2017 Port Renfrew Reports

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  1. Buckethead905

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    Fished Renfrew this past Wednesday/Thursday/Friday..

    Headed out for a solo fish Wednesday evening to east point, first hour and a half was crickets until I got into a nice 23lb spring right in the chute, before I could get my rod handed around the port-side rod, it too went off in the other direction as I headed for the kelp and rocks. 25 mins later the chaos came to an end with both fish on the deck. What an awesome time, I wish I had it on video. IMG_6615.JPG

    The next morning headed out solo again. There was no river travel until around 8am so I slept in and missed the morning bite. Ended up hooking into a mid 20s spring on the outside of east point but lost it just as I was trying to scoop the net under. Went in around noon and picked up the better half. Headed back out and had an unforgettable evening on the water picking up some of the scrappiest springs we have ever hooked into. And yes, she reeled them all in, I guess I am just the designated net-man. I will say boys, her and her pink islander put in work, we better look out! IMG_6619.JPG


    Anchovies were the ticket on a rather fast troll. The bite times were VERY short and we didn't get a sniff in between. When the bite goes off you'd best have your lines in the water with a second rig ready to put back down.
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  2. Matsutake

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    Nice report and pics, thanks.
  3. WaterRats

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    Awesome report would you be willing to share what depths you were running? And what colour flashers and teaser heads you were running?
  4. Buckethead905

    Buckethead905 Member

    No problem..

    28-44 feet on the rigger
    Green and glo/cream soda flasher
    Clear UV and UV purple haze teaser
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  5. WaterRats

    WaterRats Member

    Spent the weekend out in Renfrew for the Kinsmen derby. It was a pretty slow weekend for most, but there were a few in the mid 20's that made the leader board. Unfortunately our 2 little 8 pounders just didn't cut it. All in all it was a great weekend on the water with my brother out from Edmonton, my kids and my lil lady. It was so awesome to see my daughter and my brother both haul in and land their first salmon.

    A special thanks to the Kinsmen Club for the awesome prize of HD ratchet straps, whom without my 24' Trophy would still be tied to the dock today. Made it home safe and in one piece but I could have done without the frustration of breaking the winch cable. Until next time Renfrew; my monster Tyee is lurking somewhere in your waters.

    For those interested, 32-47 on the rigger, purple onion flasher and a bloody nose teaser head.
  6. tubber

    tubber Well-Known Member

  7. ArimaDave

    ArimaDave New Member

    Hey there, I'm heading back up to Neah Bay to cross over and fish either Renfrew along the beach or Swiftsure... what's the latest out on the bank? Still mainly little ones? In mid-July when we went up, the coho were pretty small and chinook averaged maybe 6-8 lbs. I felt fortunate to get one 22 lber in two days of fishing.
  8. fish brain

    fish brain Active Member

    I was out there last weekend. there were pinks everywhere. It was kind of fun casting for them while on the drift for halis. We didnt see a coho all day
  9. ArimaDave

    ArimaDave New Member

    How was the halibut fishing? We'd like to spend some time trying for halis. Haven't fished on the Canadian side before, so we'll be doing a little bit of chasing the fleet... which side of the closure area were you at?
  10. CIVANO

    CIVANO Well-Known Member

    It can be a zoo out there with lots of boats some trolling and some drifting. Pay attention to see if the fleet is trolling in one direction then picking up and running back to the start point. If so do the same.
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  11. fish brain

    fish brain Active Member

    I dont know how the other boats did, we got one. we were out at the Chicken ranch by the whistle buoy with a bunch of other boats. I dont know if I would do it again as I dont like having to worry about what everyone else is doing. we usually fish the other edges where the traffic is lower.
  12. Nugget

    Nugget Member

    Any reports from the beach of the bank??? Thinking about coming up for the weekend. Thanks
  13. zfish

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    Fished east point in my kayak early tues and wed mornings. Started with an anchovy in a teaser head and mooched along for a while. Nada. Put on a flasher and a heavier weight still nada. Skunked. Wed morning mooched a helmuted anchovy again, nada. Switched to a wholly roller, nada. Cut it off super short into a beauty cut plug when the mouth opened up after it snagged on something. Sent the plug back down and paddled away from the crowd. Not long after I got a great hit and had a monster on the line. Reel was peeling out on a heavy fish that wouldn't stop running, then suddenly *plink* . F*#k got spooled. Best kayak fish I've had on he line for years but fish gone, and once again pilot error. So, lesson learned. No backing was put on the reel last time I loaded at wise buys, but that was not the main mistake. Many small fish over the last few years had made me complacent and I should have loaded the reel properly BEFORE I went fishing, as i thought about it, but didn't do it. Saw a few fish caught but wouldn't say it was hot fishing by any means.
  14. Nugget

    Nugget Member

    No bank reports? Any coho ?
  15. Tsquared

    Tsquared Well-Known Member

    Did you launch at Gateway? Very sorry to read about your lost fish-- getting to the tack at East Point is not exactly as easy as Otter or Sheringham.
  16. NerkaPursuit

    NerkaPursuit New Member

    What is the lowest tide a guy can launch at Pacific Gateway? I've got a 22.5' Pursuit on a bunk trailer. Is the protocol there to park your trailer separate from your truck?
    Thanks guys
  17. LukeSeawalker

    LukeSeawalker Member

    Just back from 2 days in Renfrew. Launched and moored at Gateway very nice facility and accessible at almost any tide for launching.

    Went to camper first thing got 1 spring (12lbs) on a chovie, didn't see much else happening so went offshore. Piles of coho, tubbed out on hatcheries quite quickly using coho killers behind green flashers at 90ft. Headed into east point and grabbed an 18lb spring on a chovie then called it a day.

    Next morning went straight offshore found 2 hatchery coho right off the start then sorted through a pile of pinks. Switched gears and put on the 6" no bananas and 6" green cop car spoons and sent them down to 150-185 on the riggers and tubbed out on springs all in the mid to high teens. Seemed the slow troll had the most action offshore and a long leader for the chovies seemed to work best for us along the rocks.

    Beautiful August fishing with only high smoke in the air with no fog!!!

    Good luck out there!
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  18. zfish

    zfish Member

    Hey T launched at the beach next to the govt wharf and camped on the pacheedaht beach.
  19. kingspring

    kingspring Member

    IMG_1133.JPG Fished the beach yesterday.
    Hit one at 7am when the flood kicked in and one at the end of the flood around 1230.
    41 and 21 for depth. Was scratchy, but very enjoyable fishing solo in the ' tinner '.
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  20. BigBoat

    BigBoat New Member

    Just back last evening from four days fishing the banks. Early in the week the 4-6 ft swell with a 7 second period was making my out of town visitors uncomfortable. We skipped Tuesday due to the conditions and just enjoyed the whale show. On Thursday the condition at the banks was back to normal and we landed, and mostly released, 38 fish. The coho seemed to be everywhere from 200 ft to the surface. Caught some pinks and a few springs when the coho didn't get to the lure first.
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