see there being any Fraser River fish inside Nootka Sound as most of the fish that venture into the sound are Conuma bound or for other local rivers.
  18. barkerfam

    barkerfam Well-Known Member

    whoa nelly! Did I miss something? Have the regs been released for Nootka (25) and 125? I can only find the 2018 regs.
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  19. donnie d

    donnie d Active Member

    No, not yet.

    I’m there July 18-21 so I’m hopeful the inside surfline regs are similar as PYs. I don’t expect this to change this year.
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  20. barkerfam

    barkerfam Well-Known Member

    I'll just miss you. I'm there july 22-26. Let's hope for FISH!
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