2018 Prince Rupert Fishing Report

Discussion in '2018 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by Brent Doornenbal, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. I thought I would start this if any of the members are aware of the conditions, In headed out early July for a week.
  2. green1

    green1 New Member

    I’m headed that way mid July for a couple weeks!
  3. Dark

    Dark Member

    There's a few on AB Outdoorsmen talking about the Rupert area
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  4. spoiler

    spoiler Active Member

    zero retention on Chinook right now
  5. Yes but the trip was booked before the change was made... oh well a bad day fishing beats work. I just hope some coho move in
  6. Catcherman

    Catcherman New Member

    If you are chertering the guides will put you on the fish. I was out there for 2 weeks mid June in my own boat and although the Chinook were slow they were around, the bottom fishing was great. Lots of Halibut and cod. Heading back again July 10th-22nd for the second trip.
  7. We are just finished day 3 self guided, first time with my boat on the ocean. Tagged out on hali, got a few ling and rock fish.

    Not many people fishing for salmon due to the limit change. We are going to give it a try tomorrow.
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  8. Catcherman

    Catcherman New Member

    Springs don’t open until the 10th again for 1d/2p and there should be a few around.
    We were starting to catch pinks at Tugwell and Lucy when we finished up so they are kicking around. Coho shouldn’t be too long, Eddy Pass or Hump Back should be seeing them pretty soon I would think.
    Having your own boat allows you to explore and find your own spots which is pretty awesome.
    I’ve Been using my own boat out there for 12 years now and never have to get more than 10 miles from Metlakatla to limit out unless we want to go exploring. Best of luck.
    It’s a great fishery.
  9. I know where humpback island is (assume that’s what you meant) but where is Eddy pass ?

    How deep were you on the pinks ? Given we can’t keep spring id be happy to take anything home
  10. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    I have liked your attitude front the start Brent! Go get em :)

    Did you luck into hali’s Close to the limit size?

    When all is said and done please post a pic or two of your outing, it’s a beautiful spot there!
  11. Decently close to the size limt, one over and one just under. I feel like we had similar fish to some or most of the guides just maybe not as many in a day. All the guides that have BS’d with have nice and given the odd pointer also.

    E59AD966-DEFC-43A1-9838-D0DD4FFE31E7.jpeg EAD719BB-5DE7-4D3C-A0F0-1863A3B92A14.jpeg 4723C5AD-D984-46FB-8010-D501DB14658A.jpeg
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  12. Stizzla

    Stizzla Crew Member

    You guys aren’t going hungry anytime soon. Nice slabs!
  13. Catcherman

    Catcherman New Member

    Edey Pass is at the bottom of Stephen and Prescott Island. Good hali there in spots also at the mouth of Refuge Bay.

    I was catching pinks between 40-60 when I was there, I would assume they should be the same now although a friend of mine was catching them at around 80 so you may have to try a few depths.
  14. spoiler

    spoiler Active Member

    Two of my buddies just got back from Dundas Island. They said the bottom fishing was good but the salmon were a no show. Only one 8lb Coho in 4 days!
  15. BF58EEA2-BDC9-4C2D-B99E-52F36330666F.jpeg Just left this AM, heard of a few more coho caught but it was a long ways out.

    We were able to get this one before leaving.
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  16. Zman

    Zman New Member

    Heading up on Friday. Any action lately?
  17. Travo

    Travo Member

    Still closed for springs ? Heading up July 20
  18. green1

    green1 New Member

    I will be leaving the 19th... should be some coho arriving at least I would think
  19. roadking

    roadking New Member

    Any Work Channel updates?
  20. Triple B

    Triple B New Member

    Any recent fishing reports? We heard from our uncle that the salmon are not as plentiful this year, by humpback or eddy pass, anything on work channel?

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