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    The facebook page for the derby just yesterday posted the 'rules and waiver' form here (scroll down a bit) - https://www.facebook.com/galianosalmonclassic/ so if you're not able to make it to Montague Harbour on Friday evening for check in and to pick up the rules/waiver you can print it off now, sign it, and email it to Ryan at ryan@salishseacharters.com. All registered anglers should fill out the form and send it to Ryan or drop it off on Friday night at the marina. You can also take a pic of the signed waiver and text it to Ryan at 604.518.8946

  2. tincan

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    Here, just downloaded the rules and waiver from the facebook page and uploaded it here. The fishing boundaries are basically anywhere in/around the gulf islands (5nm from all southern gulf islands) so no fishing off Victoria or Vancouver allowed!

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  3. Tockeyetalmon

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  4. tincan

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    quick fishing report from galiano. Very hit and miss this past weekend. Fished porlier, salamanca and some inside waters when the wind picked up on the outside. Long stretches without bites for us but we did run into a few hot bites over the course of the weekend and got fish up to 15lbs. I didn't find any consistent depth/bait that worked and we ended up finding a few fish at a variety of depths. One hot bite off porlier with bait around 140' and another off Salamanca with spoons at 90'.

    Good times at the derby this year as the weather was pretty solid and most boats (once again) ended up with fish which was great to see. Montague marina keeps getting better with all the new work they are doing so it's a pretty awesome setting for the event.
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  5. Jimfish

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    Porlier was slow with only 2 undersize. Current was formidable.
  6. Fished Porlier on Sunday morning. A couple of undersized, and lost a mid teener right at the boat just as I was reaching for the net. Perils of fishing solo.

    90' on a green/white skinny G.
  7. Jimfish

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    Had a 15 at Porlier. A few released. Not much action.
  8. el.Pereh

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    I will be over on the south end of Valdez the next couple of weekends. I had a nice day in April in the straight off porlier in some deeper water (first time out there). Do you fish closer into the structure this time of year?
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    We did well at Porlier on Sunday and we were a bit offshore. 250-300 feet of water. Pretty steady action at 120ft with outfitter spoon.
  10. el.Pereh

    el.Pereh Active Member

    Thanks for the tip I'll spread the effort around.
  11. paulo

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    Anybody fishing Active Pass?
  12. Viking

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    You might want to check the regs. Srkw foraging habitat. Likely till we or they die.
  13. MadJigga

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    Check your regs,
    No fishing there.....
  14. paulo

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    Thanks. Missed that.
  15. We went to Porlier last night, fished 6 -8:30. Marked lots and lots of fish but I think they were all small coho and jack springs because we released about 8 of them. Current was pretty wicked yesterday too with these big tide swings.
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    I was out mid day for a couple of hours on Sat and experienced the same. Some of those jacks were feisty ones! Two were aggressive pin poppers and I thought the party was on for a while. All in the 115-130 range.
  17. Eleanor Creighton

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    Any idea what the crabbing and prawning are like in Stuart Channel or down in the Cowichan Bay area?
  18. el.Pereh

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    Nice spring at 121’ on a chartruse splatterback hootch 9:30 yesterday am
  19. Jeffzee

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    Where abouts?
  20. el.Pereh

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    Sorry didn’t mean to be that guy. Porlier pass. Heard thrasher was still producing well too
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