2017 Port Renfrew Reports

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  1. J-ROC

    J-ROC New Member

    Fished Friday. Strong bite at East point first thing... right around low slack. Saw about 15 fish hooked.. hooked into one myself.. solo.Landed about 15lbs. Bite ended... or at least appeared to so went to camper. Trolled until about 11. One tiddler. Maybe saw 3 decent fish hooked in 4 hrs. Very slow.

    Back to east point, outside though for another hour. Saw a fellow solo land a dandy just before noon.. must have been 30. Took him quite a few tries to net.

    Picked the crab pots and barely got my limit... lots of female and undersized.

    Back in Nanaimo by 330.

    Both my fish were on chovies.. though that's all I fished.
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  2. Finally

    Finally Member

    Had a great two days at Renfrew with my brother. Stayed at the Pacific Gateway Marina and fished Saturday and Sunday.

    We fished the Saturday and Sunday mornings off the beach. Boxed a few mid teens springs Saturday and one Sunday. We also ventured offshore both days...epic.

    Saturday afternoon was just plugged with coho and pinks. Couldn't get the lines down for springs. Coho were taking it off the surface and on the way down. Sunday the coho were not as thick and we were able to get into the chinooks. Limits of salmon both days. It's too bad the trip had to end. Great weather and great memories.
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  3. PatyO'Furniture

    PatyO'Furniture Active Member

    fished saturday at east point and camper. Landed a nice 16 pound spring on the last pass of the day at east point. Pretty slow fishing for us and didnt see too many nets out.
  4. KCW

    KCW Active Member

    Fished Tuesday- Saturday . Did well Tuesday night , Wednesday and Thursday at east point, slowed down considerably on Friday/ Saturday with only a few caught . Had my daughters out and they all landed fish to 25Lbs with some lost at boat due to one seal,inexperience, racked knuckles and broken rod tip. Lots of boats including 6 or more guide boats doing the inside tack ,saw lots of fish hooked and only a few tangles with other boats , we had two with one fish hooked on another boats downrigger not his fault as boats were so close ( got the fish in ) and a couple older cut pluggers turned to soon behind us getting our flashers but quickly got things un tangled . Never seen so many boats in so tight of an area , every one was tacking the correct way and being very professional , you definitely had to be paying attention . Fish caught on anchovies and 2 on a white and brown hootchy we tried because one fish cleaned was full of squid . Had a couple of d0uble headers and released a few springs in the 8-10 lb range , did well on crabs but most were just under size, one of my daughter's friend made her own crab trap out of chicken wire so I threw a fish head in it and put it out for fun not expecting much , don't think another crab could have fit inside of it after an 8 hr. soak :)
  5. ArimaDave

    ArimaDave New Member

    I was out on the bank over the weekend. Lots of fish, with a mix of all species. Sunday had better size than others. Caught all species at depths of 150-200' and many hits on the way down at 100' or less. Just used spoons. Biggest was 21 lbs.
  6. rutskin

    rutskin Member

    East pt, this am 4 springs by noon low-mid 20s. Bloody nose head 27 and 33ft.
  7. Day trip to Renfrew, arrived at 06:00 and waited for tide to come in a bit, started fishing east point around 7:30. Not a lot happening, lots of bait and a few fish showing on sounder, but at 10ish, like a switch went on, fish were on everywhere. Got our limit by noon. 30' was magic, anchovy on long leaders. 26,20 and twin 10's. Saw John Horgan at the Marina, he was out and got their limit at camper. Should be a great weekend!
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  8. Tsquared

    Tsquared Well-Known Member

    Coming up tomorrow for a few days--how's fishing?
  9. scott craven

    scott craven Well-Known Member

    Didn't know he was a fisherman, maybe there's hope ?
  10. Tsquared

    Tsquared Well-Known Member

    He only fishes the port side of The boat.
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  11. zfish

    zfish Member

    Was up at east point monday mid morning to mid afternoon paddling for a fish; there was a good bite, lots of boats got fish, finally got one on the kayak, small teen, but at least the epic skunk is over. Custom bloody nose army truck teaser, anchovy, green flash. Tuesday was spotty from about 9:00 to 1:30, tried flasher chovy first and later cut plugging but I may have left before the bite. I did catch a guys overboard rod (yes i saw him drop it) complete with a fish on it by paddling up and snatching the flasher off the surface pulling the fish in, releasing the undersized fish, then realizing that a different boat had snagged the rod, some yelling as we tried to figure out who had what, oh funny gong show moment. The dropper must have got a hit then dropped the rod. It is a bit crowded. Happy to report that the rod found the original dropper.
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  12. Tsquared

    Tsquared Well-Known Member

    Well done zfish
    Thanks for the report! I still haven't got rid of the kayak skunk yet this year. Soon!
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  13. Jackhammer

    Jackhammer New Member

  14. Jackhammer

    Jackhammer New Member

    Just got home tonight from being out at East point today.. Fished from 6:30 - 4:00.... Stayed at East pt.. All day.. We had a GREAT day as we played 14 chinooks today with 2 double headers and landed 7!!! Haven't seen a day like that in years.. There was fish being caught there all day long.. Our biggest was 20lbs with most in the 13 - 17lbs range.. This day made up for the week I was in Nootka ( Aug 10- 15) where we only landed 6 Chinooks.. Anyways hope it stays hot for u all.. Tight lines
  15. alex green

    alex green Member

    i fished east point last night from 1pm till 8pm and hooked 13 0r 14 nice springs 12 to 20lbs landed 10 lost 1 to the sea lion best day in a long time for renfrew 3 double headers.
  16. peetz

    peetz Member

    Best day ive had out there in yrs ... 2 double headers lost more than we boated .. 10 , 14 , 16 and a 35 ... beauty day
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  17. Kinetic

    Kinetic Active Member

    Fished Renfrew for the 1st time today in 12 years and......got skunked :(
    Fished Camper at dawn and moved to East Point at noon tide change but not a sniff.
    I tried everything in the tackle box
  18. zfish

    zfish Member

    Any action around you?
  19. Kinetic

    Kinetic Active Member

    Yes, we probably saw a dozen fish caught during our day at the 2 locations.
    Our speed was right and gear was what we catch fish on in Sooke.
    I guess Renfrew just doesn't like me.
  20. Hoochiebob

    Hoochiebob Well-Known Member

    I definitely had to work for my catch sat and sun. 8- 5pm sat, with a ling and a 12 lber to show for it. The spring hit right at the slack current, and was the only strike of the day. 7- 4pm sunday, netted a 16lber 15 min. in, and released an 8 at the slack tide. Nothing else the rest of the day. Both days in the armada at Camper. Saw the derby winner- 27lb, 13oz. Definitely small fish this year.
    Picked the 8 up on a large anchovie without a flasher. Gave it a try thinking there was too much bling dangling out there, and the water was very clear. Watched a school of small salmon dart around my boat sunday just off the rock pile. The pod of Orcas rolling through saturday was quite a show as well!
    Hell, fishing could have been better, but what a gorgeous place to spend the weekend!
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