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    Pender Bluffs Report for Wednesday May 11

    Fished from 5:45pm to 8:25pm, including the high tide slack at 7:00pm

    Saw a good number of targets (but little bait) on the sounder the day previous, and again on May 11th. Decided to give it a try. Mistake.

    Fishing was *very* slow, 4 rods, ran everything at every depth. 1 bite for the whole evening. Bite was on 3.5" Skinny-g trap shack spoon.

    There are definitely a few fish holding, but we couldn't get them fed.

    Anyone know if the Bluffs produced for the Sidney Anglers derby on May 6/7?
  3. carpeweekend

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    I spoke to a few guys who fished the bluffs during the derby but all came up empty. I know that none of the bigger derby winners came off the bluffs. For whatever reason, I have had very little luck on the bluffs before the summer months and August in particular. You would be better served to run across to Moresby as many of us have had periodic success there this spring.
  4. High Time

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    Hello Carpe, Thanks for your comment re Moresby, I have tried the Bluffs a few times over the last few years with pretty limited success. It looks like both sides of Fairfax are fish-able with probably more tide issues on the East side. Lord knows the Bluffs have their share of tide issues... Seems to be a lack of feed there the last couple years.
  5. Fins -n- Skins

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    Last year the Bluffs was good derby day.. 3 years ago the winner came from the Bluffs 32 lbs so it can be hit and miss there. I,ve had some success there this time of year but it helps if there's some bait around.
  6. Cmiles

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    Anyone tried the bluffs lately
  7. High Time

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    Tried it a week and a half ago for 3 1/2 hours but came up dry. 4 or 5 other boats but saw no action. Very little feed, no birds, no seals, no eagles, no fish, no action....
    Have a place on the bluffs and will be there this weekend. Likely give it another try, hoping that it improves.
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    Fished 6.30 'til 1.00, nothing, nada, zilch, just one or two bait balls and a few fish on sounder, I think one other boat had one fish early. Only 3 or 4 boats the whole morning. On the way back checked Beaver point on salt spring, 200ft contour, full of bait and fish between 100-150ft, awesome, got the balls down then 5 mins later the circus arrived 15-20 boats to see the Orcas. Balls up! The highlight of the day was discovering that the wife had put mustard in my ham sandwich at last!
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    I am heading going over to Poets Cove on Pender this weekend with the family, and we are going to take the boat over so that means I can sneak out for some early morning fishing on Saturday and Sunday. Is there anything going on at the bluffs? Als0 any other spots around Pender that have been producing? Any tips or hints would be appreciated, you don't have to tell me your secret hole, just some general spots would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. carpeweekend

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    Lots of bait showing on the bluffs which bodes well but still not a lot of fish. Pulled my boat out at Tulista this evening at around 8 p.m.and ran into the creel guy who was watching the guy ahead of me clean a 16 pound Spring. One the one hand, he said it was caught off the bluffs. On the other hand, he said that he had been there since 2 pm this afternoon and it was the only fish that he had seen come in today. So, there are a few fish around but just few and far between. In my experience the bluffs are great on a flood tide but later in July and August are when they are really productive. If the tides don't align, just take the 10 minute run over to Moresby where it seems there have been a few more fish caught this year so far.
  11. floored

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    81 cm.jpg First day fishing this year. Bloody nose at 125'. Friends picked up a couple of pinks.
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    It's getting harder to keep track of it all, and it'd be a shame for anyone to get burned because it's clear as mud.
    Sadly, I think the "Slot" is going to make for a lot of floating, dying fish. Probably half(-ish) the Springs I've caught over the past couple of years, I'd now have to throw back.
    Good luck with it.
  16. Blackmax

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    I agree that allowing the taking of fish many times is better, we have released many salmon only to have them eaten by seals. I'm sure the larger ones also die after a lengthy fight and posing for pictures out of water. I'll also check for closest area to Pender without the slot.
  17. floored

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    Thrasher Rock (but only part of it) in area 17, is your closest spot without a slot. It's a great and productive spot, but a trek. That said, I think more boats from Vancouver use it, than from the Island.
  18. Blackmax

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    Thrasher has been our area for years and very productive, we are now building a place on Pender and have moorage at Thieves. Went out crabbing today and limited out on huge crab! Going to try prawning and fishing next time out.
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    Any whales near pender island this week? I have a group from Australia that want to go for a tour and possibly a marina pub lunch.
  20. Jaybones

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    We saw the whales last weekend just outside Poet's Cove on Pender Island. Just watch for the mass of whale watching boats and you will find the whales.

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