2019 Nanaimo Reports

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    Oh its officially posted....and as
    Of April 1 st 2019...
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    Stizzla, what are the odds that your cold streak miraculously ends just as this BS gets implemented??!!


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  4. ExFlyGuy

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    I phoned the dfo office this afternoon. The lady there said they had no idea they were dropping this bomb yesterday and are still waiting for the new regs... she also said as long as the web site says 2 per day its open.
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    Bullshit, if it’s not posted under the individual area it is business as usual. Obviously government morons tried to rush this announcement that’s why there haven’t been any fisheries notices or changes in individual areas. Until I see where it says under area 17 non retention or a fisheries notice I’m going and bonking springs.
  7. fogged in

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    No change yet...I get all the DFO notices via email and nothing yet AND nothing on their official phone info line
    Try it.. 1 866 431-3474
    Clear as mud.
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  8. Stizzla

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    Not likely! Lol
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  9. Olde School

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    How hard is it to change the regulations online?
    DFO currently has posted contradictory information.
    A notice says non-retention while the area regulations say 2 per day.

    JUST ONE MORE Member

    My two cents:: had a great morning on Tuesday-out by spoil grounds fairly early and got a nice 9lber, then another 8 lber- then a beauty 18lber— all on a 3” silver spoon at about 165’.
    A bit later got a 162cm—measured it twice. Because I have guests from the east coast— we kept that one too and came back to the dock. The fisheries were there and asked how we did and I told them and they asked to come on board —-I said sure and was proudly showing him the fish, when he said —“that one looks close”—I said yep we measured it twice and it was 162. But I had gutted the fish and rigor had set in and it sat on the measuring board at at 161 1/2 cm. Well holy cow :: we got a federal ticket for $100 and a court date that we were warned not to miss or a Canada wide warrant would be issued for an arrest.
    Welcome to BC.
    Also don’t get an online license and proceed to mark your catch on it—because that is illegal too.
    So , I have the officers names and kind of want to dispute this ,but they are from the Yukon office and I might even end up on a Canada wide DFO hit list.
    Sheesh!!!—what was a grand morning and a huge thrill for my guests ended up quite tarnished by a couple of power hungry idiots with badges and GUNS!
    The 18lber was a great fight—
  11. wishiniwasfishin1

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    What were you ticketed for exactly? And what is the court date about? Take pictures.
  12. Rayvon

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    A printed license is for sure good,I think you have your size wrong ,it can't be 162 cm..I think you mean 62 cm.and salmon.The new regs.for halibut say 126 cm. for a large and must be on your license.
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  13. Viking

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    If he killed a 61 cm fish he deserves it. Come on man. Take care of our resource!
  14. Bordeau

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    It is always difficult to measure exactly when the fish is jumping and twisting. I have traced 2 lines on the floor of my boat to quickly measure a fish. I put the marks at 64 cm. That way, if it is too close, I release it and try to catch it later in the season.
    The problem with my system is that I stress the fish a lot by bringing it onboard. Does anyone has a suggestion on how to measure it in the water?
  15. RBL

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    It won’t be a problem anymore lol. Come Aug u could just keep the the fish you know are keepers. If it looks like it’s going to be really close just let the fish go
  16. Fishcop1

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    Fishery Officers were conducting recreational fishing inspections at the Brechin Boat launch all morning on April 16th as fishermen were returning to the launch. Of all the fishermen that returned to the dock, you were the only ticket that was issued that day since your fish was measured by the officers at slightly over 60 cm, nearly 2 cm under size (the minimum size being 62 cm, not "nearly 62 cm") The fish was seized and is being held in Nanaimo as evidence should you choose to dispute it; the court date you were given for Nanaimo court house is located at the bottom of the ticket and explained to you.

    We don't appreciate being called "Power Hungry idiots with badges and GUNS", measure your fish properly and you wont be charged.
  17. outbeen

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    So while we have you here, can you confirm that chinook is still open for retention until a notice is posted on the DFO Fishery Notice system?

    If so, do you have an estimated timeline for when a notice is expected to be posted?
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    Why even bother keeping it if a fish is that close. Is it really that important to kill a 6 lb chinook
  19. Stizzla

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    Definitely up there for the best first post of all time!
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    Bet ya feel dumb
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