2018 Secret Cove, Pender Harbour and Texada Reports


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Going to be up in Pender Harbour area on weekend. Plan on fishing south end of Agamemnon Channel as we did well there early July last year. Any other areas we should be considering? How long a haul is Epsom from Pender - 30 mins @ 25/30kt?

Fishing hoochies and bait is my plan. Will throw down a spoon as well if the other two not working.


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Yep a quick run to Epsom in most cases...I will be out way Friday and Saturday for the afternoon as well.


Epsom was holding fish Sat-Sun, worked the slop Sat for the afternoon low, 3 for 7 with the biggest 15LBS, Sunday watched the wind and waves from the deck at home, got some intel that it was dropping in the straight, hopped aboard and was lines down @3:30, after the tide, first rod set, setting second, first pops, just under 20LBS, 125 feet, outer contours, herring-flasher, lost one more, moved in just ahead of the pending rain & wind, 14LBS, inner canyon, 110 feet same rig, back at the slip couple of hours, was nice window given the conditions, on the deck again today looking...waiting, last batch of relatives gone! time to get serious


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Wind dropped, (As viewed from the deck) Hit the slip 1:30, wind warning still up, slop out the mouth of secret cove, pressed on to Epsom, dropped into the inner canyon, 12LBS hatch job, nice and calm! 144 on the rigger, herring-flasher, lots of bait.. short trip, had to head in, now is the time to be out there!


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Had a blast fishing out of Secret Cove on the weekend aboard the Hurtlocker! Lots of fish solid action. The highlight was a double header with twin 20's... Even got into a few coho not sure if that normal around that area but they are around. Thanks buddy it's an annual!


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i might head over there from french creek just for something different when you say epsom its juts the epsom point off thormanby right ? thx in advance


Fished Epsom tonight with my kid. Got out around 7 and started into fish right away. Hooked 7 fish total in two hours and a couple misses, the ones we saw were in the 12-15 lb range. All fish were caught on #700 tomic 4” tubby around the 130ft mark. Also fished 3 tides on the weekend and caught multiple fish every time. Seems to be lots around. Everything on plugs, lots of fun !!