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Discussion in '2017 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    Hey Englishman
    It's all about being in the right spot at the right time.
    you pick your spot and take your chances.
    My guess is with your nice Spring today, you did as well or better then many.
    Today they were off the Head and sounds like out west was good too, but they are not everywhere. Who knows where they might be tomorrow?
    Good luck and keep up the great posts.
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  2. Whitebuck

    Whitebuck Well-Known Member

    Mostly reds you guys hitting?
  3. fogged in

    fogged in Well-Known Member

    all reds for us
  4. Aridhol

    Aridhol Active Member

    Went out after pinks with the kids today and got lucky. 8 in the boat at a decent size.
    All @ 110ft on the rigger out in the 450' mark behind secretary.

    Kids had a blast.
  5. Kinetic

    Kinetic Active Member

    I might as well say ditto ;)
    Went out with the wife and kids off secretary in 500ft. Of water.
    Picked up 8 Pinks as well between 60-80ft.
    Lost atleast a dozen more.
    Good times for the kids!

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  6. Last Chance

    Last Chance Admin Staff Member

    Quick trip today. 14 pound spring, big hatch coho, and pinks until the arms were sore off Secretary. Out west for some better ones tomorrow.
  7. JuandeOne

    JuandeOne Well-Known Member

    Wife and I were treated to a lovely day with Whole in the Water. Went straight to Otter first thing and hooked a nice spring then worked the next few hours with only a few shakers and a humpy. We're tempted to move on a couple of occasions but waited for the high slack and did it pay off. Hooked five nice springs in short order and a nice hatchco to boot. AP herring spoon and chovie did the heavy lifting.
  8. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Yesterday..... helluva great day on the water.... did not get out until 9:30 after getting the kids going... but worth the wait. Otter was an absolute gong show of boats.. lucky for us actually. (forced us to fish outside) Immediately had a double header .... Pink... which after dealing with the kelp and tangled lines... ended up out at 200 feet off the point. Dropped the lines to troll back inwards... right away.. bang double header Spring! Got the first one in and lost second. Stayed out at 200 feet.. and wow! Ended up with 5 nice Spring... 2 over 30 and, 26, 22, and 17. And one nice clipped Coho. The last 30 actually was also a double header... lost one at the boat... which seemed like it would have been close to 30 as well... and got the other.
    Went out this morning for a quick troll as the tide was too low to pull the boat... 2 Spring 22 and 24, one Pink... and that was it.
    Will be back for Coho in October... tight lines!
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  9. SpringVelocity

    SpringVelocity Well-Known Member

    I think I was on outside of you when you got that double header. We were out from 9 to 2 at Otter. It just wasn't our day today and super frustrating . Had one of those days when everyone around were catching fish. We ended up with 2 pinks and that was all. I wouldn't call it lights as many didn't get anything. Was quite entertaining and challenging to fish the point with so fishing boats.
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  10. Englishman

    Englishman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for putting this post up Spring V! :)Most guys never post if they don't catch much and it can be very disheartening reading all the great reports. :(After reading ronj's incredible post above (two 30's!!) I even considered fishing Otter myself despite the fantastic zoo of boats there that always puts me off. After reading your post I was brought back to earth and I know now not to bother. ronj probably had a once in lifetime day there and your report is the reality of what I would catch if I tried to add to the huge gong show that is Otter!!:D
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  11. Tips Up

    Tips Up Well-Known Member

    Father in law landed a 24 this morning at Otter.
    Fished till 10:30 with no other fish. Looked fishy. Figure bite would have came on if we stayed.
    But we headed out for my son to play some pinks. He landed 5 and lost a few.
    Good fun.


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  12. Aridhol

    Aridhol Active Member

    Bit of a choppy day today but managed 3 springs and a pink. Got a 19lb on our way into cheanuh.
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  13. ronj

    ronj Active Member

    Englishman... yes it was a great day for sure.... we have had many a day out there only catching one or two for sure.... (not sure I have ever seen a skunk day during summer in Sooke)..... and as I said..... it was the gong show and a boat full of first timers that kept us outside for most of the day... once my guests were a bit more comfortable we did enter the gong show... its not all that bad if you keep an eye on things. Being that we come from Calgary to fish.. we take what we can get.
    After catching a couple clipped Coho we are hoping that the run is better than last year.... will be back in October for Coho!
    Tight lines all!
  14. fishspoon

    fishspoon Active Member

    any fish inside Pedder Bay can buoy? may rent a boat and jig there..looking for a bbq size fish!
  15. Chasin' Dreams

    Chasin' Dreams Well-Known Member

    Bit of a grind today but we ended up finding some nice slabs. Fished beechy then bluffs for a bit at first light with just a pink and small spring we released. Then headed to otter and a bit towards Muir then back to otter then the trailer park then back to otter. Released another smaller spring and couple more pinks by the trailers and ended up some nice slabs by the end of the day at otter. We chucked everything at them today and had most of our success with flash flys and anchovy in heads. Fog rolled in towards late afternoon/early evening along with some fairly strong winds.

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  16. kayladog

    kayladog Active Member

    Headed out to Sooke tomorrow. Be interesting to see if the eclipse affects fishing at all. Fish on or totally freak them out?
  17. vicsurfer

    vicsurfer Active Member

    Fished 7:30-12 at the Head. Landed 4 pinks and tossed back a nice sockeye. My daughter also picked up a nice spring at 20ft with a pink hootchie. mya fish.jpg
  18. Tsquared

    Tsquared Well-Known Member

    Vicsurfer--she'll have a good fish story to tell her buddies when she gets back to school.
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  19. Original

    Original Active Member

    Fish spoon' there are lots of fish in Pedder Bay jigging or trolling along the wall as well as the Can Bouy. Usually pretty protected from the weather. From what I hear I'm the only one that gets skunked there hehe. My buddy got a 27lb two weeks ago and a nice pair of teens yesterday on light green teasers and chovie. Good luck let us know how you do.
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  20. fishspoon

    fishspoon Active Member

    Thanks...i hear waterfront gave away good shares of fish to happy boaters last weekend. Inside Pedder bay is always my favorite to fish. Looking at eclipse now. May go out this afternoon or later this week. Sure i ll let u know how i do.

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