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    Yes and that is what she does and finds most effective, but still doesn't make her symptom free. Seems really sensitive. She thought the ones in the USA worked better, but I looked them up with a pharmacist at work and they're the same concentration across the boarder. So makes me think it's a little in her head too. It's tough being a fishermen with sick family members. Not built for the sea. I took the Father inlaw out this summer to the banks off Ukee and he was a bit green the first day. Slapped a patch on him and worked great for him.
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    Stugeron works great for me, doesn't seem to have any side effects either. Most of my sailing friends swear by it.

    Can't get here, but if you have friends in the UK they can send you a bunch.
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    What i like to do is make my motion sensitive buddy open up the zip lock bag of ripening salmon parts and rig them on the spreader bars. when he starts up-chucking, i start laughing until i cry and then i feel better. but that's just me
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    Nasa has done immense studies on motion sickness. I believe at one point they found that 1/3 of the population was not effected by it. 1/3 could be treated with drugs and 1/3 could not be helped at all. hence making 1/3 of the population unable to be astronauts.



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    As far motion sickness goes I've been taking Bonine and works like a charm. It's awesome getting out in most any condition and be able to enjoy the whole day. When I take it I start at night a couple days in advance of getting on the boat. Hope you find something that works cuz that feeling really sucks hard!!!
    What I found is that the active ingredient is 25mg/Mechlazine. Come out of the US.
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    Meclizine 25mg capsules is what my gal takes.
    She takes 1 the night before we head off shore and again in morning.
    Any drug store will sell you them.
    She gets them at central drugs in Nanaimo.
    15 pills for $8.69
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    Is it safe for children too?
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    I would definitely check with pharmacist before taking anything
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    For sure. Will do. Thanks.
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    The last of my summer Saltwater videos has been posted.

    Bottom Fishing is one of our Families favorite things to do. The action is usually pretty great and the fish are fantastic looking and HUGE! The kids love it and my Daughter Caleah even loves cranking them up off the bottom. Sometimes an epic battle between a fish and a 6 year old. She's tough though and shows them who is boss. Even if she does need a little help from dad once in a while. In this video we are mainly catching Lingcod and Yelloweye/quillback rockfish using Gibbs Delta 16 oz jig heads and Glow/sparkle plastics tipped with a piece of salmon belly and some Mike's Herring Scent. These fish cannot resit a well presented jig on the bottom that smells and tastes as good a we prepare them before the trip to the bottom. Most fish are caught in the 150 to 250 foot range in this video.

    Thanks for Joining us on our adventure!

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    That would be illegal here in Washington state. I just assumed it would be illegal in BC also.
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    Perfectly Legal in Canada. Washington laws are irrelevant in Canada.
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    Children under 13 are to wear life jackets while on a boat unless they are down below or in an enclosed cabin.
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    His kids not yours, flat calm water, leave the guy alone, holy crap, must be bored in the off season.
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    Thanks, I frequently get reprimanded by the peanut gallery on this issue.

    Not sure where you got that from. It's not a law in Canada. Are you just making up laws on a whim? The law states one life jacket of suitable size for each person on board the boat. There is no law stating that anyone on board a boat must wear a life jacket.

    You may be able to claim I'm irresponsible, endangering the lives of my children, foolish or whatever else in your opinion but it doesn't change the fact that we're doing nothing illegal here. Plus like Serengeti said, its dead calm. They could get hurt worse on a kids playground in my humble opinion.
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    You Internet cops need to give it a rest. You will ruin the forum if your objective is public shaming. I would like to check all your photos to see if you have ever fished or had people on your boat not wearing a life jacket. Thanks for all your posts Fishdoc - you seem to be getting trolled these days.

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