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Discussion in '2017 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Sophia, an international exchange student visiting the Comox Valley from Germany just landed this 14 pound Chinook 2 days before she heads home after a 3 month stay. Fishing Grants Reef with a Tomic plug at 200 ft.
  2. Thunder21

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    I fished coho last night from about 530 till pitch black. Started out fishing a small tubby and a spoon with no luck so traded the spoon in for a white glow hootchie and picked up 3 . Lost 2 of them before they made it to the boat though. Bait didn't really pile up until the sun was down. Between me and the guys I've had on the boat we've lost 7 fish in the last 3 trips. Confidence is low these days. Too many beers maybe.
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    Thread was being derailed...back to fishing reports.
  4. Dbastock

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    Looking for advice. Camping in Gillies bay on Texada and need to pick someone up around Comox. Where's the best place? Easiest to get to etc...?

    Wanted to pickup around Little River ferry terminal but don't see anything on google earth that would work.


  5. Scorpiofisher

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    If you need a dock, your short on luck. Comox or Pacific Playgrounds. If you can land on the beach, behind the ferry spit isn't bad. Just watch out for the family/kids recreating as is often the case. Shore is mostly small gravel/sand.
  6. leftcoast

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    You at Shelter Point? Depending on the situation I would just pull up to the beach in little river next to the ferry I have done this before nice sandy beach. If the person doesn't have much luggage you can do a quick load up and they can just jump in your boat. Other then that you have to run into Comox Harbor.
  7. littlechucky

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    Or have them hop the ferry to Powell river. Ferry terminal is right at the marina.

    Probably an equivalent run from gillies bay.
  8. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    I always do what leftcoast said. Just poke into the sandy beach at little river.
  9. Dbastock

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    Awesome guys, thanks. I wasn't sure what the beach was like at little river but that's awesome. Sounds like a great plan.

    Thanks again

  10. TheHurtLocker

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    Took the Hurtlocker up with Livelines aboard to Powell River on Friday afternoon. It was flat calm all week and of course on the day you want to travel it was a 25 to 30 SE. Made for a slow ride up, but by the time we made it to PR she laid down. Shot the rest of the way up to Ironmines for a couple of hour fish and then over to Mace Pt. Talked to some buddies that said to fish 180 to 220 down which I hate to do so I stubbornly did my own thing and nothing. Stayed the night in Lund and we got up for the 5am tide, got out of the harbour and put our anchovies and rubber down and trolled to Ironmine, had a mid teen on in the first 5 mins 208 down, on the meat. Had 2 more in the next hour and half biggest around 16 to 18 all 180 to 200 down. Things slowed a bit so we went to Grant, slugged it out in the NW and didn't see much so we headed to Coho Pt and released some legals and undersize on the plugs. Headed back to Secret Cove around 2pm, beauty ride down, flat and hot. It was nice to get back to the old stomping grounds! Thanks for buying the beers @LIVELINES
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  11. leftcoast

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    sorry I missed you bud. Next time. I bet the hurtlocker liked being the the area again.
  12. leftcoast

    leftcoast Well-Known Member

    Skunked yesterday morning for the 6:30 tide at coho and sandbanks.
  13. charlie415

    charlie415 Well-Known Member

    Coho Point this morning. Tubbed out in 90 minutes. Nothing big all mid teens. Lots of big bait out there. 5" plugs 602 & 500 did the job for us.
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  14. eriks

    eriks Active Member

    Where is Coho Pt? I'll be up in Savary for a week next week, and would like to do some fishing around there and on the way up.
  15. Kisinana

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    Coho Point is the northern tip of Texada Island. Since you plan to be at Savary, the Iron Mines just to the south edge of Lund and Mystery Reef on the southside of Savary are also producing. Just watch fishing at Mystery as it is the corner point of a closed area for the backside of Harwood more or less west tip of Harwood to Mystery buoy and south to the east tip of Harwood Will send coordinates later
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  16. Kisinana

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    Area 15 Chinook
    This information does not appear when you look at the regs it just says area of Shearwater and Algerine passage

    Jun 15-Aug 15 Non-retention
    Those waters of Algerine and Shearwater Passages bounded by a line from the southern most point of
    Harwood Island southerly to the navigational light on Rebecca Rocks hence northwest to the easterly
    most point to Vivian Island then northerly to the navigational marker at Mystery Reef hence west to
    the navigational marker on Atrevida Reef then southerly to the northern most point of Harwood Island
    then hence along the western shore of Harwood Island back to the point of commencement at the most
    southerly tip of Harwood Island.

    Don't forget Grant Reefs can be really good on a tide change
  17. Thunder21

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    I went out early this am and fished grants. Picked up a hatch coho and 2 springs in the 10lb range. Unfortunately there is a 20 lb or so swimming around with a flasher because I somehow broke off, must have had a knick in the line from the previous fish and not noticed. I also released a few wild coho and a couple of other undersize chinook. Overall a pretty good morning. I'm going to give it a go tomorrow am as well
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  18. leftcoast

    leftcoast Well-Known Member

    Not a bad way to start your day! Good to hear Grants is still producing

    RODNREEL Active Member

    I'm thinking of coming over from Comox with the family and I'm wondering if there is anywhere to tie up in the marina for a few hours while we go for lunch.
  20. Thunder21

    Thunder21 Active Member

    If you go to the south harbour entrance they should be able to find you somewhere to tie up. The north entrance is long term moorage .

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