2019 Nanaimo Reports

Discussion in '2019 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. RBL

    RBL Active Member

    Fishing is great out there off the fingers. The bite was best from 7-9am and then a fish here and there after that. Stuck it out until about 1pm before the waves wore us out. Bon Chovy skinny g and extra large chovy at 137-207. When the bites on I think anything will work though as that’s all we used. Also saw killer whales trying to help get rid of the seals.
  2. Unreel

    Unreel Active Member

    Nice to see the fish a bit shallower. What kinda boat do you run? 20-30 knot winds had me saying no go today lol.
  3. RBL

    RBL Active Member

    23 Wellcraft. Just us and a Grady out there today lol. We had to pickup and pound are way back south and then troll with the wind. Fished in a lot worse on the west coast.
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  4. 1stLite

    1stLite Member

    Any good size showing up yet
  5. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    Just waiting for boat to be fixed in next few days and will be out... I heard it has picked up.
  6. JWalker

    JWalker New Member

    Hi all, Im new to nanaimo and i have company this week so will want to be out on the water as much as possible starting wednesday. Id perfer not to be out in 10+knots as im in a 15 ft boat. Looks like thatll rule out all the usual spots. Five fingers, entrance, etc. For wind wise it does look ok out at tent island but ive never been. I know its a favorite for winter springs but will the migratory salmon make it through that way. Has anyone been down that way recently? Any tips about the area or other places to stay outta the wind would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance to whoever replies.
  7. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    Check the Marine forecast before you go. You can fish out by Fingers and Entrance as long as the winds aren't going above 15 knots. Here's the Environment Canada link for Marine Forecast:

  8. peter mcmullan

    peter mcmullan New Member

    Welcome to Nanaimo...you are here at just the right time as our local fishery is at its best from now on well into June. Drop me an e-mail to petermcmullan@shaw.ca, and I'll pass on a few more links that I find useful when it comes to local weather conditions and forecasts.
  9. JWalker

    JWalker New Member

    Thanks to both of you. My question is not so much how to see what the weather / wind conditions is but where to go when the usual suspects get too choppy. Im sure i could be out there in 20 knots but not sure I want too. Tent island is looking a lot more promising during those days wind wise and was just wondering if the fishing there is any good around this time or other spots you guys may know worth a try. If everyone tells me to suck it up and deal with the wind cause thats where the fish are then thats fine too. Thanks again.
  10. cohochinook

    cohochinook Well-Known Member

    If you check the marine forecast before you go out and watch the weather when you're out there, you'll be fine. It's only about a 15 minute run to fingers or entrance. If the wind starts to kick up just run in. I used to fish out of a 17 foot and I ran over all the way from Vancouver several times to fish Fingers and Entrance when forecast was good. I have never fished Tent, so can't give you any advice on it.
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  11. RBL

    RBL Active Member

    Ours were cookie cutter 10 pounders much like the average the last few years. I’m sure there are bigger ones mixed in. We lost one that seemed bigger by how it fought but didn’t get a look at it.
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  12. RBL

    RBL Active Member

    Tent is a great place to try when it blowing too hard. You can try anywhere on the inside and catch fish but watch out for RCA’s
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  13. TipUp

    TipUp Active Member

    There can be a dangerous chop off Nanaimo's main spots - the fingers, neck point, and entrance island and I wouldn't advise being out there in a 15 ft boat. Tent Island can be a productive spot even in april/may. Try fishing right on the bottom in 90 ft of water and use small spoons (gibbs skinny g's and g force in homeland security or Irish creme). The channel between the reef and tent island can be productive and should be more protected then the open strait.
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  14. Reelin In The Years

    Reelin In The Years Active Member

    Depending on your boat. If it is shallow draft you could put in at Hammond Bay, then 2 mins. out and you are fishing Neck point area. I think the name of the launch area is Chamberlain or something like that.
  15. doubleeagle

    doubleeagle Crew Member

    Charlaine Boat Ramp
  16. searun

    searun Well-Known Member

    I use the Windy app, its great and usually pretty bang on.
  17. Olde School

    Olde School Well-Known Member

    DFO announcement indictates zero retention as of Apr 1st, however the regulations still stated 2 per day.
    What's up?
  18. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    It’s still 2 per day. Until they officially post it. IMO
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  19. blindmonkey

    blindmonkey Active Member

    On the bubble map looks like near shore Nanaimo is not impacted. Guess we need to see regs to know
  20. Olde School

    Olde School Well-Known Member


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