2017 Silva Bay Derby

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  1. Hot Rods

    Hot Rods Member

    Tickets now available at Harbour Chandler and Gone Fishin for the 29th annual Silva Bay Derby. Fathers Day weekend. June 17 - 18. $30 entry includes draw for Lowrance HDS 12 sounder and a burger at the Sunday afternoon awards ceremony. Over &15,000 in prizes. All proceeds go to the Nanaimo River Community Fish Hatchery. Send me an email at clydewicks@telus.net if you need any info.
  2. michael_reiber

    michael_reiber Active Member

    is there a page with a prize layout for the derby? like what 1st biggest salmon second biggest salmon biggest ling etc gets you
  3. Hot Rods

    Hot Rods Member

    No prize list other than the 9.9 Yamaha for largest Chinook. The rest you get to pick from the prize table. We have downriggers, trap puller, Islander and Amundsen rods and reels and over 50 other great prizes.
  4. Hot Rods

    Hot Rods Member

    There are prizes for Chinook, coho, ling (closest to 15 lb without going over). Halibut, rockfish and sole. Even one for the best hat at the awards ceremony.
  5. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    got my tix cant wait
  6. fishin solo

    fishin solo Well-Known Member

    Who else is going?
  7. Tightlines22

    Tightlines22 Well-Known Member

    We are looking forward to being there again.
  8. ExFlyGuy

    ExFlyGuy Well-Known Member

    Just picked up my tickets today from gone fishing!

    See you guys on the water!
  9. Osprey16

    Osprey16 Member

    What are the boundaries going to be?
  10. Hot Rods

    Hot Rods Member

    Same as always. Icarus Point on the north to Porlier Pass on the south and up to five miles oss shore.
  11. Picked up our tickets yesterday at Gone Fishing.
    Hope the weather is decent.
    Always a good time and great prizes.
  12. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to report on this Derby, We took part fished both Saturday and Sunday, We took top prize for Ling at 14.88 and we got the 1st, and third for coho. All round great Derby, weather wasn't that great but we stuck it out. One thing that I though was very disappointing was the way the prizes where handed out. For Springs the top 20 where give prizes and then they switched over to giving prizes based on when you weighted in your fish. This meant that everybody who brought a spring in on Saturday got a prize while the guy's who brought bigger fish in on Sunday didn't get anything. I though this was pretty poor way of doing the prizes and I think a bunch of other people where un happy about that too. I felt that organizers should have ordered the list biggest to smallest and called names based on that....
  13. Hot Rods

    Hot Rods Member

    Sounds like you did pretty well on the prizes Party Marty. Sorry you were disappointed your other fish went further down the prize list. However, your statement is not accurate. The top 50 prizes are awarded, including 31 Chinook, then the remainder of the Chinook are called based on a random draw alternating between Sat and Sun weigh-in sheets. With 160 Chinook and four other species weighed in and only 30 minutes for the volunteers to tabulate everything, we simply don't have time to do what you are suggesting and still get all the anglers home for Fathers Day dinners.

    Sounder Draw. Keith Gerrard
    Largest Chinook. Keith Gerrard. 24.66
    And yes...lucky Keith got drawn out of 296 entries.
    2nd largest Chinook. Dave Harris. 21.36
    3rd largest Chinook. Joe Old. 21.09
    Largest coho. Mike Dunstan. 4.67
    Ling closest to 15lb. Justin Berlinquette. 14.88
    Largest bottom fish. Oliver Schmaler. 7.36 yellow eye.

    This derby is the biggest yearly fundraiser for the Nanaimo River Community Fish Hatchery and we thank everyone for participating. Next year is the 30th anniversary and we look forward to putting on something special to celebrate.

    Pix and more details to follow. Any questions...send me a pm.
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  14. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    Random Draw.... that's not the way it was explained, but it is what it is, I just think we all paid for our tickets and thought it was un fair that a guys who weighed in a 12lb fish watched as the guy's who weighted in a 8lb when up and collected a prize.
  15. ExFlyGuy

    ExFlyGuy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for putting on a great derby!

    My oldest boy(4) and I spent our first night on the boat together and although the weather wasn't the best or the fishing for us you guys made both my boys days by giving them fishing rods on Sunday (he is already asking when we can do it again). We will be back next year for sure!
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  16. Sculpin

    Sculpin Well-Known Member

    The underlined say's it all period. It is the only reason I have ever entered a fishing derby. We have to give back in some way for what we take. Unfortunately this year we didn't have time to fabricate any fish cleaning troughs. We did donate a nice 300 dollar rod and reel combo from the Harbour Chandler though. I really hope the individual that won that prize is grateful.

    The posts before and after are the reasons I won't enter derby's anymore.

    Kudos to Hotrods and the many other people that make this derby happen for the underlined cause. We couldn't attend this year due to business being so busy.

    Please post up some positive experiences of the derby folks :). Many others and myself are
    looking forward to reading them......
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  17. Tightlines22

    Tightlines22 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all the volunteers and organizers. Well done! That was our third time in the derby and we look forward to the 30th Annual next year.
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  18. Fisher Down

    Fisher Down Member

    Here's a couple pictures of the 2x winner, Keith Gerrard;
    1- weighing in the winning chinook &
    2 - accepting prizes for both the draw and largest chinook.


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  19. Captain PartyMarty

    Captain PartyMarty Well-Known Member

    Well I guess speaking up and asking for the rules to be followed gets you labeled the forum a$$hole so I will apologize and if you want I will remove my comments , and yes you guy's do an awesome job and we all had a lot fun. If it's really such a large job tallying and sorting the list I volunteer to help out next year, I can bring my labtop and enter the data and sort it out the list. Just let me know if you need a volunteer.
  20. Hot Rods

    Hot Rods Member

    Don't sweat it PM. Anyone who tries to enter a rubber tire in the "most unusual fish" category definitely has a sense of humour. Fun and funds for the hatchery is what this event is all about. No problem doing the tabulating when we only have 50 or 60 Chinook weighed in. It becomes a time problem when we have 160 and many of them come in at the 12 noon deadline. Don't know if a second laptop will help but I will ask the volunteer who coordinates that job. Thanks for the offer to help next year.

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