2019 Nanaimo Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Those 2 on the right sure look like Chinooks to me
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  2. LowTide

    LowTide Member

    Not the best picture to be sure, but they were pinks.
  3. Pescado_Loco

    Pescado_Loco Active Member

    Is one of the ones on the right clipped? Likely not a pink if it is clipped.
  4. 1marko

    1marko Active Member

    Any further luck..
  5. Nitroholic

    Nitroholic Member

    Never seen an adipose clipped pink before
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  6. 1marko

    1marko Active Member

    So what happened to the picture

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  7. Brett

    Brett Member

    Ya where’s the picture now ?
  8. Unreel

    Unreel Active Member

    Anyone had any luck with crab lately? Every pot I’ve dropped in the usual spots are coming up blank with bait untouched. Sounds like there may be a hatch on so they may have gone to deep water, anyone else having better luck?
  9. icthos

    icthos New Member

    Not many coho are clipped these days due cost
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  10. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    In Canada. The US clips them all
  11. barkerfam

    barkerfam Active Member

    well, not quite.

    On rare occasions when we can keep unclipped fish, i've had the magic wand find a chip in the head of a fish with a clear adipose fin.

    They don't get them all. :mad:
  12. TipUp

    TipUp Active Member

    Out tonight from 6 to 9. Fishing was slow overall for us but managed 1 undersized on a no-bananas skinny g at 160 feet. Glass calm out there. Heard of a few coho being hooked.
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  13. ExFlyGuy

    ExFlyGuy Well-Known Member

    Decided to try for some coho yesterday morning 5am-12:30 (first early morning fish of the year for me, I just havnt been motivated for some reason...) we ripped out to entrance island and immediately found the bait! We were into chinooks thick for the first couple hours and easily brought 20 to the boat, lots between 8-15lbs and missed/lost lots as well. Unfortunately we only found one coho that was wild. Decided to jig for a bit but there was nothing out there. When we got back to the ramp seen this boat being held up by the motors... hopefully it’s not any of yours! On a side note I think I know why there’s no bottom fish. The ramp must have had 20+ ling heads and as many rockfish carcasses dumped on the ramp in just the area we could see...

    Every hook we put in the water caught fish. Fishing water depth of 100-250’. Running the riggers at 60-120’ as soon as you would get on the bait it was fish on.

    79944024-F69D-4080-BB8D-6A29B8763BAB.jpeg 94AF1670-970A-44A1-A2A5-EA10B810D2F7.jpeg
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  14. Big Green Machine

    Big Green Machine Well-Known Member

    Must have been one hell of a good lunch special to miss the tide change
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  15. Unreel

    Unreel Active Member

    Wow can’t say I’ve seen someone beach their boat that badly there before lol. Probably an out of town er that went and had too many brews at the pub, forgot there are tides in the ocean
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  16. UkeeDreamin

    UkeeDreamin Well-Known Member

    Love that someone wrote “Idiot” with mud on the side of it!!!


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  17. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Crew Member

    some people have more money than brains
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  18. outbeen

    outbeen Member

    never a dull moment at brechin boat launch
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  19. LocalYokel

    LocalYokel New Member

    Serves him right for leaving the boat unattended on the ramp!
  20. LocalYokel

    LocalYokel New Member

    I have had the same result. Not sure what is going on. Anybody else know? I don’t remember getting blanked so often. I am not even getting undersized Dungeness. Rock crabs - yes. Dingeness- no!

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