2018 OFFICIAL Vancouver-Howe Sound-Sechelt Reports Thread

Discussion in '2018 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by fishin_magician, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Rain City

    Rain City Well-Known Member

    I managed to get out today for the first time in a couple months. Fished tunstall at the high and only managed one under on an AP 4.5" sand-something or other and a chartruse guide series flasher. Got it just off that rock outcrop at 150' fishing the bottom. The wind got bad so we toured around Bowen... clockwise. That's it.
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  2. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Sandlance...same as a what some call a needlefish
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  3. seatosky

    seatosky Active Member

    Fishing tunstall. Flat calm and quiet. Seen 2 shakers released.

    Anyone having success?

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  4. 63stingray

    63stingray Active Member

    Heading out tomorrow must be a beauty of day out !! Good luck bud !!
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  5. Gator

    Gator Active Member

    Fished HITW 11-3 lots of shakers and no keepers. @120. Not much for bait schools showing yet. Caught a boat prawning in front of sunset. Was all geared up with traps and floats Let him know it was closed.
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  6. 63stingray

    63stingray Active Member

    I was wondering how HITW has been lately , good on ya for letting him know last time out seen a few sets by sunset!!
  7. seatosky

    seatosky Active Member

    Fished until 3pm. 2 misses, no keepers. 3 keeper crabs as a consolation.

    Lots of bait but little action. Bumped into the Gibbs Delta crew at the dock. 3 keepers and 9 hookups reported at Tunstall. I only saw one net out all day so this was quite a surprise. They must’ve been the hot boat as every other boat was reporting a very slow but beautiful day.

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  8. 63stingray

    63stingray Active Member

    Gibbs boat always finds the fish! a lot of experience on that boat!
  9. Rain City

    Rain City Well-Known Member

    Dropped the crab traps in the harbor and fished the freighters for an hour and a half. I've never actually fished that area this time of year but didn't want to go far from the traps. Had a couple of shakers on a skinny g in 80' of water bouncing bottom. I was glad to see that there were actually fish there. Cooking up 8 crabs right now, gorgeous day out there.
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  10. BCRingo

    BCRingo Active Member

    Anybody out on the water this morning? There’s a gale warning in effect but hardly a breathe around where I am in the Tri-Cities area....:rolleyes:
  11. paulo

    paulo Member

  12. 63stingray

    63stingray Active Member

    Ya was dead calm at tunstil and within a hour it went for a shit ,put my prawn traps in a shitty spot and the tide was raging and the waves so couldn't retrieve my traps gotta go back tomorrow to hopefully find them lol
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  13. Corey_lax

    Corey_lax Active Member

    Well it ain't all that bad if you get to go out again tomorrow! Should be a nice day
  14. Rain City

    Rain City Well-Known Member

    Can anyone give me any insight as to where to fish up Howe Sound? I've only ever fished HTW. I'm going out tomorrow and was thinking Tunstall, but that's because it's the only place I know in the winter. Pretty please?
  15. GWT75

    GWT75 Active Member

    Try fishing Grace Islands, westernmost "finger" of Gambier. Fish up the east side. Stick between 150-200 contour and you should have some success if you find some bait.

  16. Rain City

    Rain City Well-Known Member

    Started at Tunstall with a couple of shakers but not marking much bait. Just dropped the gear at Grace. Couple boats.
  17. Sangstercraft

    Sangstercraft Well-Known Member

    Fished the harbor today. Tried spoons, hootchies, ripped around w plugs for a while, then back to spoons. Hooked a keeper on a kitchen sink spoon while bringing the gear up. It bit at about 50’ down, in 150’ of water not too far from the Cap river. Lost it at the boat, likely because I didn’t have a swivel ahead of the spoon and the fish was rolling a lot.
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  18. 63stingray

    63stingray Active Member

    Nothing at tunstil in the harbour now got one withing 5 mins and a shaker so far !!99 herring aid!!
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  19. Rain City

    Rain City Well-Known Member

    Man I put in work today with nada. Over at Grace there was two guys in a small whaler that just couldn't keep the little guys off! I would have happily had that action. Does anyone know if Grace fishes the same as Tunstall (down in the mud)
  20. Dorman Point

    Dorman Point Active Member

    Often yes, but i have found them suspended 30-40' up from bottom in winter too. Often the bait suspends in there.
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