2019 Fraser Chinook Management Actions UPDATED!!

Discussion in 'Conservation, Fishery Politics and Management.' started by wildmanyeah, Jan 31, 2019.

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    Why in the world do people want to fight DFO on this? They have had the agenda to get rid of wild fish and have accomplished it. Protesting and applying blame isn't going to solve anything. Salmon fishing in Georgia Strait is over unless you want to troll all day to release the odd 8 lb. fish in a small area with a thousand other boats. Going to be a lot of great deals on boats and gear soon.
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    Because that requires common sense thinking, don’t forget the world ends when you leave the Fraser Valley for a lot of them. It’s like the ancients sailing off the end of a flat earth,, same mentality.
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    I would like to personal thank all of you that took the time to send DFO your thoughts about the proposals.. For those who have not yet.. please take the time and do so.. its very import that you do take a few minutes and put something together.. doesn't have to fancy... we need to keep the pressure on... asked your fish partners, family members asks the business that you support thru your fishing if they can send there though in... DFO is listening and paying attention...:)

    Read @Derby post above. This thread was started to maximize exposure of the request for an email campaign, to show strength in numbers to DFO regarding their proposed regulations for the upcoming season. Please keep the thread on topic and away from the meanderings about which government is going to save us, the UN, climate change etc. While these may be important subjects on the road ahead, the conversations take away from the focus of this campaign, which is to keep up the pressure on DFO that the current options they provided need change and that they need to work with all stakeholders for better long term solutions.

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    Just like the hybrid scenario for halibut
    The SFAB must be working on scenario C,D and E.
    I can’t accept the fact the we would concede to the Scenario B without some in-depth meetings, scientific evidence presentation, and collaborative consultations.
    Simply doesn’t seem logical that we would not have at least a few smart people in the know present some other options that aren’t going to destroy our local communities.
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    You should watch this... Very good lecture

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    I understand that you have a sports fishing charter job for 3 months in the summer. Having been a commercial fisherman I know many people in that industry enjoy their work or did when it was an economic option. The salmon seine fleet has released coho and chinook for the last 20 years, and the troll fleet has been cut back drastically. The commercial fleet has made a living for the last 120 years and you want to deny them that living because we have focused on sports fishing for pleasure for spring,coho,ling and halibut? Our commercial,native and sports fisheries all have an interest in the good health of the salmon industry.
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    Here's some economic value data from just published Stats BC report - send a clear message to the Fisheries Minister and Prime Minister that they need to protect the strong social and economic values our fisheries bring to Canada. It is shameful that the State of Washington out-performs the Country of Canada when making financial investments to re-build and protect our resource. BTW, DFO and their staff should not be your target...its successive politicians and the public of Canada who do not understand the value of our fisheries. We have not provided DFO staff with the resources to do their jobs - very shameful, so lets not shoot the messenger. Our politicians need to be held accountable to properly fund smart investment into our resource. To interpret the bottom chart, "capture fishery" is our commercial fishery.

    Snip20190204_4.png Snip20190204_5.png
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    I'm behind you 100% on this one Jackel!
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    I for one agree with Jackel on all accounts of his post, the old hard copy license is a must or you should only be allowed to print one license per angler.Ive heard guys come up with bs excuses like well I need one in my boat, one in my wallet,one in my truck bla bla in other words Ill fill out which ever one I feel like for that day.This multi license printing especially hurts the halibut because of 6 per yr in my opinion

    Tight lines
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    Wmy...any data on Fraser Chinook stocks other than the south Thompson stock being encountered on the west coast of vamcouver island?
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    I have not seen the 2018 data, This is the only data I have seen. WCVI, hardy any Fraser stocks are Intercepted their, Putting any measures on them for Fraser stocks is pointless. However canada has to try to reduce our interception of Washington state fish too, as part of the recent PST. Area 12 there's also no reason I can see to limit the sport fishery their. Except maybe if there was a lot of people in area 13 writing down that they got their fish in area 12., although I have not seen any data on this. It makes little sense to reduce the WCVI troll, there pie is just being giving to sports fishermen.

    I'm sure all the talented people in the SFAB will be crunching this data and we should have a better idea by March. Probably lots of information we are not being told.


    These are Reductions they need to make do to treaty negotiations, I think some of it is to try to protect endangered Puget sound stocks. Also to try to get the total intercept of all Chinook stocks down from south Alaska to Washington.

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    And some wonder why we are a little bitter over having to seek new employment at the ages of sixty plus...

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    Here you go - hopefully this works.

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    It opens.
    THANKS !!
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    Should only be able to print your license once.They will never go back to the old way,to costly.
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  18. searun

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    Wasn't Area G troll offered $30 million to give up allocation share? I'm guessing then that the $17 million left from that program will be now offered to the Rec sector as compensation for your allocation demands? Where do I sign up to get mine?
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    No, Area G was most certainly NOT "offered $30 million to give up allocation share". Not now, not then not ever.
    Instead their allocation has been quietly and surely stripped from them each passing year.
    Some went to FN's.
    The balance went to the rec sec.
    All the while DFO refused to hand over any of the compensation that was directly provided by the US to do so - even going so far as court so they could keep the funds and do with what they wished. Nice try though...

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    Governor Jay Inslee Washington State: "Inslee recently pledged $1.5 billion for what he called a “herculean” effort to save endangered orcas swimming the Salish Sea. He has proposed banning commercial whale watching for three years and, to howls from Republicans, tearing down dams that impede salmon that nourish the orcas."

    He is saying that salmon production by any and all means including historical natural systems that produced salmon by the millions gonna happen. Governor Inslee, Washington State says will do "everything he is able to stop the TM pipeline" he believes in fisheries for sport, commercial and tourist long established, historic high employing sectors worth billions for them. As I posted today elsewhere here he has been part of the most significant economic news (just last week) to ever hit BC regarding the reality of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, an economic zone similar to those in Asia and Europe via Ultra Light Rail 400 km/hr . Don't sell your boats and gear just yet. There is light in the tunnel .... real light not this DFO crap.

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