2017 Nanaimo Reports

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    Good to hear. Well done Luke Seawalker.
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    Anyone know what all those seiners were fishing for out by snake island today. There was a shit ton of them.
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  4. Bordeau

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    Today at 4pm, several vessels were on the South side of Protection Island.
  5. Bordeau

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    Another beautiful day on the water.
    Bonus: 8lbs chinook at 150 on the DR in 300 ft of water.
    3 other shakers. For October weather, can’t beat that.
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  6. Apologies for posting in the reports section but thought it would be the best way to let Nanaimo residents know that there are still some tickets available for the Saturday, Nov. 25th PSF Dinner at Beban Park. We are expecting between 250-300 guests and it should be a great night of fun and fishing tales for all. Hope you are able to attend. thanks -PSF

    Nanaimo PSF Dinner - Nov 25, 2017.jpg
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