2018 Sooke Reports

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    Be careful they try to peck you in the eyes if close enough. Sometimes I accidentally lower them when hooked
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    Out to pedder for the first time on the water in almost a month. Fished from 8-11:30. Released a couple of borderline ones kept 3 in the 48-52cm range and my buddy landed a nice 11lb hatch. All close to bottom in 110 to 13oft. Purple haze and cop car for me and tri-color (green ) flasher and coho killers for my buddy. Beautiful day out there today with only 3 other boats that appeared to pick up their limit as well.
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    Was looking at the Sooke saltwater series Boxing day derby and see 22lb chinook for first place going to P. T am i reading that right ? Nice fish.
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  5. Yes that is correct.
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    Out this morning from 8am to noon and brought back 4 nice winters. 8-9 pounds and helf on anchovies and half on an AP Spoon. Right on the bottom and the fish had medium sized shrimp in the guts. Nice sunny day and flat water. Seen 3-4 boats on anchor putting in the last day of 2018 trying for halibut.
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