2018 Comox Valley-Comox Harbour, Kitty Coleman, Cape Lazo, Denman & Hornby Islands

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  1. SFBC

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    Post your 2018 fishing reports here!
  2. Vanisle

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    Fished Kitty on Saturday 6th. Didn't get away as early as we wanted, so arrived around 10:30, about an hour after the tide change. Weather was actually pretty amazing, with flat seas, and the sun trying to poke through the clouds. We fished 3 rods for almost 5 hours ,trying a variety of spoons and plugs. We never once saw any bait on the sounder during that time. We did manage to boat 2 nice fat, scrappy springs that were unfortunately an inch undersize. Lost one more that felt like a decent one, and then made the run back to Comox on near glass top seas.

  3. crab bait

    crab bait Active Member

    Guys, I will be trailering my boat to Union Bay (about an hour away) to chase some herring when they are in. Have you seen any signs yet? I think I was the first week of March last year, but am not 100% sure.

    If anyone has some up to date info, please let me know. Get out there with the kids, watch the show and catch some bait. Great thing to do this time of year!
  4. mayday

    mayday Active Member

    Massive swarm of birds feeding 3 days ago n tip of denman; lots of huge sealions sitting off pt holmes waiting for the feast to begin, but as of today, no obvious fish off comox side
  5. mayday

    mayday Active Member

    in case you are still interested in the herring - the spawn has officially begun - the birds are feasting on the rocks at low tide - the fishing fleet is still showing up and no nets out yet, but should be pretty soon.
  6. Birdbrain

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    Are the herring spawning at Hornby now, or is it al over now? Friend is wanting to see the spectacle
  7. captmike

    captmike Active Member

    the spawn and fishery is usually Mar 3-10 but varies yr to yr. Best on the W shore of Hornby as much of the action is in Lambert Ch,Komas Bluffs, N Hornby shore ,sometimes in Tribune Bay. try some roe on kelp!
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  8. Birdbrain

    Birdbrain Member

    With a dash of soy sauce, and a sip of sake!
    Thanks for the memories, Mike.
  9. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    Union bay .went for a 14' boat ride and ran some new fuel though the 25 2stoke after a carb job last fall.The carb air/fuel needed a tweek to idle correctly.Seems I had installed the hose clamp the wrong way at the carb and it interfered with the throtle so another repair on the water.Walked the bluffs of nDenman no anter sheads .Found a mesh sack on the beach so picked a few oysters on the E Denman bluffs had lunch and back to the boat for rising tide.The herring fish boats while at low slack had no birds around them .We tried with herring jigs to find herring and found zero action .The sea lion presence is at times scary in a small craft as they think you are on to fish and come closer than normal at several times.Nothing showing on the sounder.
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  10. Prawnhunter

    Prawnhunter Member

    Was out there yesterday also, some big balls of herring out in the deep water 200'+ but they scatter fast. South of hornby and Denman there is lots on shore and the commercial fishery is now open.
  11. Trophy21

    Trophy21 Crew Member

    Got out today at on the afternoon ebb tide. Caught and realesed 3 just under sized. All caught on the south end of the kitty hump. Two caught on candy striper spoon. One on army truck hoochie. Only 2 of us on the hump today was a bit lumpy.
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  12. Prairie Locked

    Prairie Locked Well-Known Member

    Looking on the Marine Traffic website, I can count 46 commercial boats between Qualicum and the north end of Denman with the majority off of Bowser at the moment. Pretty disgusting.
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  13. Da Bay Bye

    Da Bay Bye Active Member

    Spent the afternoon at Kitty Coleman. Not much action trolling si I switched to jigging. One nice cod and a few doggies. Great day on the water. Nice to shut the engine off and have a quiet time out there.
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  14. crab bait

    crab bait Active Member

    If the wind cooperates, I wanted to launch the boat (20 ft north river) at Comox or Fanny Bay tomorrow a.m. (Tuesday the 13th) and jig some herring. We went for a boatride out of FB the weekend of the of March, and found lots of sea lions, but no herring or birds.

    I am trailering from north of Campbell River and have never launched in Comox before Does anyone up there have any up to date intel,on herring spawn sightings and Comox launch sites? (or should I go back to Fanny Bay? Thankyou for any info, and I will post my success (or not!)
  15. mayday

    mayday Active Member

    Cant speak for FB, but i launched from comox today - several small schools in the harbour but nothing massive and not very productive.
    As far as launch sites, really only 3 to choose from - comox proper, Pt. Holmes, or Union Bay - both union and pt holmes are a little rough and not the best on a lower tide - comox is the easiest of the 3.
  16. blueugl

    blueugl Member

    Went out from 1 till 3 one hit 7lb red spring Michal Jackson hoochie chartreuse flasher rigged backwards 5 foot leader just south of Salmon Point down toward the Oyster 150 on the rigger 198 ft of water 2 other small boats there also don't know how they did flat calm no tide to speak of great spot for small boats just out front of 2 marinas easy.
  17. Fish Camp

    Fish Camp Well-Known Member

    Nice report blueugl .As for small boats comment ,watch for riptide forming beteen salmon point and kuhushan point sets up east /west and can get bad with a north wind meds  705.jpg if your on the wrong side in the mogals.Oyster riv marina when the enterance was up the river.
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  18. TakesAll

    TakesAll Member

    Awesome picture FC! Never seen that before and i grew up inside the borders of that frame. 2 passes at kitty last wknd saw and felt nothing, ran to PR side, found some good action.
  19. blueugl

    blueugl Member

    FC that would be a very old picture marine just being built channel does not go to river anymore but channel now goes straight out to ocean would say 40 years you are correct about moguls if your referring to the chop that forms in front of Salmon point.
  20. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    x2^ that is an ancient pic...pacific playgrounds looks to be in its infancy here. the lucky dollar ( now discovery foods ) wasn’t even there yet, that was built early 80’s. my guess this pic is from early 70’s. warms my heart however. grew up on the oyster and spent pretty much my entire childhood fishing it. it’s a shame how much things change. the cutthroat fishing used to be out of this world there..

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