2019 Nanoose Bay/French Creek Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    How far back do you like to run the plugs from your ball? What size plug are you running? Do you troll at 3 or 3.5? Appreciate your insight!
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  2. Jwolfe

    Jwolfe Active Member

    6” tubby run it 15-20 pulls back around 3ish some times a half mph slower some times a half mph faster
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  3. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    you should be fine Graham Flack
  4. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    Fished out front of French creek this afternoon from around 1030 or 11 until 230, so through the change up. Was into some pretty non stop action to start, just before the first hump. Slowed a bit around 1 but still getting hits. Chartreuse ace high and needle nose white with green and chartreuse glo uv flashers getting most of the action. Spoon had hits as did a small plug but hootchy was most productive. Most hits 180 to 110. Only one spring about 13 lbs or so
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  5. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    You hitting the springs down deep with the plugs off French creek or nanoose?
  6. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Jwolfe! I definitely want to be trying pulling more plugs and appreciate your insight!
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  7. Tightlines22

    Tightlines22 Well-Known Member

    A0504834-8661-4CFA-9395-B5A52141987E.jpeg Sadly this hatchery fish I returned this week still can’t be kept next week.
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  8. islandboy

    islandboy Active Member

    Begs the question; Are US hatcheries calling the DFO shots now?
  9. Morty

    Morty Member

    I'm pretty new to this salt water fishing... When you're referring to "plugs" do you mean cut herring? or man-made hardware like a Lucky Louie?
  10. Foxsea

    Foxsea Well-Known Member

    When It's herring It's called cut plug. Otherwise It's hardware, as you mention.
  11. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    Fished the afternoon tide off sangster and was into quite a few springs pretty non stop for bit. White needle fish and a 6 inch plug both striking equally. Was pretty fun, the wind was a bit of a challenge if going against it.
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  12. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Ran plugs today and got into over a dozen. Definitely have to real fast once you hook up. Lots of fun! Thanks for the tips! First time I've had success with plugs on the inside!
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  13. el.Pereh

    el.Pereh Well-Known Member

    Is sangster within the French creek reporting zone? Would like to try it out this weekend. Any tips on where to concentrate? Lots of fishy looking structure on the NW and SE end
  14. Bugs

    Bugs Active Member

    Hope you are all getting out there now it is open. I just wanted to give a bump to the Chinook and Coho diet monitoring we are doing out of UVic. For folks fishing the Parksville area you can drop off your stomachs at Pacific Net and Twine... This area of the island is currently a hole in our coverage... so we are hoping a couple of year round anglers in this area can help us out. The store should have bags and data cards but we can also mail supplies. Key info to record is species, date, length, catch location, and hatchery/wild. In the absence of our fancy waterproof datacards pencil on scrap paper is fine. Include your email address and each stomach is one entry in a draw for an MR2LA courtesy of Islander Reels.
    Check out the story on our program in the July issue of Island Fisherman Magazine and follow us on Facebook at
    Questions to juaneslabmanger@gmail.com

    Tight lines

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  15. Tightlines22

    Tightlines22 Well-Known Member

    57E76753-28C8-4228-BCEB-723DCD83548E.jpeg Lots of boats, I counted 50 at French Creek tonight. And lots of nets out. I landed three keeper size Springs. Kept my one plus a hatch Coho. And somehow I missed an Orca feeding show.
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  16. Tightlines22

    Tightlines22 Well-Known Member

    18CD8A69-3F13-4DF6-99CE-9EB048032CEA.jpeg D8AB9174-0A81-4491-B50E-74D79FEC06CA.jpeg I can’t believe how much bait is out there! Massive bait balls and great fighting fish. Look at my screen.
  17. both ends and the west side can all be good at times. And yes it is this threads area.
  18. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    A2819408-1264-4407-BADE-507A3F54727F.jpeg Sangster on Sunday
  19. Rain City

    Rain City Crew Member

    Exactly what I was seeing at Thrasher on Monday. Unreal.
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  20. Mid-island fisher

    Mid-island fisher New Member

    We now have our boat moored at fairwinds. But we have not fished in that area before. We have been out a couple of times for a couple hours since opening. Only picking up undedsize. Any tips or tricks. Maybe depths or places to try?

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