2017 Winter Harbour Reports

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  1. Bruce Lee

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    Question - is later August a good time to go to Rupert Arm/Coal Harbour area to target Coho? I am planning to come up around then and do some fly and light gear(spoons) fishing for Coho between Rupert Arm and the mouth of the Marble river area. Better to bring the bigger boat(17 ft) and launch/camp at Coal Harbour, or bring the 14 ft Cartopper and hand launch along the south shore?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  2. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Yes to the coho fishing-personally I would be more comfortable in the 17ft because the water really moves above the narrows-depends I suppose how adventuresome you are--it can be avoided.
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  3. bugleemup

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    Fished Cliffe point, lippy and the lighthouse. Pretty slow today. Yesterday had our limit of 6 springs at cliffe with 90 minutes. Chatter on the radio seemed to indicate slow all around today. Never the less great two days on the water. Cop car and blue/silver coyote spoons 30-45 feet on the wire and tight against the beach. Fish were clones in the 10-14 lb range.
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  4. Sotally Tober

    Sotally Tober Active Member

    Thanks for the reports. We will be up there in about 1 week, hope the weather/winds will be cooperative.
  5. big rock

    big rock Member

    Just back from 3 solid days of fishing at WH. We were very lucky with the wind and weather which aloud us to explore off shore locations both north and south.

    Chinook- we did very well at the light house on the slack tide evening bite it was epic. Our combo was cop car coho killer spoon with a chartreuse flasher and herring aid spoon with gold Betsy flasher 30 and 40 feet tight to the kelp bed. Next time I'm bringing my spey rod or casting rod to cast into the kelp bed I'm sure you could pull a chinook out with a bit of effort. I heard similar reports from Cliff point also although we didn't try there.

    Bottom fish - these guys were alittle harder to find for us we ended up with a mixed bag of lings, snapper and halibut nothing to big which is ok with me ( let the spawners live on). M y opinion only- is to start to educate the guides and the guest in the area to start to release the bigger lingcod to let them spawn. I was listening to the guide outfits on radio mentioning catching/keeping 30 and 40 pound lingcod. The last time I was at WH was about nine years ago and absense of bottom fish in the spots that I knew about was alittle alarming.

    It's was a great trip with good people to fish with and I will be be back. On a side note we were stopped by CO in campbell river at 11:30pm. He mention twice that he thought it a little strange that we were traveling at night. Like we were trying to snick extra fish back or something. Finally I made mention that I didn't appreciate him making us guilty before looking in the coolers. Everything check out ok and we were on our way.

    Thx for the helpful tips from everyone.

    Tight lines

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  6. easydoesit

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    Great report, thanks. Appreciate the detail.
  7. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    The Spring Fever Flying circus and Gong Show will be off Kain island next Monday pm thru thurs. Listening on 6 or 68 Green and white Orca-I share info
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  8. Bobby

    Bobby Member

    Spring Fever we are heading to Winter harbour this Friday . Always enjoy your posts .
    This will be are 7th year going up to the area and always have a great time . We base out of Port McNeil gives the different options depending on weather. Three Rednecks from Revelstoke in a 20 ft explorer will listen for you on the radio and if we find some fish we will share . July 14th-21st
  9. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Have a Great Time! I don't usually talk on the radio but I listen out--I'll watch for you.
  10. Barnacle Bill

    Barnacle Bill Active Member

    E-mail sent.
  11. Just got back from 5 days in WH and trip was amazing!! 2 boats 8 guys limited on everything. Fish were hitting everything, anchovies, hoochies and spoons. All fish were caught 25-35'. Grants Bay first light and Kains Island were the ticket!! Biggest was 29lbs and lots in the mid 20s. Next stop is Sooke in a month and can't wait :) 29.5lber.jpg 26lber.jpg 25 and 23.jpg
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  12. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Looks like the Old days are back!! Way to go
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  13. Waterboywhidbey

    Waterboywhidbey New Member

    Just returned from 5 days of fishing out of Qualicum River Resort. Rob and his staff offer a great service for the byob guys and their guides definitely get you hooked up with alot of big fish if you choose the charter option. Limited on springs in the first two days with ling's and rock fish to top it off. The springs we're high teens and low twenties for me. Great fishing springs early morning and late afternoon around kains. Anchored twice and caught a 56 lb Hali and released another that was pushing 100 lbs. Easy limits on big ling's, yelloweye and rockfish, need to bring more coolers next time. One of the best trips I have ever experienced. Qualicum Rivers Resort is my go to place. The c boats were getting their limits of everything within three days.
  14. SpringFever552

    SpringFever552 Well-Known Member

    Heading up this afternoon after work
    Fish Wednesday Thursday Fri
    Winds look favorable..
    will be offshore Wed and Thurs for sure

