2017 Port Hardy Reports

Discussion in '2017 Saltwater Fishing Reports' started by SFBC, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. tidal shot

    tidal shot Active Member

    Last few fish we got there were full of needle fish and Squid! We got most of ours on Jensen squid flys
  2. Kinetic

    Kinetic Active Member

    Last morning fishing Hardy today, and it by far was the best.
    Probably 20 fish on, 2 double headers that we played horribly and went 1 for 4.
    Had our 3 that we could keep by 8:30am. Biggest right around 20 and then a couple of 8's.
    Tried for Ling's again after receiving some tips but only found rock cod in the 45 minutes we had to try.
    Our two 20's this weekend were both caught at Duval on spoons. Anchovies worked well for sheer volume. No love on Hootchies.
    A neat place to fish and I'm sure I'll be back.
    Here's today's largest.
    Cheers IMG_20170806_192202.jpg
  3. Keep It Tight

    Keep It Tight New Member

    Any reports Mcneill way, anybody been fishing Malcom island area, headed up that way this week . Thanks
  4. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    Was out in August, didn't get much for salmon but did pretty well on the bottom. Catching some big Lingcod with the Family using 16 Oz Jigs and a Gibbs Delta double Glow Tail with a piece of salmon for bait. Depth range from 150 to 250 feet of water. Gear was the Penn Warrior reel with 60 pound braid on a Rapala Halibut rod. Biggest ling was 50 inches long and had one massive head on it. Stick around to the end of the video if you want to see the giant!

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  5. big rock

    big rock Member

    Hmmm??? Those are big female spawners
  6. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Well-Known Member

    haha I was waiting for that response
  7. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Do you think those commercial boats with 8,000 lbs of big Lings care if they are spawners? The sport catch is a drop in the bucket
  8. getbent

    getbent Well-Known Member

    Yeah seen some pretty big fillets at the local mongers.

    Good fun catching those man
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  9. big rock

    big rock Member

    Unfortunately the commercial fleet probably doesn't care about spawners nor is the halibut allocation, arm chair captains sell quota and sport fish sector getting closed down early this summer right.
    There is no doubt pound for pound sport caught fish infuse more dollars into the economy than commercial caught fish not to mention the social benefits of enjoying a day on the water.

    I'm stoked Fishdoc had a great day on the water with his family and to be honest I should have started the with clearer dialogue on the my first post.

    But I think it's important to start a conversation in regards to catch and realease of big broodstock fish.
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  10. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    Back from First week of August.

    This was a great day out on the ocean with my little family. Can't beat a perfectly calm sunny day fishing for salmon. Does it get any better than this? Cali and Sierra are both starting to enjoy trying to reel in their own fish. Cali beats me to the rod on a release off the down rigger this day and both times she was reeling in fish they ended up being our only two Chinook hooked up. She's got the lucky touch. Unfortunately I lost one by the boat and had to rescue Cali from the 20 pound salmon as it was doing a number on her knuckles. This is the mayhem on board our boat.... Fishing Doc with my three lovely girls.

    Up in Port Hardy fishing with Gibbs Delta flashers and spoons. Usually I do pretty well with green and white spoons with some of Mikes herring or anchovy scent stripe on the back of the spoon. We were fishing on the downriggers at about 30 to 50 feet down in 60 to 120 feet of water. Trolling speed about 2 to 2.8 mph. Hope you enjoy.
  11. RiverBoy

    RiverBoy Well-Known Member

    Mad props for making it enjoyable for your girls. i could use a lesson here. i tend to bark orders at my boys and be gruff and probably unintentionally make it not as fun. i will take notes!
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  12. Rayvon

    Rayvon Active Member

    Good on you "Fishdoc" your a lucky man.I too wish I'd been more patient with my boy's when they were young.
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  13. wildmanyeah

    wildmanyeah Well-Known Member

    Good thing you had your girl on the rod, she reeled like the devil while the 20# Chinook was running at the boat at the start. Most newbies I have had on my boat just look at me and go "oh its lost" and im like "reeel!!!!!!!"
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  14. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    Haha... yeah no kidding when I first grabbed it he was asleep and kind of coming towards me so I didn't expect that size of fish when I popped it in the rod holder for her. Then it started to take off... big fish, haha. She's a good sport. She cranked in the other one about a 12 pounder the whole way when I realized it wasn't a coho... I grabbed the rod... then my wife handed me the camera... well that doesn't work. Fish got of with one little twist. Oh well. It's all fun. Good to get the girls involved. To me I catch enough fish, it's important that they get a chance.
  15. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    Hard thing to do at the times sometimes when you realize how much you spend... but so worth it for the memories and hope they keep coming with me if they have fun.
  16. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    I'm not perfect by any means... from making these videos of myself it really is a good lesson. I used to do stuff like (bark at people on board) and realized it is both terrible for video and not nice for everyone on board. It's way better for family and for video to relax and be patient. I have to go easy on my wife though... sometimes I have to bark cause she's moving slowly doped up on sea sickness medication or actually Sea Sick herself. Poor thing. Always good to be patient and kind. We all would benefit from a kind loving environment. Even on the boat.
  17. Fishtofino

    Fishtofino Well-Known Member

    Get her some meclazine, brand name Bonine. Works fast and no drowsiness
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  18. Bordeau

    Bordeau Member

    Well done FishDoc. Patience is the key for a kind and loving environment. It was fun to watch. Keep it up.
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  19. LukeSeawalker

    LukeSeawalker Member

    The ear patch is golden. Commercial fishermen and guide for years never seen anything work better for sea sickness when taken properly. Have to put it on the night before heading out and the results are exceptional. They come in packs of two and can been worn for up to three days per patch.
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  20. FishDoc

    FishDoc Active Member

    She doesn't think it works for her. She wears the scopolamine patches and still doesn't feel well. Takes Gravol and sleeps in cuddy all day, tries bonnie with no effect.

    I'm actually a medical doc too. If anyone else has any other recommendations I'm open to hear them because I feel bad when my wife and oldest daughter are sick. The little one and me are fine. I only feel it if I'm looking down rigging.

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