2018 Winter Harbour Reports

Discussion in '2018 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. SFBC

    SFBC Admin Staff Member

    Post your 2018 fishing reports here!
  2. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Alright... not a report... but wanted to bring this thread alive..... first trip of the year booked for first week of June... been there twice before.... but if anyone out there has any news..... lets get this one going.... just over 3 months away.... dying over here counting the days. !!!! Goal this year is a bran door over 200.... (yes... I know we will have to let her go.... but they are so docile at that size when they get up top... its easy...) Last year we hit one that was probably close.... and broke it off just by the boat... this year the camera will be running..... ! Tight lines all!
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  3. After Hours IV

    After Hours IV Active Member

    Good idea ronj, always nice to know there are other die hards counting the days till WH trips. We are booked in up there June 8th through June 15th. Should be lots of time to play around and be selective. Good luck out there.
  4. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    We'll be there right after you boys, 18-22nd. Hoping for hali's!
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  5. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    I am looking around for one of those deep release trigger devices..... last year the Yellow Eye were so plentiful.... it was hard watching and waiting for them to go down.... usually by they time they drifted away... we never knew if they went down or not. Any ideas?
  6. bugleemup

    bugleemup Member

    I have one and seen them in most of the fishing stores (Tyee Marine, River Sportsman, PNT,Harbour Chandler). Called the "SeaQualizer" and they run around $70.00 but they are worth every penny in my eyes as they get those fish back down to the deep. Hope this helps!
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  7. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    We ran a seaqualizer last year worked very well for us. Every boat fishing for bottom fish should have one in my opinion
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  8. Aces

    Aces Well-Known Member

    Of course we should.

    Every yellow eye that floats away is a dead dinosaur
  9. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    good luck me finding this in Alberta... I will be hunting one down.... its an awful feeling once you have your yellow eye limits to be jigging up Ling and hitting Yellow Eye...looks like a pumpkin floating away... tried with a small wire hook I made off the downrigger.... but did not always work. Anyone know if they should be lowered at a a certain rate? Would a hundred feet be OK to release one that came up from 200 or so?
  10. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Just found this online on the SeaQulizer website.... looks like the 50/100/150 release device will be the way to go.

    The Standard SeaQualizer is our original device. It has three depth settings (50-100-150) to choose from. This device is ideal for fishing in up to 300ft of water for most effective releases. As a rule of thumb fish should be released from between 1/3 to 1/2 the depth at which they are caught. So if you are fishing between 60-300 feet, this is the device for you.
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  11. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    Harbour Chandler has free shipping on orders over $100. Grab a couple other bits of tackle as wel and you’ll be over $100 with your order.
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  12. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Well... looks like a Seaqulizer will be pretty much mandatory this year... in my opinion. If I have read some things correct.... no Yellow Eye?
    I sure hope most fishermen Rec or Guides grab one of the devices.... going to order mine right now. Thanks for the tip on where to buy N2013.
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  13. ILHG

    ILHG Crew Member

    I just ordered mine online. You wont find it retail in Alberta.
  14. Murry

    Murry New Member

    I saw them at the Fishing Hole in Calgary. Not sure of the price.
  15. Samnjoe

    Samnjoe Active Member

    Have the new Hali regs (115cm) and the no Yelloweye been posted somewhere official yet?
    I havent seen an update on the FOC site.
  16. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    The new Hali size came out when the notice went out for the opening. Haven’t seen anything about Yelloweye either.
  17. Samnjoe

    Samnjoe Active Member

    Just checked the DFO site.
    Still says 133. Anyone have a link to the update?
  18. ILHG

    ILHG Crew Member

    I think they will wait until the last minute to post the new regs. They love waiting until Friday, so my guess would be Next Friday March 30th
  19. N2013

    N2013 Active Member

    Word on the street it's on the new licenses for 2018.
  20. trophyjim

    trophyjim New Member

    Yes it’s on the new license

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