    Hope to have a good report to pass on when home
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  15. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    Got back tonight from Winter Harbour -went of course with much too high expectation but as an old WH player -I expected this. Got into Cole harbour 12 noon on mon. and talked to guys coming out and found out that people were having a little problem finding Springs. Should have been there last week. LOL Crab traps dumped and Kaine Island by 2 pm fairly lumpy off the end -tried seaward but a little rough so stuck around Kains-got a few decent Springs and released a few 10 lbers really a little tough. By 7 pm blowing hard so went to a secure anchorage for late supper and a bit of strategy. First light Grants Bay--very dead!!! finally off Lippy a chovy scored a mid teen Spring-- But that was it-trolled out to the hiway got a hali and a few keeper lings--looking bleak so put a centre rod with an 8oz banana weight and a green and silver coyote plus a CCar coyote at 40 feet and a chovy at 180 ft and went prospecting. Even a blind squirrel gets the odd nut--and so it was-we played with coho for a few hours til we tired of it and had a limit. Living on the hook is great but it does have limitations-one of which is you don't hear where everyone else is getting fish. Snoozed the afternoon away-had an early supper and went to Kains-

    Gorgeous evening lots of boats doing the usual parade outside the kelp-put on my big boy pants and went pinnacle hopping in tight on the end and around the seaward side of kains. Nailed a dandy on a green and silver 3.0 coyote-then booted another-- All at 33 to 40 ft. Died-decided to use my partners flasher and CCar coyote as a dummy and went beside him with a bare chovy no flasher. Like a light had been switched on--5 screamers on and 4 landed--Amazing evening-nobody came around-they just continued the parade on the inside and left us alone. First light-going to do it again--tide was right but the word was out-lots of boats back of kains but no fish!! By the way --if you insist on trolling in a narrow known passage way that is 20 feet wide at first light-you shouldn't be surprised that boats don't go 1/2 mile around the island to avoid you--Beauty is skin deep but Stupid is --to the Bone!!! Couldn't believe this guy-17 ft boat-no lights-trolling middle of the gap at first light with 10 Grady type boats piling thru for the open ocean. There are some things you can't unsee!! LOL On out to Grants-Nada continued out the RCA line and 164 ft of water with 150 ft down get a good take but didn't stick--hit man O board circled and came back and got a real burner-mid-20's-we stuck it out until we had a 3 man spring limit--then pulled up everything to under 45 feet-added a centre rod and went looking for coho--found a few but nothing too exciting. Called it a day as the wind had switched to the south-tried a few passes at Cliffe. nothing doing there. Headed up to the narrows and a quiet anchorage to clean and ice fish. Quiet evening-some tunes ,stories and the odd brewski just to remind us how fortunate we are to do this 10 to 12 times a year. Pulled the traps this morning-one had been pulled(zap strap gone) but the other 2 were decent. All in all a great trip--not overflowing with fish but if you are persistent and know your business you should be rewarded, DSC01006.JPG DSC01007.JPG DSC01014.JPG
  16. TyeeSlayer

    TyeeSlayer Member

    Thanks for the great report Spring Fever! Heading up to Quatino next Friday July 28, but hear that the commercial fleet will also be trolling this area and that will most likely affect fishing. Sorry to hear that your crab trap got robbed - really a shame that people no longer respect others property.
  17. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    I have been up there many times during the commercial plug only fishery-they don't affect it much and they are usually spread out. Might also give you a clue where they are. I think they have a distance from shore restriction on this one( not positive on this) Remember not to tie up to a float that is not yours-you might be asked to leave quite forcefully if it is a commercial guys and he wants to sleep!!!
  18. TyeeSlayer

    TyeeSlayer Member

    You're right SF - the commercial guys are limited to fishing area 127 and it is plug only. Depending on how many boats there are and what tactics they are using, I generally do not want to get too close to them. Nearly got run over once and that was enough. We have our own modest fishing camp in the village of Quatsino, so we don't need to tie up to a float. Thanks for the advice as some one else may benefit from it. I am expecting that there may be line ups at the gas dock that week!
  19. Great report spring fever and thanks for sharing!! Happy you got into some nice fish at least.. I think when we were there the week before it was prime time. Was talking to a few of my local buddies and they were doing runs south to Brooks and Solander and picking up nice springs and I also heard Kyuquot was quite hot the last few days so I'm thinking the big run we ran into was already on its way south..? Nevertheless great job!!
  20. spring fever

    spring fever Well-Known Member

    You are exactly right!! The fish I got into were not there the day before and they certainly aren't the same run that was around Kains. Smaller-different shape and colour-so I'm thinking another wave was coming in.
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