2019 Nanoose Bay/French Creek Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Jwolfe

    Jwolfe Active Member

    Thanks for the update BIGDOGG1 ,I’ll report back tonight
  2. Tightlines22

    Tightlines22 Well-Known Member

    We had a bit of luck on the past weekend as well. Flat calm on a Saturday and saw lots of Orcas too.

    Landed a couple and kept this guy. Spoons and hootchies on glow flashers out front of French Creek.

  3. Burban

    Burban Well-Known Member

    Look at that water! :eek:
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  4. Jwolfe

    Jwolfe Active Member

    One keeper on a glow hootch, haze flasher 188’
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  5. coyotespoon

    coyotespoon Active Member

    Had a great day on the water Thursday. Sun was out calm seas. We dropped the anchor for hali for the morning with no success, but switched to salmon fishing in the afternoon and boated three nice springs off the north hump in under two hours. All fish on plugs. Let's get these reports going! They may tell us we cant take any home, but they haven't told us we cant fish!! Also, I was in FC store to pick up a spreader bar, and it was pretty evident their business is hurting. Let's all make an effort to shop local and avoid cabelas/Canadian tire and such. These are tough times for local tackle shops so let's do what we can to rally around them. Cheers.
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  6. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Right on coyotespoon. I know it’s hard for people to get used to but catch and release is a way of life for a lot of us. I spend 75% of my time on catch and release walleye waters as do most people fishing around here, it’s hasn't slowed people down. It’s fishing people, without the hassle of having to clean fish lol. Get out there and enjoy some fishing. It’s buzzing with guys getting their boats out of storage right now everybody getting ready for opening weekend (May 15) We can’t keep our favourite species but we don’t care, we still fish and enjoy it.
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  7. robertg

    robertg Crew Member

    I agree, support our local business, to save a buck, the locals can give you some advice on what ,where , when, can canadian tire or cabbalas help you.NO
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  8. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    If this closure actually made any kind of sense around conservation, then I think most people on this forum would be supportive. If the Fisheries Minister was actually doing some measures to improve the stocks of concern, which are a very small amount of the actual Chinook stocks in our Waters, then I think many of us would be backing him up on his decision. This is purely a political closure, that is having devastating effects on many BC businesses who give back tenfold to salmon conservation! We are seeing a death blow dealt to British Columbian culture. The truth of the matter is it's purely a political maneuver that's just built around Optics!

    I agree coyote spoon for continuing to support the local tackle shops and other businesses around salmon fishing that are suffering!

    Here's a bit more info to familiarize you with the situation:

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  9. walleyes

    walleyes Crew Member

    Coho,, I’ve been an active member ont his site for years, I’ve been helping you guys along with this fight, I’ve sent in my letter a couple months ago in regards to the proposed closures that were coming. I’m very aware of what’s going on with this closure and it’s effect on the west coast. I’m not a stranger to the area. Still for those that enjoy fishing and being out there there are still fishing opportunities to be had. Get out there, enjoy some time out of doors, get on the waters, get some slime on your hands, it will make you feel better.
  10. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    I'm a very passionate steelhead Angler and I know all about catch and release. I also lived in the east for a number of years and fished for walleye, pike, lake trout and bass. I often practiced strictly catch-and-release, even when it wasn't closed to harvest. I had the option if I chose to harvest a fish, which I did do.

    I know that you are active on this forum for sure and thank you!

    We are not asking for a mass Harvest of Chinook salmon. We've looked at the data very carefully from DNA creel survey and Avid Angler DNA which is DFO own data. The Chinook being caught in most South Coast waters are less than .063% of our total annual catch. There is an opportunity for the Harvest of one chinook salmon a day or at least one Hatchery Chinook salmon a day. It's part of the overall experience in my opinion to be able to catch salmon have the choice to release them but also be able to bring one home. For myself when I sit down and have a meal of a fresh-caught salmon with my family or friends that join us, it's a whole cultural and social experience. I totally understand what you're saying about catch release but I think it feels a bit like we're being told to take our medicine and be happy.

    A new tide has turned and BC Chinook fisherman or woman are not going to take Jonathan Wilkinson playing politics with the recreational Chinook salmon Fishery. There's zero recovery plan other than the Optics of closing the recreational Fishery!
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  11. blake_a

    blake_a Active Member

    Late report but wanted to get it up because it’s sad that it is May and there hasn’t been a report for 20 days.

    Out in front for a quick fish on Sunday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. Started at the humps and had a double header 10 mins after dropping in. One fell off right away and I released a 10lber. Started trolling again and before I could get a second line in the starboard rod went and I released a 16lber. Just after I got both lines back down something hit and missed and then 15 mins later another one was on and I released a 12lber. Released one more after that and got home in time to watch game of thrones.
    All fish were on spoons from 120 to 140.
  12. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    Gonna try to get out this afternoon if the wind lays down. Gonna try to jig up a ling over sangster way, maybe spend the night at lasquiti. Anyone know a good spot to tie up for the night?
  13. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    We have stayed at the government dock on Lasqueti Island. It's right next the Lasqueti Hotel and Pub, so you can grab dinner if you want. Good fishing right out front too!
  14. tains

    tains Crew Member

    Been here by land. Took the mountain bikes over for a ride and seems like a nice sheltered spot. 20190525_224501.jpg Screenshot_20190525-224528_Maps.jpg

  15. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the responses, checked out squitty bay but no space in there, ended up at the government dock in false bay. Tried for a ling off south sangster but no luck. Spent night at the dock and then most of today trying for lings around north end of lasquieti no luck. Just set up to troll the humps, one coho down deep right away and one other bite so far
  16. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    Ended up getting into 5 undersized Chinook and 1 coho off the north hump, beauty afternoon out there, glassy water. Was nice to finally get the boat out and settle into the new zone. Looking forward to getting out a little more now.
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  17. dmurph

    dmurph Well-Known Member

    This would be a perfect spot to overnight out of French Creek and fish sangster or texada but it looks to be overcome by some permanent looking boats using it as long term moorage
  18. Jwolfe

    Jwolfe Active Member

    Into 15 fish yesterday off schooner, biggest was around 17.Plugs ,spoons, chovie and even one on a hootch. Ran the line up didn’t seem to matter

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  19. barkerfam

    barkerfam Well-Known Member

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  20. silversands

    silversands Member

    Sounds like a fun day. Ya good photo of the fish in the water..dont need those photos of holding up fish when catch and release. You can hold up some whoppers later this summer eh!
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